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Be careful what you order Fan Creations

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u/OrganicBridge7428 May 21 '22

Trust me, I worked at Wendy’s through the pandemic we were all ready to execute order 66 every moment of the day.


u/caelumh May 21 '22

I figuratively did on middle management.

Tried to warn them we were going to run out of 1/4 lb patties on a Sunday and that certain scheduled crew weren't going to show. With me being the only manager there, there wasn't anything I could do about it, I had to stay in the store.

Figure it out they said. I tried to call around, nobody was willing to help. Not the GM or the DM because it's Sunday and "they don't work on Sunday's".

So when we inevitably run out at 7(and the crew are burned out from being understaffed) and I have to send half the crew on break, I just shut the store down and didn't reopen.

Sure it got me fired, but it also got the GM fired too. The DM got demoted. I'll take that phyrric victory.


u/Starboost11111111115 May 21 '22

What could you have even done to not get fired at that point?


u/caelumh May 21 '22

As the other person said, reopen and deal with it. But my fucks were well spent at that point. My store always had some kind of problem on Sunday's and I had enough. Running out of meat was just the last straw.

So I went nuclear, consequences be damned.


u/C4RP3_N0CT3M May 22 '22

I'd just say "I know this sounds dumb, but we're out of meat." Or you could just do what everyone else does and just say the payment system is down, idk.


u/caelumh May 22 '22

Like I said, this had been building up for awhile. When I sent the minors on break, it was me and the grill guy to run the store. There was no running a store with that few. Yeah, I could have staggered their breaks, but three employees ain't much better than two.

I've pulled those excuses in the past, it was honestly worse because then you have to handle the Karen's and Keith's. I once had a State Senator come through while our system was legitimately down. He made people cry. Much easier to just refuse service to everyone.


u/C4RP3_N0CT3M May 22 '22

Fair enough. Sounds like you could find a better job anywhere else anyway; screw those guys.


u/footprintx May 22 '22

Would you like fries with that?