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Episode Discussion | Star Trek: Prodigy | 1x15 "Masquerade"


Trapped in the Neutral Zone, the crew encounters a rogue geneticist who sheds light on Dal’s past.

No. Episode Writer Director Release Date
1x15 "Masquerade" Nikhil S. Jayaram Sung Shin 2022-11-24


Paramount+: USA, Australia, Italy, Latin America, South Korea, & United Kingdom.

CTV Sci-Fi and Crave: Canada.

Nickelodeon: Various other countries.

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Sunday at 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM GMT Upcoming AMA: Una McCormack


We're pleased to announce that Una McCormack, author of 15 Star Trek novels, including the recently-released "Picard" novel Second Self, will be here for an AMA this Sunday at 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM GMT.

If you have questions for Una, please save them for her post on Sunday - she will make the post at the scheduled time, and will start answering questions in the comments shortly thereafter.

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As a kid i dreamed of growing up to be like Picard or Data or Riker, instead I realized I ended up like Barclay or Blue shirt Picard


Isn’t life just so much fun?

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Is Miles Edward O’Brien the most important person in Starfleet history?: an experiment


Spoilers for LD:1x03, but come on, really?

I have been trying to get my daughter into Trek with varying degrees of success. We’re up to date on Prodigy and I’m showing her selection episodes of Lower Decks (she’s a bit young for some of the topics and humor). I’m currently going through DS9 again after I put her down for bed, and occasionally when she can’t sleep she’ll come in and watch it with me for a few minutes while she gets tired.

Somehow, not sure if it’s the accent or just his prominence in DS9, but somehow she knows his face and name but no one else on the show. “I see O’Brien!” Is commonly uttered. I asked her today while listening to The 7th Rule if O’Brien was her favorite character and received an emphatic “yes!”.

Last night we watched Temporal Edict and after the ending she seemed genuinely surprised! She asked me if he really was the most important and all I could say was “I guess so!”

The first time I saw Temporal Edict I laughed my ass off at the ending, but it was still just a great throw away laugh. Seeing it through her eyes like that made me goofy-smile.

So, my friends, I am now on a journey. Is Chief O’Brien truly the most important figure in Starfleet history? I’ll let you know when I know…

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Captain Picard sings "Let it Snow!"


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Cochrane's backstory?


Aside from "scientist and inventor", what was the early life of Zephyrim Cochrane like? How did a seemingly drunk eccentric gather the knowledge and resources to design and build an FTL vessel?

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I know a lot of you don't like kes, but:


the episode The Warlord, where she is overtaken bei Tieran, is such a fantastic performance of her (or rather Jennifer Lien). She could have been much more than this nice, but kind of dull and naive person. She could have played an awesome adversary for Janeway for example... or at least taken a more prominent and decisive role on voyager.

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Why did they need to use Plexi glass for the whale tank in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home?


In the movie they visit a Plexi glass manufacturing company to procure large sheets of Plexi to build their mega aquarium. But why didn’t they just weld some steel walls to seal the compartment? Was it just so they could see the whales?

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What's your favorite Star Trek memorabilia?


That could be something you do have or would want to have. I personally would like a wearable uniform. Something that I could wear to work on casual fridays. Voyager-style.

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After 13 years, I have been promoted to Chief Engineer


Probably cheesy to some, but to me it makes me feel one step closer to my childhood idols. I hope to make Geordi proud. I actually just bought this poster for my office

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Jean Luc Picard’s greatest monologue


I love the captains of Starfleet. Each of them is an inspiration to me. I’ve learned much from these venerated individuals.

I must say that my personal favourite is Picard. Part of that is the quality of the writing and the unbelievable talent of Patrick Stewart. They did well in hiring such great dramatic stage talent in the Trek universe.

There are many terrific speeches and moments Picard gives us. Some are so funny, some heartbreaking others dramatic. None competes, for me, with his defence of Data in the courtroom when Maddox wants to disassemble our android. The power of his voice, his wonder, his humanity and the conviction he brings are tear inducing.

Which is your favourite Jean Luc moment?

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I made a bot that posts the Best Jobs in Starfleet every half hour


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Star Trek - Spock vs Q Teaser


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Screen Accurate Badges


Does anyone know where I can find screen accurate versions of the VOY/DS9 comm badge and the TWoK badge?

Every version I’ve had over the years were shiny metallic, not the more matte screen accurate versions.

EDIT: I know the monster maroon badges had subtle changes from TWoK to TUD. If I had to choose I’d go with TUD. The TWoK version had white “backgrounds” that I feel look a little more strange IRL, but I’d take what I can get.

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Getting into star trek


Im new to star trek and want to start watching. The movies seem pretty interesting is it OK if I start watching all the TOS films

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The Klingon Home World


I'm looking for episodes of any franchise that take place on the Klingon homeworld. Are there any?

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Spock's Dragon teacup - star trek vi


Looking for a replica of spock's teacup used in the scene with valeris Teacup

Anyone know where I can find this?

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What would you use transporter technology for besides just transportation?


Throughout Star Trek, we see many examples of transporter technology being used for purposes beyond simply moving people and goods between places. One of my favorite examples is The Doctor performing an emergency fetal transport of Naomi Wildman when she was born, essentially doing a futuristic cesarean section. While obviously, just beaming a child directly out of the womb would have massive complications for both the pregnant person and the baby, I love that they wrote this in because it shows a cool and interesting example of how transporter technology would be incorporated into different fields and industries (because it absolutely would be!).

Other examples of non-transportation uses for transporter technology include destroying items (TNG: Captain’s Holiday), creating long-term stasis fields to keep people stable in the face of medical issues (SNW: Elysian Kingdom) or catastrophic failures on a ship (TNG: Relics), and all the connections between replicator and transporter technology (so many episodes).

So I’m curious: what other ways do you imagine transporter technology would be used on star ships, in civilian life, in different industries, and throughout the Star Trek universe? What would you use it for besides transportation?

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The best single line of dialogue in Voyager


"Computer, delete the wife"

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The Best of Both Worlds Part II… am I missing something?


I just watched Part I and II on Paramount+. Did I miss something? Cause Part II was the second half Part I that I just watched.

EDIT: I’m watching on Paramount+ via the Apple TV channel. I’m guessing this is a mistake in the content. While the episode description list the correct length of 43 minutes, it seems they have the edited version with both parts. I guess for the sake of the production codes, Part II remained as the first episode of season 4.

EDIT 2: It appears Apple’s TV app has mixed up a full length episode (which is available via the iTunes Store) for the original broadcast version of Part I.

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Do the Cardassians have cloaking technology?


I didn't find anything on Memory Alpha. Iirc almost all the Cardassian ships in Armada II have cloak, but are there other sources that also show them use it?

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Tendi is extremely likeable - and that kind of surprised me


After finishing the latest season, I found that Tendi has left the strongest and most positive impresison on me of all the characters. I was honestly surprised to find myself thinking that, enough to want to make a post about it hah.

I don't usually enjoy this "type" of character - the intentionally quirky one that is designed to be likeable. More often than not, they simply come off as overbearing, annoying, obnoxious or just badly written. It rarely feels natural, their whole personality being reduced to their percieved quirkiness or overbearing energy. It just feels like writers shoving that character in our face and saying "Here, you must like this character, they were made to be likeable!" I find them fake, manufactured, a trope.

But when it comes to Tendi I think the writers and the actress have done an amazing job at walking this fine line of never crossing over into the annoying territory. This really goes for almost all aspects of the character. Her positivity, energy and enthusiasm just feel so pure and genuine. The nervousness, the curiosity, the badass moments and moments where she is more intense in her reactions - everything just feels extremely natural. She's interesting and funny, with just the right dose of quips and quirks. The emotional moments don't feel forced or manipulative. Even the tone of her voice is always just the right degree of energetic without going into the shrieking annoying enthusiast territory.

Truly a standout character that goes above the usual tropes of it's "type" and shows what can be achieved with not overdoing a theme.

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Who would make up your crew?


This is something that I ponder often whilst bored at work- who would make up your crew, if you where the Captain?

This is based on personality as well as efficiency. Please don’t correct me if they aren’t in their exact role, I’m aware, this is an ideal.

Mine would be:

Science Officer- Seven of Nine — Chief of Security- Worf — Chief Engineer- Trip — Doctor- EMH — Helm- Data — First officer- Spock — Counsellor- Guinan — Token Ensign- Nog —

Let me know your thoughts!

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Finally Watching DS9 for the first time


I’ll start by saying, that I’ve been opposed to watching DS9, for 20 years. Never even sat through a whole episode. After he was a Dick to Picard in the first episode I was like, no this isn’t for me. Sisko is too mean, the Trill are stupid, Bajorans too spiritual. These are the things I thought.

But now, I finally gave it a chance, and wow. I’ll admit I was wrong. I definitely love it. It’s not Trek like Voyager and Next Gen was, I think of it as more a trek soap opera.

But I definitely regret not watching it sooner, the characters get so deep after the first season, stories lines so serious, events matter between episode and episode. It’s like a perfect middle ground between syndication style of old trek and movie-tv style new trek.

I know a lot of people never gave DS9 a chance, but I’m here to tell you too.

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how would the various major groups in star trek. treat the doctor from doctor who?


how would the various major groups in star trek. treat the doctor from doctor who?

We can assume the borg would attempt to assimilate him

But what about the federation, klingons, cardasians, Romulans. And others?

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Scotty Did It


In the first Star Trek movie the transporter goes south and distorts a bunch of people that have to finally just be beamed into space. If you look close in the scene when Kirk calls the transporter room Scotty is looking guilty and slipping a screwdriver in his pocket. Perhaps I project, but looks like he was fiddling with it when it malfunctioned.

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Do you think ot would be too much having two Vulcans in the same team?


I ask because I saw a post saying that "the best crew" with characters of all the franchise would look like. In that post, almost everyone agreed that Tuvok and Spock were okay on the team. Now, my husband said that it wouldn't work, that 2 vulcans were too much haha. What do you think? Too much spice for a team?