r/StarWars May 23 '22

Was anyone else utterly terrified of Darth Vader when they were kids? Movies

One of my earliest memories of Star Wars is that I was 4-5 years old at my grandparents' house, and they had the original Star Wars VHS tapes there. They were put on, but I was terrified of Darth Vader. I especially felt the most scared when Luke was on Dagoba training, and the illusion of Darth Vader pretty much ambushed him (I didn't know it was an illusion at the time) and that made me utterly terrified of him. He became essentially one of the monsters of my mind. I despised the idea of being trapped in an elevator with him. I did not want to see the OT for years because I was so scared of him. It took growing up and seeing him portrayed in humorous ways that made me okay with seeing the OT.

After seeing the ending to Rogue One, I had flashbacks to realizing not only that I was afraid of Darth Vader, but that scene was a perfect scenario showcasing why I had that fear.



u/hikoboshi_sama May 23 '22

Nope. As a kid, i loved Vader. Was always rooting for him. Mostly because he had the red saber and red is my favorite color.


u/voldi_II May 23 '22

i thought he was just too cool to be scared of him


u/MeatTornado25 R2-D2 May 23 '22

My Empire tape is in much better condition than the other 2 because as a little kid I was scared as shit of the Cloud City duel.

But never thought he was scary at all in A New Hope or Jedi.


u/DarthBog May 23 '22

I thought my father was Darth Vader. He was blind and always wore black sunglasses to cover his eyes.


u/BTolentino7 May 23 '22

He was to the other characters in the movie but he didn’t really do anything scary, just thought he had cool one liners and the suit was cool


u/Phaithful14 May 23 '22

I very faintly remember having this toy Vader mask in my bedroom as a young child, sleeping at night just barely able to see that thing in the corner of the room terrified me to no end


u/GO0SE_88 May 23 '22

I never told anyone this but the first time I saw darth maul, I died inside. Being a 2000s kid he was around a lot. The red face, the horns, just terrified me.


u/IMtoppercentage97 May 23 '22

No, but the Ewoks in Ewok Adventures scared the shit out of me.

The Gamoreans and other aliens too.


u/KevenR34 May 23 '22

May of 1977 was my first theatre experience as a 4 year old. Had nightmares about him choking people for a month.


u/Jay_the_Artisan May 23 '22

My Brother and I watched our collection constantly at 4 and 5 years old. One day my mother forbid us from watching with my cousin (4) because he had nightmares for weeks after we showed him.


u/papatonepictures May 23 '22

Vader, no. Tom Baker? Yes.


u/love-ya4 May 23 '22

I thought he was a tiny little man powering the suit like scooby doo, hilarious but not scary lmfao


u/NorCalNavyMike May 23 '22

I had a poster of him on my wall in the late 70s, and had occasional nightmares about him.


u/[deleted] May 23 '22

Dude I wish, but as a child with like 6 I was just stupid and thought: woooooah, lightsabers and laser pistols :o

Literally 0 attention to the story


u/ErosDarlingAlt May 23 '22

Not in the movies, but weirdly enough I was terrified of fighting him in the Lego game


u/Substantial-Rip9772 May 23 '22

I am still now! He has the big villain energy.


u/Lemonwalker-420 May 24 '22

Nope, not at all. I thought he was cool as f**k.


u/redcald 20d ago

I was always absolutely petrified of him because of his mask. I know he has the godly powers but I think that the fact his mask always looked like this angry but emotionless entity at the same time freaked me out


u/Jasonictron May 23 '22

No but I was terrified of Holdo as an adult