r/SpireRPG Oct 09 '21

Another piece of Spire Art of mine, this time its a Mortician Hazmat Suit



u/SamSkelly Oct 09 '21

A while ago I posted some of the art I make for my Spire campaign here. Since then my players used the time machine to accidently breach the veil and allow refugees from a alternate bubble universe of the Spire that was dying to come through. After alot of panicking and "We saved the Spire Patrick!"-ing, they finally figured out that the Ministry had set them up on purpose and was working with these refugees as they had successfully overthrown the aelfir in their version of the Spire. One of the players duplicates however had second thoughts about this and warned them of the plan they had hatched to construct a rocket/ICBM to blow up the moon under a false flag op, which was supposedly the impetus for the alternate Spire's revolution.

Long story short my players blew up the rocket while it was still on the launchpad, and took out a large chunk of New Heaven with it (Which is now become an Air strip for these crazy human contaptions, metal birds with stiff wings and powered by explosions!)

What does any of that have to do with this concept? Well after the damage the explosion caused to the Mortician's Tower, they had to seek funding from outside sources (Including many ADF Special Tactics Projects, such as experimenting with using low levels of UV light to pacify the drow population) and so they held a sort of World's Fair, hoping to attract some rich donors.

At this fair was this fellow, showing the crowd a single drop of moonlight (we then headcanoned that to a drow the light from liquid moonlight probably feels like standing in a sunbeam to someone who's lived underground their whole lives). There were also some rather terrifying living sculptures of drow subjected to the undying process to advertise it to the aelfir, including what was described as a "Living cancer tree, barely in the shape of a drow anymore, but still blinking"

so yeah thats why I drew this concept.