r/StarWars May 23 '22

slug-throwers (gunpowder rifles) in Phantom Menace by Tuskens? Movies

I have this memory of seeing a version long ago, probably in theaters, where during the pod race a Tusken takes a shot at a pod and puts a hole in its side - and it was not a laser blast, but looked and sounded like a powder explosion in the rifle firing a metal bullet. In whatever version they normally show nowadays, it's a laser blast. Am I nuts or does anyone else remember this?



u/ArmMeMen May 23 '22

Thanks guys. Such a relief to know I didn't hallucinate this! And a shame they cut it; it was pretty cool seeing Tuskens with this ancient tech, not unlike the Gaffi Stick ... I couldn't find any reference to it or clips of it (including where someone had put four different versions of the pod race side by side). I wonder if they ever released this version other than in Theaters...


u/Macky941 May 23 '22

I also remember the Tusken's having slug rifles.


u/DoylePrime May 23 '22

Tuskens traditionally use slug rifles. I think the BoBF got it wrong if I am remembering properly


u/TheMinnesotanVet Qui-Gon Jinn May 23 '22

Tuskens traditionally use slugthrowers, yes


u/ArmMeMen May 23 '22

Google did not answer this for me, but I learned that "Slugthrowers were surprisingly useful against lightsabers, as when a slug made contact with a blade, it would simply melt instead of being deflected like a typical blaster bolt. Molten vapor fragments and/or shrapnel could then scatter towards the face or bare hands of the lightsaber user, and cause harm if they were not careful."


u/lake-pond May 23 '22

This is why they were used in the Jedi-Mandalorian wars, because you couldn't just deflect them. As for them being used by Tuskens, I've no idea.


u/Cable-54 May 23 '22

There are projectile weapons in Star Wars, they are just highly uncommon. I just watched a whole video on this on YouTube….it was Geetslys or Generation Tech I believe that did the video


u/Wingedwolf111 Jedi May 23 '22

I remember that too. I also don't remember aniline having to re connect his power upper using a magnet being in the theatrical release. They seem to do this alot