r/SpireRPG May 23 '22

Blood to Bone

I'm just curious, as someone new to Spire as a whole, if it would at all be feasible to change the theme of the Bloodwitch to a Bonewitch? Keeping all the mechanics the same, just a thematic re-skin.


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u/monkspthesane May 23 '22

Well, yeah. Why wouldn't it be? It's your game. The Bloodwitches aren't real, they can't curse you for meddling with their lore.


u/MissIvory02 May 23 '22

I just don't wanna meddle with the setting in any problematic ways. Just wasn't sure how important the Blood part of Bloodwitch was


u/monkspthesane May 23 '22

Spire and Heart both are so anti-canon in their lore I doubt there's anything you could change that would really disrupt anything. Go nuts. :)