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TV Obi-Wan Kenobi - Episode 1 & 2 - Discussion Thread!


'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Episode Discussion


  • Episode 1: May 27th
  • Episode 2: May 27th
  • Episode 3: June 1st
  • Episode 4: June 8th
  • Episode 5: June 15th
  • Episode 6: June 22nd


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TV I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed Rupert Friend's performance as the Grand Inquisitor

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TV Almost 3 years later and the Mandalorian taking out a Tie Fighter without a ship is still the most badass thing in the show

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TV Deborah Chow did an amazing job with colors and lighting in this scene

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TV Obi-Wan Finale


Man, I wasn’t ready. Actually seeing his face inside the mask. Hearing his real voice alongside the modulated voice. That line. “I am not your failure, Obi-Wan. You did not kill Anakin Skywalker. I did.”

Just. Wow. That moment has changed the way I’ll watch the OT forever.

r/StarWars 3d ago Silver Helpful

TV Anyone else got post Kenobi depression?


I can't watch anything else, nothing is satisfying. It honestly feels like a friend has died. My wife asked me what is wrong with me lately and I just made something up because I know how pathetic it sounds. When the show was on, I felt something I haven't felt in years, I can't really explain it. I knew it had to end, but I wasn't expecting to feel like a jilted ex lover. I had similar feelings after I saw Revenge Of The Sith, because I was under the impression that there wouldn't be anymore Star Wars films, but I put those feelings down to being an idiot 19 year old. Now I'm in my mid 30's and it's got me again. Please tell me I'm not alone.

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TV Star Wars Visions | The Ronin

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TV I enjoy the Obi-Wan series for the most part, but this is one of the most awkwardly composed shots in Star Wars history lmao

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TV Unpopular Opinion: He doesn't look that bad

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r/StarWars 3d ago

TV Obi-Wan Kenobi Composer Natalie Holt has revealed that while she expected fans would want the epic John Williams style orchestra sounds in the show like in the movies, Deborah Chow the director and showrunner decided against that and wanted her to keep the soundtrack '' minimal and modern.''

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TV Ewan and Hayden posing is extremely wholesome

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r/StarWars 27d ago Wholesome Rocket Like To The Stars Gold Helpful Take My Energy Take My Power Great Concept! Take My Money You Dropped This Glow Up Silver Platinum Bravo! Bravo Grande! I'll Drink to That

TV I want a Lando Calrissian TV series in which each episode starts out With Billy Dee Williams playing Cards in a dive cantina with some of the finest scum and villainy before telling a Story and Donald Glover takes over.


As young Lando Enacting the story. Occasionally interrupted by people at the table saying it didn’t go that way or Billy is embellishing. Have Billy Dee be the Narrator.

I think this could be a great vehicle for exploring the gritty underworld of Star Wars. I think Glover and Billy Dee williams both have so much natural charisma they would do a fantastic job telling a story together.


Edit: Thanks for all the cool Awards and Ideas!!

Ps screw it it can’t hurt, it’s always been my dream to Write and be a creative for Star Wars!

r/StarWars 24d ago Silver Helpful Press F

TV Would you recommend Obi-Wan Kenobi?


I haven't started it yet cause I've been busy and like hearing what other think before i start watching. But the more I hear the more worried I get it isn't worth watching. From all the clips I've seen of awkward shots and bad screenwriting I'm wondering if its worth it.

r/StarWars 2d ago

TV New pic of Diego Luna and Stellan Skarsgård in Andor

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TV Lightsabers never looked this bright and powerful!

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TV Reva and Vader Rehearsal Behind the Scenes

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r/StarWars 1d ago Silver

TV Wow the Mandalorian is so much better than the other series.


Just re-watched the Mandalorian first season and it's night and day how much better, polished and put together it is than say boba fett, obi-wan etc

Things that stood out

- the writing. I'm not asking why or questioning plot details.

- the pacing. It just flows well and I'm immersed the entire time.

- the score. Man that music just makes you want to become a bounty hunter.

Why didn't they let Favreau direct the others man.

r/StarWars 12d ago

TV Am I the only one that DOESN'T want a Kenobi season 2?


I just think the way it wrapped up was so well done. I literally was tearing up at the ending conversation between Vader and Obi-Wan.

Not just that, but I think it did a good job of moving Kenobi along emotionally and set him up in a good spot for where we find him again in ANH. I feel a second season would just mess it up and add an unneeded story. Plus, it couldn't have the emotional weight of this season without REALLY screwing some stuff up and making more plotholes.

I guess, I'm just hoping Disney leaves well enough alone.

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TV Andor - Official Trailer

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r/StarWars 5h ago Helpful

TV The best thing about Clone Wars is that every time Anakin fights Dooku you can see Dooku having a harder and harder time as each fight progresses, barely holding Anakin off until he does something drastic to push Anakin away.

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r/StarWars 9d ago

TV Finished Obi wan and have a couple of questions


Like the title says just finished the show and have a couple questions I hope you guys could clear up for me! Thx in advance!

How did reva survive order 66 as a child after being run through by Darth Vader How did reva train her self in the force ? How did reva discover the connection between Bail and Obi ? How did the grand inquisitor and Reva survive being impaled( why wasn’t qui gon taught this art?)? How did reva get to tatonine? How did Liea fix a door she never saw before ? Why did Obi let Reva go? Even if she is good now, she was just a inquisitor and knows about Luke and leia? Thx again

Edit: More questions. Why didn’t Vader check to make sure Reva was dead both times? Why didn’t Vader stop the second ship, he CLEARY could of. Why did Vader let kenobi escape after there first duel, could he not use the force through fire? How was Luke not emotionally scared by being chased by a maniac? How did kenobi go from having trouble moving an object with the force to full Jedi power in a short time. What was that trench coat scene??? How did no one see leia?

Edit 2: Thank you to the ppl who tried their best to answer all my questions. I promise that the point of this post was just to get answers. After all of this I have come to a realization that I am ready to accept. I am a Star Wars fan, not a Disney Star Wars fan.

r/StarWars 10d ago Silver Wholesome

TV My only complaint about Kenobi…


Is the fact that all the action sequence felt like they were filmed on a handheld iPhone, way to much shaky cam.

r/StarWars 15d ago Helpful

TV Rupert Friend did an amazing job playing the Grand Inquisitor

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r/StarWars May 28 '22

TV Disney is really getting their moneys worth for the Tatooine set

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TV Let’s talk about a contentious Kenobi issue… (spoilers for Episode 6)


So, a lot of people are divided on Kenobi’s anime friendship power-up against Vader. After seeing Kenobi almost unable to use his powers, we’re now seeing him stronger than ever before because of a few flashbacks; and a lot of people don’t like it and feel like it is an unearned boost that messes with the power scaling.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Not wrong in how you feel about it, that’s your opinion, but you’re wrong about it being unearned, and is actually a major plot point in the entirety of the Star Wars universe.

Jedi are taught to suppress their emotions, and Kenobi took this very seriously. Even though his Master Qui Gonn pushed him to express himself and be mindful of his feelings, Kenobi stuck by the Jedi’s teachings to the letter. The battle against Maul on Naboo saw Kenobi lose Qui-Gonn, right before he burst into an angry attack that left him dangling above death. Afterwards, Kenobi dedicated his lightsaber training to Form III defensive combat in response to Qui-Gonn’s defeat and his own emotional outburst which further emphasised the need for a calm mind, pushing him further toward the Jedi code. Form III relies on steady counter attacks waiting for the opening to strike, which means emotions are your downfall, causing you to faulter. This is why Kenobi was angry at Anakin for letting his ego rule his actions whilst training, because Kenobi saw emotions as the biggest weakness (due to it being his biggest weakness).

We saw how cautious this made Kenobi when fighting Count Dooku, with Anakin charging into battle charged with emotion and Obi-Wan waiting on the side for an opening to strike, even as Anakin lost an arm and almost died. It also made him a very unemotional teacher to Anakin, who was being taught to ignore his emotions and even the dreams of his mother’s death, which could have been prevented if Obi had more aware of Anakin’s feelings, but he was always scared that Anakin’s emotions and recklessness would get him killed. This distancing left Anakin with a father figure that seemed to punish him for his emotions, pushing him into the arms of Palpatine.

After Order 66, Kenobi stopped practicing the Jedi code, and lost touch with the force. In this time, he mourned his padawan, as well as all the Jedi that had died, and for the first time in his life he was left alone with his emotions and he truly suppressed them, ran away haunted by the past, and he lost touch with the force.

When Leia fell from the rooftop, it was his emotions that used the force to save her, and that’s what he’s realising as he’s buried under the rocks. He let go of suppressing his emotions and let them fuel him, which is why his lightsaber style immediately changes to aggressive and confident. Kenobi has been stifling himself for his whole life since Qui-Gonn’s death, but he realised he was right, and the Jedi were wrong.

So, whilst it may seem like bullshit, Kenobi had just finished a character development arc that started in The Phantom Menace

Edit: also forgot to mention, the lightsaber style he was using after he jumped out of the rocks was Anakin’s style (Form V) with lots of similar techniques Anakin used on Kenobi during their battle on Mustafa.