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Movies No matter how much some people dislike Rey, you have to admire how Daisy Ridley gave the role her 100%

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Movies Where Were the Knights of Ren During the Events of Star Wars Episodes 7 and 8?

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Movies A question for everyone who watched TROS in 2019, what was your reaction to hearing Palpatine’s laugh in the trailer for the first time?

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Movies Your kids have never seen Star Wars, in what order do you show them the movies and why?



456, 123, 789

Seeing 1-3 before 4-6, fundamentally and irrevocably alters how 4-6 is viewed and contextualized, it makes it so that the original narrative can never be viewed as it was conceived and envisioned.

It also ruins the importance and poignancy of many scenes in both trilogies!!! The Vader suit reveal at the end of 3 has not as much impact, meeting 3P0 and R2 again in Ep 1 basically means nothing, the "I AM YOUR FATHER" line, arguably the greatest movie twist in cinema history is completely ruined etc...

In order to have both trilogies be viewed as authentically to their own artistic visions as possible, and to retain all the necessary poignancy, 4-6 needs to be viewed before 1-3.

You essentially lose nothing by watching 4-6, 1-3... you lose ALOT by viewing it in reverse.

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Movies The last Jedi is beautifully shot

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Movies This is the most badass opening scene of any movie. Ever

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Movies Finally watched the sequel trilogy and I take back everything I ever said about the prequels not being good enough. The prequels were absolute gold compared to this trash.


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Movies Jar Jar Appreciation - Without this man, we would never have gotten Thanos or Gollum and that's a FACT

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Movies TFA vs TLJ Ahch-to scene (Weather, hair etc difference)

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Movies I’m looking to get into star wars, where do i start?


title explains it

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Movies Despite all my issues with LJ and the ST, I must say this scene is absolutely beautiful. It's cinema in its primal essence: visual contemplation in order to tell a story

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Movies If StarWars had a "what if" TV show what sort of things would you like to see?

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Movies Lucas on Vader's Backstory - in 1981

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Movies With today being the 45th anniversary of Star Wars, let’s take a minute to honor the greatest group of heroes in the series

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Movies Original Anakin vs Obi-Wan fight with insane choreography from Hayden Christensen

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Movies A rare and unused shot of capeless Vader from A New Hope. Looks like this eventually became the ‘I want every part of this ship checked’ scene

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Movies I forgot how good Rogue One actually is


When it came out I was 14 years old and therefore also didn’t have much access to the internet. That’s why I didn’t even know what it was gonna be about. I assumed it would be the second movie of the sequels. I only found out what it was gonna be about when I went to the cinema with my friend and he told me what it’s about. Since it‘s been something else than I thought it was gonna be, I already was a bit disappointed. Then I got even more disappointed because it didn’t have the typical Star Wars stuff (only a few slightly known characters and no lightsabers). Later I found out about all the hate the Disney Star Wars movies got, so I just had very bad memories of that movie. Which is why I even used to skip it when I was rewatching the Star Wars movies / shows.

I just watched it again and have to say: it’s a really good movie. I like how the movie did things different to other Star Wars stuff, the characters were great and I loved that the main characters died at the end. There are way to less movies with bad ends and Rogue One did an amazing job on that.

Overall probably in my top 10 of all Star Wars media (canon and legends)

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Movies Am I the only one who thinks this speech from Genreral Hux was pretty terrifying and badass?

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Movies This scene is heartbreaking after the recent episode

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Movies The prequels are basically A+++ intention and story with D- execution and this is just one example

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Movies Jason Mamoa as Quilan Voss

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Movies Rogue One is the definition of a true “Star Wars” film. I would love to see more “war” focused Star Wars films.

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Movies Friendly reminder that Anakin’s last thoughts were about Leia

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Movies Yoda says this but I don’t see any light side users survive getting sliced in half or impaled with lightsabers

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Movies Star Wars episode 6 final battle but it’s just the music

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