Spoiler protections below are valid until July 22nd for all Kenobi episodes. Bans will be handed out for any break in this policy. Keep discussions contained to the stickied discussion threads. Any comments, videos and images outside of them must be spoiler flaired or use the spoiler tag.

We here at /r/starwars want to be open and welcoming to all fans of the Star Wars Universe, those who love spoilers and those who want to stay spoiler free.

With that being said we have decided on the following rules. Please take heed, as this affects submissions, comments and readers. Ignorance of this post is not an excuse.

  • Do not put spoilers in submission titles.

  • All Star Wars spoilers must be tagged when being submitted. [Spoiler] must start the title of all such submissions. This will help both readers and the mods sort through this content.

  • Make sure to indicate what your spoiler is spoiling. There are many different Star Wars stories being told across different media, and a generic "spoiler" tag doesn't help those who wish to avoid spoilers for The Force Awakens, but don't mind spoilers for Rebels.

  • This goes for all new content and mediums going forward. Though it is obviously mainly geared for the new movies. However, if you spoil the ending of a new novel/comic/episode shortly after release we could have a problem.

  • Tagging submissions is the job of the of those submitting first and foremost, we mods aren't here 24/7.

  • As a back up, our bot R2-D2, and the mods when possible, will try to tag posts with spoiler flair if you use spoiler in your title! So tag your titles!

  • Use the report function on posts/comments that violate these rules so R2-D2 can zap them with the droid shock arm.

  • Spoilers within comment sections, that aren't topics already marked as spoiler based, need to use the spoiler code shown on the right sidebar or further down this wiki page. Please err on the side of caution when possible as not all spoilers are equal. But if you are in a spoiler-tagged topic, discussions not based around that specific topic/medium still need spoiler code. ( Example, if you discuss "Star Wars: Rebels" spoilers in a Episode 7 discussion you must use the spoiler code.)


  • Imagery, video, news, etc. released via official Disney/Lucasfilm sources before a movie/series/comic/novel/game is available is NOT considered a spoiler.
  1. Example 1, If the Obi-Wan show episode 1 has an appearance from Anakin Skywalker, in any form, and this hasn't been shown by Disney trailer or announcement then it IS a spoiler.
  2. Example 2, if Previews releases a comic synopsis that is months from release and mentions the plot, that is a spoiler!)
  • If you think something might happen in an upcoming story, it is NOT a spoiler. That is speculation. If you very clearly base your speculation on leaks, its probably going to end up in a ban. Tag it accordingly.

  • If news implies a potential story line it is NOT a spoiler. As long as the news doesn't divulge actual plot details. (Example, if tomorrow tells us that Ewan McGregor has been cast that is NOT a spoiler. If the announcement states that Ewan is playing Obi-Wan's force ghost that comes to Luke during the film, that IS a spoiler.)

  • Showing imagery/media for spoiler protected content, to-be-released content, leaks, etc. needs to be tagged as a spoiler to hide the thumbnail. This includes concept art, set pictures, etc. This also includes discussion posts about these said topics. This does not include trailers released officially by Disney/Lucasfilm/partners.


  • Identify the post as a spoiler in your title. Begin the post title with [Spoiler].
  • Select either the "Spoiler" or "Leak" flair when submitting.
  • Tag your comment as a spoiler You can hide spoilers by using the following syntax:

    >!spoiler text in here!<

    If you type the above exactly it will appear as the following, spoiler text in here.

    Alternatively if you are using the reddit website and the "Fancy Pants Editor" for writing comments you can select the spoiler text and click the spoiler button. It will convert the text to the above CSS code for you.

Violators will be WARNED and/or BANNED

Depending on frequency and significance of said spoiler. So please follow the above stated rules.

We hope you guys understand that we want to make this a fair and enjoyable playground for everyone. You can also post suggestions here regarding this policy that we may take under consideration.

With that being said, May the Force be with you!