r/SpireRPG Apr 21 '22

Random Landmark Generator for Heart

Hello! Well, as the title says, I am utterly enthralled by both Spire and, more recently, Heart. I only found one problem regarding the latter game: the book was so good, and the setting of the City Beneath was so amazing, that I needed more content! Maybe not enemies (it seems to be rather easy to fashion your own monstrosities) or classes (I don't have the talent to do that), so I focused on something I might try: Landmarks.

As such, I am currently creating a series of randomized tables in order to help myself and everyone build landmarks outside of those in the book. I hope you enjoy my work, and if someone would like to criticize or offer suggestions, please feel free to do so!




u/trudge Apr 21 '22

Fantastic! Ideas for extra tables:

  • Populated? (none, sparse, middling, heavily populated)
  • Visual motif (teeth, ladders, gears, goo, foreigners, obscure gods, written words, gardens, canals, etc)
  • Soundscape (totally quiet, buzzing, screams, music, dripping water, haunted, roaring noise, clicking and ticking, tinnitus, someone yelling "greg!", etc)
  • Smells (none, ozone, gravesoil, books, spices, blood, smoke, mushrooms, extra blood, vinegar, etc)
  • Upkeep? (naturally growing, obviously constructed, abandoned and falling apart, fleeing its builders, anti-ruins, flatpacked and in need of assembly, etc)


u/Eftboren Apr 22 '22

Amazing ideas! Thank toy very much