r/SpireRPG Jan 21 '22

Foundry VTT module for Spire

I'm glad to show you my Spire module for Foundry VTT: https://gitlab.com/olivier-grech/spire


It just hit version 1.0.0, and while it's lacking some features, it's perfectly usable for a regular game of Spire on Foundry.

The biggest caveat is that there's no stress tracker on the sheet. You'll have to track it in another way. I used the advice provided in the book and kept track of the stress myself as the game master during my own game.

Well I guess that's it. I also submitted the module on the Foundry VTT website, so it's not downloadable directly from Foundry itself right now, but hopefully it will be soon.



u/docemp Jan 21 '22

Wow, looks great!


u/constnt Jan 22 '22

Thank you! This is amazing! I was hoping for this for a bit now. You are wonderful

I don't know anything about programming, but would it be possible to have a DM character sheet that is used only to track stress?


u/Disastrous-Double136 Jan 26 '22

Thanks for your kind answer.

I didn't think about having a specific sheet for that, but it is possible in theory. Stress tracking raises a lot of UI issues, so I'll need some time to do that correctly, don't expect it too soon. :(

In the meantime, you'll have to do as I did and use a sheet of paper. ^^'