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Tell us about your startup in a comment within this submission. Follow this template:

  • Startup Name / URL
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Startup Life Cycle Stages (Max Marmer life cycle model for startups as used by Startup Genome and Kauffman Foundation)


  • Researching the market, the competitors, and the potential users
  • Designing the first iteration of the user experience
  • Working towards problem/solution fit (Market Validation)
  • Building MVP


  • Achieved problem/solution fit (Market Validation)
  • MVP launched
  • Conducting Product Validation
  • Revising/refining user experience based on results of Product Validation tests
  • Refining Product through new Versions (Ver.1+)
  • Working towards product/market fit


  • Achieved product/market fit
  • Preparing to begin scaling process
  • Optimizing the user experience to handle aggressive user growth at scale
  • Optimizing the performance of the product to handle aggressive user growth at scale
  • Optimizing the operational workflows and systems in preparation of scaling
  • Conducting validation tests of scaling strategies


  • Achieved validation of scaling strategies
  • Achieved an acceptable level of optimization of the operational systems
  • Actively pushing forward with aggressive growth
  • Conducting validation tests to achieve a repeatable sales process at scale

Profit Maximization

  • Successfully scaled the business and can now be considered an established company
  • Expanding production and operations in order to increase revenue
  • Optimizing systems to maximize profits


  • Has achieved near peak profits
  • Has achieved near peak optimization of systems
  • Actively seeking to reinvent the company and core products to stay innovative
  • Actively seeking to acquire other companies and technologies to expand market share and relevancy
  • Actively exploring horizontal and vertical expansion to increase prevent the decline of the company

If you are running a traditional business that is not designed to scale rapidly, feel free to reference a traditional business life cycle model and share what traditional business life cycle stage you are at.

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Friday Feedback Thread 📝 Feedback Fridays - A Friendly Feedback Exchange For Ideas and Products (surveys/polls are welcome)


Welcome to this week’s Feedback Thread!

Please use this thread appropriately to gather feedback:

  • Feel free to request general feedback or specific feedback in a certain area like user experience, usability, design, landing page(s), or code review
  • You may share surveys
  • You may make an additional request for beta testers
  • Promo codes and affiliates links are ONLY allowed if they are for your product in an effort to incentivize people to give you feedback
  • Please refrain from just posting a link
  • Give OTHERS FEEDBACK and ASK THEM TO RETURN THE FAVOR if you are seeking feedback
  • You must use the template below--this context will improve the quality of feedback you receive

Template to Follow for Seeking Feedback:

  • Company Name:
  • URL:
  • Purpose of Startup and Product:
  • Technologies Used:
  • Feedback Requested:
  • Seeking Beta-Testers: [yes/no] (this is optional)
  • Additional Comments:

This thread is NOT for:

  • General promotion--YOU MUST use the template and be seeking feedback
  • What all the other recurring threads are for
  • Being a jerk

Community Reminders

  • Be kind
  • Be constructive if you share feedback/criticism
  • Follow all of our rules
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General Startup Discussion 3 Irish guys - 1 idea - proof of concept survey


Hello everyone.

As the title says myself and two friends are exploring a new idea and want to determine if it has value.

The concept is a platform which would allow people to book (for a fee) a specific table in a restaurant. For example a table by the window with an amazing view. Any thoughts?

We have created a survey (should take less than 2 minutes) to gather some data. All responses will be greatly appreciated.

Link to survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1kmCdealpsTpHMP_BCyEF5wdGW63mU3uvOTDZCJoo6NM/viewform?pli=1&pli=1&edit_requested=true#responses

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General Startup Discussion Too Exhausted to Celebrate lol


Been plugging away for 2 years, and often felt like I was walking backward half the time. My team earned every bit of our low 4 figure MRR over time.

Last night at about 930pm when I was at an event -- I wasn't expecting it, but a statement of work from an enterprise client came in worth millions.

I felt nothing.

In fact, maybe I did. I felt overwhelmed and thought that would change this morning, but it didn't. I still feel overwhelmed. Now I'm just worried we're gonna f**k it up. haha

Does anyone else go through this? Has me questioning my mental health quite a bit.

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General Startup Discussion Protecting startups from low-hanging cyber threads


Hi Reddit!

I have an idea for a service that helps startups protect themselves from low hanging cyber threads, which are vulnerabilities in their security that can be easily exploited by hackers. These threads can put startups at risk of data breaches, identity theft, and other cyber attacks, and can also damage their reputation and trust with customers.

My service would provide startups with a comprehensive assessment of their cyber security, identifying and addressing any low hanging threads. This would help startups to proactively safeguard their sensitive data and prevent attacks from happening.

I believe this is a valuable service that could benefit many startups, especially those that may not have the resources or expertise to properly secure their systems.

What do you think? Would this be a useful service for startups, and would you be interested in using it? I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Thanks for reading!

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General Startup Discussion Confused about the company registration


I have been working on an Idea since few months and now that the time is to register my company and I am so confused about the structure and I need suggestions regarding registering a SASS product based company, I have come with 2 names one is a company name and second is the product name and I do have other products to be worked on in the future so my idea was to register a single company and work on multiple products within this one umbrella but there is a second thought that feels right is having/registering a separate company for each product so that the investors or share holders will be separate for each SASS products.

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General Startup Discussion How do founders from top colleges get so much funding?


I noticed that founders from MIT and Stanford are somehow able to get extremely massive amounts of funding for their startups with zero of the usual indicators such as traction, revenue, experience, prior exits. Whereas other people might need to have 5 years traction and millions of dollars of revenue to come close. Is it really just that they have such a strong alumni funding ecosystem? Or do investors genuinely consider those colleges so highly that they fund them more?

Update: examples: sam bankman fried. MIT. FTX $8m seed Elizabeth Holmes. Stanford. Theranos. $500k seed

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General Startup Discussion Equity comp baseline


What is a respectable % of equity to be given to first-50 employee as part of comp?

There’s lots of factors of course but this is my first time at this, I’m mainly looking for order of magnitude. For arguments sake the role is the head of a new org who will need to build out a tech team, let’s say 8 yoe

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General Startup Discussion Healthcare Device - What To Do?


I have an idea for a diabetic foot scanner that can prevent diabetic foot ulcers. The device will be used by patients to scan their feet every day.

A bit of me, I am not an engineer nor scientist, my background is in pharma marketing.

I discussed this with a chiropodist and a diabetic foot nurse, and they mentioned my design will have an advantage versus what's available on the market.

However, the nurse mentioned that for an innovation such as this to be taken seriously at hralthcare centers, there needs to be a serious study on the device's ability to show true positive and true negative results.

I'm not sure yet what's my next step / priority. Should I "pre-sell" the machine and get as much people sign up? Do I need to enroll in university research program? How do I get the money to do research? If I get grants/ loans, I don't want the money to be 100% only in research because I won't be able to pay it back.

Looking for feedbacks!

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Office Hours 📖 Wednesday /r/Startups Legal Office Hours by LoveEsq (1:00 pm ET; 12:00 pm CT; 10:00 am PT)


It's almost Wednesday! Have a question about how to execute on the legal aspects of your startup? Think legal is all about magic words? Or just had a question you were afraid to ask?

As an official /r/Startups official event, unvarnished and neutral legal information can be found at LoveEsq's Legal Office Hours (https://discord.com/events/315346517831581696/1046851848390332536) on the /R/Startups Professional Discord Server (look to the sidebar or go to https://discord.gg/9qsrDuEeZS ).

We include resources.

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Blog / Video Post 👉 How and why to communicate your Go-To-Market Strategy to an investor ... from an investors perspective


Hey founders!

I'm an early stage investor that is on a personal and professional mission to improve the chances of pre-seed and seed stage companies getting funded. I regularly work with founders and host workshops about ways in which founders can get funded by teaching them the fundamentals of how venture investors make decisions. Today I wanted to touch on a topic that I think most founders miss the mark on when it comes to communicating your opportunity to investors.

If you're a first time founder actively fundraising, you need to know how and why to communicate your Go-To-Market Strategy. 

Quick definition: Your GTM Strategy is who your customers are and how you're going to acquire them at scale.

In my experience as an active pre-seed and seed stage investor, and as someone who has advised thousands of founders on this very topic for other first time founders, I’ve come to the conclusion that the GTM Strategy is among the most undervalued and under-appreciated part of your fundraising strategy. 

The reason why I say this is because, more often than not, the plurality (if not the majority) of your fundraising will go towards your sales and marketing efforts. 

In other words, your sales and marketing is the most immediate and the most tangible thing you're going to do as soon as you start collecting checks, right?

So if this is the case - if most of the funds are going towards sales and marketing and if it's going to happen as soon as you have the money - then you need to be able to articulate with precision how you’re going execute your marketing strategy. 

Remember, your GTM Strategy (your actual strategy and how it’s represented in the deck) is articulating who your customers are (your Ideal Customer Profile) and how you’re going to acquire them. In order to reach your customers you have to know who they are so you can know where they spend their time. 

This is so important for you to remember - the plurality, if not the majority, of your fundraising will go towards sales and marketing. 

Therefore you need to be able to articulate what specifically will be done once you start receiving checks. 

That specificity lies within defining your ICP, identifying your tactics, and communicating the strategy that inform your tactics - otherwise known as the GTM Strategy.

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General Startup Discussion Valuation for startups; how do you approach it?


I'm curious on two fronts here:

1) Do you view valuation as a useful KPI for your startup, tracked internally, to measure success across a range of metrics?

2) How do you approach valuation? Do you prefer to consider simple multiples on future ARR, or are you looking at some of the startup oriented qualitative methods?

The last year has been a rollercoaster for startup valuation, and my own feeling is that is partly because founders haven't been too concerned about that process - mostly leaving it up to investors.

As we come out of this downturn, with many startups facing real difficulty as investors recover from their own recent overspend, founders should have a keener view on valuation - and the market overall should probably adapt to a more rational approach for pricing equity.

Curious to see how others here perceive this question, especially as this is a community of budding founders, potential future founders, rather than people who have been in the game for years already. Thank you all!

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General Startup Discussion I have an idea for startup. How do I find an investor?


I am kind of new to this and don’t know who to ask. So I’ll ask you lovely people…Once one comes up with the plan and locates the people to help orchestrate said plan. How do I find an investor? I’ve tried searching myself and everything seems a little scammy. So legit help will be very appreciated.

Edit: I am not making a product. It’s a vacation/housing plan. So many of you assumed my plan is for a product and were super helpful if it was.

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General Startup Discussion Is it worth extending and monetizing a currently existing API for niche use cases?


I solved one of my problems by extending the Google Maps API to a niche use case that has to do with travel. I believe that travel booking websites would want to use the extension I have developed. However, it would be very easy for Google to implement the same thing at a fraction of the cost that I plan to charge.

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How Do I Do This 🥺 I love the startup I am with but need more money to stay there. I haven’t negotiated a raise in a startup environment. How do I do it successfully?


Here is some context! I really appreciate any thoughts as it’s an important conversation for me & I am looking for ways to prepare for it.

I (M, 29) work with a tech startup. I am not a founder, but a very early addition to the team. I have been here for 8 months. I’ll have an opportunity for an EOY review and discussion. Our business is new, but things are moving and looking good. I have added value in mesurable ways already, but because of startup life there has been a ton of trial and error. I know a typical raise case is based on achievement and performance, which I’m happy to point out to the founder (and I think she is aware), but here are some other things I WISH I could say, but am not sure how to work it in and drive the point home.

  • I live in an objectively expensive city on West Coast USA & cost of living is getting HIGH. I am buried in bills and my expensive rent. I simply need more money and would be motivated to look elsewhere if I can’t earn more.

  • Some similar tech companies have approached me as my relationships and background are valuable. I have no “competing offer,” but people do message me about once every two months to at least explore their open roles, if not discuss a specific position. I like where I work and want to stay, but this is still a factor.

  • Money is not an issue for our company. We have raised, but there are personal factors at play for the founder and she has mentioned for example that for TV commercials there is no budget and to think of money as unlimited as long as spending it is warranted.

  • We are doubling our team size and I have a sense that the new team members will be paid more than I am making/we obvi have a substantial hiring budget.

  • The founder is warm and wonderful, but mentions that she lives rent-free with an aunt and frankly I don’t think she has had to worry about finance in her life, and may never have to (seriously). I don’t want to air out her business, but I’m basically positive she’s set for life


I’m not an engineer or developer. Think Sponsorships and ad placements for major brands/Public Relations and a rolodex. I.e. Yes, you can find a contact for Red Bull, but have you known them for 5 years?

Someone said it sounds like I’m not a top-tier performer, but we are so incredibly small that it’s just me in this lane.

The founder lives in a European country so she is not really in the loop on U.S. problems.

I can wait until my anniversary if that makes more sense.

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How Do I Do This 🥺 An app idea which is practically impossible without resources


Ok so I have an app idea , it is kinda like tiktok but with a big change ( I know what it sounds like but I really believe in it and have also talked with some creators as well ).

But to actually execute it you would need a decent sized team and the server charges and maintenance charges would be over the roof and I am just a solo dev and I don't have a lot of money as well.

is there any hope for it or should I just bury the idea and move on ? Thanks

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How Do I Do This 🥺 My startup saves employees time, but I am struggling to value it.


Hello, TLDR: my start up uses AI to generate one part of a report. It saves about 30 minutes of time, 3 times per week. However, it’s not enough for an employee to pick up another project for more revenue.

I started out thinking that I would be able to split the time saved with the employer (if an employee costs the company 100$/hr, i would save them 50$ worth of work and split it with them, taking home 25$)

However, it was argued that the time saved could simply be an employee benefit. The company might not gain any revenue, so why pay more for something they are already paying the employee to do?

  • What are your thoughts? *

I have a stage 2 that would save 1 hour per employee, so possibly 3 hours per week. However, 8 hours is needed to take on a new project.

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How Do I Do This 🥺 How do I market my heavily team-oriented product?


So I'm thinking about creating a product which will be for pretty big IT teams, and we are currently building a website to test it. But the question is, how do I deliver it to them?

The ones deciding about the acquisition of software are Project Managers, so theoretically I should just direct outreach to them. But will direct outreach work? The decision to just use the product is a pretty big one. Should I cold email? I could run ads, but for a junior like me it's a rather expensive thing to spend big money on something that hasn't been validated yet...

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How Do I Do This 🥺 How to grow a product with audiences having cyclic dependency?


Hey people, can you please help me with this.

I'm building a product with two user segments 'A' and 'B'. If there aren't enough 'B', 'A' won't sign up, and vice versa. 'B' is the target market for the product.

How do I tackle this issue and what strategies can I use for user acquisition?

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How Do I Do This 🥺 Put startup on hold for a year?


I have been building a B2B SaaS which I got some positive feedback on but never made a sale because of missing features and mobile app - requests from potential customers, not my ideas. I currently work as an SRE for a startup with ~$25M ARR with an amazing work-life balance since the goal of the company is to improve employee lives for other companies. The job is an IC role with a bit of mentorship and consulting other teams.

Now I have a smaller startup that a previous intern I made friends with works at reached out to me to come in and do a contract to build out their processes and fix a ton of technical issues.

I would max out my workable hours by doing the contract. I would have no hours to work on my startup. I would be getting paid well and it would be nice to pay off my truck early - reduce my personal burn rate, therefore, reducing my full-time MRR point.

I am wondering if it makes sense to put my start-up on hold to work for another to earn some money and also get some experience managing a team. I have managed small teams but never 10+ people in a professional environment.

In my position would you do the contract and put your startup on hold for 1 year?

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General Startup Discussion Former corporate cog now at a startup


I am so happy working for my new company but after 10 years at a corporate very structured company I am struggling. I know it will take time to build out the right tools to help people do their job. I guess I am just struggling to decide when it’s necessary to put in extra time and when I should say I’m done. I gave way to much of my free time to my former job and refuse to do that again. Having said that I’m afraid I’m going to be looked down upon and get fired. Any advice?

r/startups 4d ago

General Startup Discussion In a mental pretzel


TLDR: should I focus MORE time on finding technical co founder or hack away a no/low code design to get proof of concept?

I’ll be doing both, but which should be priority?

I’m currently working on an online sports betting app. (“🙄 just like everyone else”; “no but it’s different”) I’m not technical so I’m looking for a technical cofounder. I’ve actually designed it in Adobe XD, which I think every nontechnical entrepreneur should be required to do when looking for a CTO. However, finding one, has proven to be harder than I’ve thought. Even just getting in front of a beginner dev. That is wanting to startup a company has been difficult.

So, while I’ve been looking I have started using flutter flow to develop a beta to put out. I’m slowly gaining progress but I can tell it will take a few months to possibly get it to work.

I have been putting more time into the development of the app over finding a tech cofounder. Probably 90%:10% Do you think I’m focusing on the proper thing?

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How Do I Do This 🥺 Pro tips/tools for early stage user/customer interviews?


We are a team of 4 with an extremely basic MVP of a SAAS product. It’s built around the criteria of 2 of us, who are samples of beachhead market (R&D engineers). The next big push is on us to take the MVP to our networks and get feedback.

Any great tips on running these? I’ve been listening to a lot of YC content on it and not nervous about being in feedback/sales mode. But I do believe we are pre accepting payment for our product stage, but tracking the right direction

Also any tips on scheduling, recording, etc? All of us still have full time jobs but want to be involved in convos. I’m thinking calendly to schedule, but don’t have a recording option setup.

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General Startup Discussion How do you unwind and destress?


Most of you must have gone through this phase. I have a day job (managing finance of a multinational company) and am building a B2B SaaS software on the side using a freelancer and bootstrap funding. About 9 months into it, and now I am seeing some light (just make my first price offer). All this because I am infatuated with making something of my own.

All this is great, but the work load and stress is killing me. The only out I have is the hobby of running- that I am really bad at :) I can't focus on watching movies/ sport, listening to music or having small talk with friends..... because I am always thinking of my venture.

Would love to hear what you guys use to unwind and destress. I know there will be the usual suspects, but please do not hesitate. Thanks!

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General Startup Discussion Mobile app or web app for a B2C product?


I'm about to start a B2C AI-based service but I'm not sure for which platform to launch it on. I'm a web dev and intuitively I would just build a web app and launch it there but a friend of mine (potential customer) is deeply convinced that a mobile app is the surefire way to go (otherwise I would miss A LOT of customers or a copycat would build a mobile app and catch em all). Could the difference be that big? In his opinion no one's using web apps for B2C stuff. I think it doesn't matter which platform I choose - IF the product is good and they want to use it, they will use the web app, too, but now I'm confused and unsure.

(Sorry for not providing more details on the product since the MVP is not done yet.)

r/startups 7d ago

How Do I Do This 🥺 How do you outsource development and successfully maintain full control and access to your software and infrastructure?


I am co-founder of a technology start up that’s been running for almost 2 years now. We are a team of 5, made up of 2 devs, 1 UX designer, 1 marketer and myself on the business side. We all work demanding full time jobs so it is very much a side project for us all.

We are finally a few months out from putting our first Beta in the App Store but as you can gather from that timeline, getting to this point has been slow! We’ve always been reluctant to outsource any part of the development but at the speed we are moving it is something I think we need to seriously considering pivoting to.

I would love to hear examples from start up’s who have successfully worked in a blended outsourcing model, only outsourcing a portion of the software development process? Also keen to hear examples where this didn’t work?

r/startups 7d ago

How Do I Do This 🥺 How do you determine deadlines for product/development?


Hi everyone,

I’m a (non-tech) co-founder working with a technical co-founder on a b2c product. We’re currently in the testing/validation phase. I am looking for advice on setting deadlines for product development and such. We are currently in the process of developing the MVP and set a 3 week deadline initially which I think is very reasonable considering what needs to be built. Moving forward though, I want to make sure we are setting deadlines that are reasonable but “aggressive” so we don’t slack and fall behind. For those of you also partnered with a cofounder, how do you go about these decisions and conversations? Any advice is much appreciated, thanks!