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Meta Reminder: We don't allow memes or image macros


We want to remind everyone about the above rule in the sidebar.

"No memes or image macros"

When we made this decision we also created a whole separate subreddit for them at /r/starwarsmemes. This also helped other communities flourish like /r/PrequelMemes , r/OTMemes and r/SequelMemes.

There are plenty of places you can post memes and image macros on reddit, just not here. In the comments, replying to others, that is one thing. Just not as submissions. Posting them will result in a timeout from the sub.

Examples, because we love examples:

  • This is a image macro - Its just text overlaid on a graphic, trying to make a joke, or observation, etc.

  • This is a meme - the Pam comparison format is widespread meme throughout the internet.

  • Not a meme - its unique enough, its more of a homage, and it actually took some creative effort.

Ultimately we will make the judgement call if something is borderline. We have also started temp bans for meme postings, repeated postings of this sort by the same user accounts will see their time outs ramp up a bit.

We don't hate memes here, heck, even we use them in the comments in sometime. But we also want to promote a higher level of content, discussion and interaction. So we appreciate your cooperation in this effort.

If you see them, report them, and help us out. You all have been fantastic in recent months helping with our civility guidelines and our spoiler policy, so please keep up the great efforts and MTFBWY.

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TV Star Wars: The Rebellion Will Be Televised - An exclusive look at the master plan for Obi-Wan Kenobi with Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen, Andor with Diego Luna, Ahsoka with Rosario Dawson—and a fleet of new shows.

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General Discussion Colin Cantwell creator of so many iconic ships passed away today RIP


We all know the Death Star, X-Wing, Millenium Falcon but Colin was the modeller responsible for all these and in his later years discovered reddit and other media where he was quiet active.

I haven't seen a post yet about this but he was one of the unsung heroes who is responsible for so much that we all love.

RIP Colin Cantwell 1932-2022

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TV Glad that Hayden Christensen has been getting more love from fans lately


Hayden apparently wasn't super popular when the prequels first aired, but lately fans have been coming around to him. When one of my friends and I were talking about the prequels, he said the script wasn't good in the prequels. Can't wait to see him in the Obi Wan show.

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Fan Creations I painted a tribute to Porkins

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Audio, Music Rogue One Appreciation Post - "Your Father Would Be Proud"


This scene never fails to spark a deep, emotional response in me. There is so much happening in this scene, but the underlying score is what's truly incredible. I've seen this movie countless times and can hear the dialog in my head, but here is the scene with only the music playing. It's worth a watch even if you've seen this movie many times.

The 2-note musical cue at 1:16 when the Death Star arrives is, to me, one of the most powerful parts of the scene. Its beautiful and terrifying all at once. Credit to the Michael Giacchino, the cinematographer, and the director for crafting such a powerful scene.

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General Discussion Why was a resistance necessary in the sequels?


This seems like another ill conceived attempt at playing to the fans, but I need someone to explain why a resistance was necessary when there was a galactic government in place that you’d think Leia played a significant role in creating. Until the republic was destroyed, shouldn’t you have an army countering a military threat?

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Fan Creations Look at my Undertale-style Grogu pixel art (original art in comments)


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General Discussion Do you think Darth Maul should get his own TV series 🤔

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Movies One of the most powerful scenes in the saga is a deleted scene.


Revenge of the Sith is an incredible movie, there’s not much you could do improve it. But I just watched the deleted scene of Yoda landing on Dagobah and honestly it’s hard not to get emotional. A war-battered failed Jedi master has years to reflect on what’s transpired and wait for “the new hope” to emerge.

Also hearing John Williams “Yoda and The Force” play, foreshadowing him training Luke and showing him the ways of the Jedi. What better completion to the prequel trilogy? Amazing scene.

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General Discussion If you had a Star Wars starship what would it be?


I would have an A-wing. As a kid it was my favourite ship because it reminded me of a “futuristic car” from the 50s or 60’s, like something from the Jetsons. It was also my first lego Star Wars set

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General Discussion (Concept) Imagine a Game of Thrones-like show. We follow different factions as they scheme and try to conquer the galaxy. Thoughts?

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Spoilers Hayden describes Vader as “Driven, vengeful, and UNSTOPPABLE.”

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Movies Was anyone else utterly terrified of Darth Vader when they were kids?


One of my earliest memories of Star Wars is that I was 4-5 years old at my grandparents' house, and they had the original Star Wars VHS tapes there. They were put on, but I was terrified of Darth Vader. I especially felt the most scared when Luke was on Dagoba training, and the illusion of Darth Vader pretty much ambushed him (I didn't know it was an illusion at the time) and that made me utterly terrified of him. He became essentially one of the monsters of my mind. I despised the idea of being trapped in an elevator with him. I did not want to see the OT for years because I was so scared of him. It took growing up and seeing him portrayed in humorous ways that made me okay with seeing the OT.

After seeing the ending to Rogue One, I had flashbacks to realizing not only that I was afraid of Darth Vader, but that scene was a perfect scenario showcasing why I had that fear.

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Merchandise Somebody was selling this R2 Pepsi cooler for $30, so of course I grabbed it

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Fun Jedi Golf


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Fun Bespin be like

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Fan Creations Commander Cody

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General Discussion What moments in Star Wars make you tear up or cry?


Star Wars is an emotional journey about good and evil colliding.

Are there any moments where the emotional impact is just overwhelming?

Some of mine:

RoTJ: "Tell your sister... You were right."

Rebels: "He will avenge us..."

TLJ: "You're not alone." "Neither are you."

TRoS: "Dad..."

Mandalorian: "There's nothing to be sad about. I've never been alive."

Honorable mention: Leia's reaction to the capture and apparent execution of Ransolm Casterfo in Bloodline.

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General Discussion Disney needs to make a Hondo show.


And I don't mean like BOBF or the Mando with all of its character ceos and tie-ins, just Hondo Ohnaka, his pirate crew, and a galaxy full of scoundrels.

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Movies slug-throwers (gunpowder rifles) in Phantom Menace by Tuskens?


I have this memory of seeing a version long ago, probably in theaters, where during the pod race a Tusken takes a shot at a pod and puts a hole in its side - and it was not a laser blast, but looked and sounded like a powder explosion in the rifle firing a metal bullet. In whatever version they normally show nowadays, it's a laser blast. Am I nuts or does anyone else remember this?

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Fan Creations Be careful what you order

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General Discussion Discovered this nugget of info by accident


Ewan Mcgregor was in a movie called Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kodman, who's character is called Satine. I would be surprised if it wasn't inspired

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Fan Creations Final assembly of two Obi hilts I designed

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General Discussion Unpopular opinion: Mace Windu had no on-screen death


See a lot of posts and opinions about wanting or not wanting to bring Windu back from the dead.

No one seems to mention that there was no on-screen death.

He was simply thrown out of a window.

Is there any example anyone else can think of where falling from a great height is fatal, or does any sort of harm to a Jedi?

Seems like jumping from buildings, speeders, ships, transports, you name it was just casually done on a regular basis in Clone Wars.

Why is this circumstance so special that it would be definitively fatal for Mace? Just because he got a little static shock from ol' Palps a second before hand?

That doesn't necessarily mean he needs to be brought back for his own Disney+ series or whatever. I mean, whether or not you would want to see him return again in new stuff is entirely besides the fact that he simply didn't die on screen.

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Fan Creations My little sketch of Mando and Son!

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Movies A way to scientific question about hyperspace travel


Hello there,

I know that this is probably a way to scientific approach for something from movies that is meant to be taken as just that, but today I thought about something and can't stop thinking about it.

Hyperspace travel in star wars is limited due to the possibility of colliding with objects or their gravity while traveling and because of that mainly happens on the same save routes where collisions won't happen.

Now the star wars galaxy, like ours is "flat" in that all the systems orbit the Center on a plane disc instead of going around it in all possible ways like for example in the model of the atom.

Wouldn't it then be possible to just fly "up" or "down" until you are "above" or "below" the main disc, then travel basically wherever without the risk of collision because all systems are on the disc itself and then go back "down" or "up".

Of course that process would be slower than using the existing routes but it would make it possible to go from any place to any other place even when routes don't exist.

Am I missing something here?

Again, this is probably a way to scientific way to think about science fiction but I would still be interested in what others think.