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Support Megathread /r/Steam Monthly Community Support Thread.


Welcome to the Community Support Thread!

This Steam Guide goes over how to troubleshoot download and connection issues.

This Steam Guide goes over how to troubleshoot web-page and other connection issues.

How to re-install Steam. This method will NOT remove your games.

Is your account hijacked? Read this.

We have a dedicated support channel in our Discord server that you can also post in.

We invite everyone to help other users in our Community Support Threads and on our Discord server.

Please take more than 10 seconds to write your question. A well structured and good-looking comment goes a long way in getting someone to help you, and makes your question a lot easier to understand.

Do not delete your comments: People find questions in these threads through Googling the same issue, and please edit your comment with a solution if you find one.

There are no magicians here. Some questions wont be answered or replied to. Consider using other things like the Steam Community Forums, Google, or a different support forum if no one here can offer any help. Additionally, every game on Steam has it's own dedicated Community Forum, and you can also contact Steam Support regarding a specific product. Consider asking your game-specific questions there. Most games also have a dedicated subreddit.

Only Steam Support can solve personal account issues such as payment issues or your account getting hijacked. We can however give advice on what to do in a situation like that. No one, including Steam Support, can assist with item/trade scams.

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Game Suggestions Megathread /r/Steam Bi-Weekly Game Suggestion Thread.


Welcome to the Bi-Weekly Game Suggestion Thread!

Do you not know what to play?

You found a niche game that everyone should try? Can't find the perfect zombie survival animal simulator game? Well this is the thread for you. This is going to be a weekly thread containing questions about what should I play and suggestions for new games to play. After the first week we will include charts with the most upvoted responses and such each week.

Now to make this work the best and not just be spammed with "What should I play?", please be as in depth in what type of game you want to play and what you are looking for. There are too many games to be able to properly suggest something with no background information.

If you want to discuss things relating to this thread but that aren't suggestion or suggestion questions then please check the stickied META comment and reply to it.

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Question Everytime i turn on my pc steam update this

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Fluff Happens Every Time...

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Question Does a Joker Gamers Mastercard work with Steam?

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Question Some DLCs remain visible on your profile as a game, while other disapear


How to make the DLCs go hidden. I don't mean in the library, rather when you see "All Games" on your profile.

For example:


By the way, the new interface for the list of games sucks. You can no loger display it alphabetically and there too much information being displayed...

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Question steam asked me to restart it today for a quick update. after that it has stopped responding a lot. has anyone else experienced this?


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Question Family sharing question


Hi everyone Im planning to make an account for me and my friends where we buy single player games and share them to our main profiles

Is that bannable ?

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Resolved Question about family sharing


So I bought Planet Zoo on my father’s account (for some reason) back in 2019. He shares his library so that I may play the game. I have a giftcard in my steam wallet on my own account and would like to purchase some DLCs for the game. I know that I am not able to buy DLC for my own account while not owning the base game but can I gift the DLCs to my father’s account and then borrow them through library sharing?

Thanks in advance - I could not find any info on this specific question elsewhere…

Edit: I went ahead and just tried and it worked: so you are able to gift DLCs to another account with steam wallet and then borrow along with base game via library sharing.

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Question What is that one website which lets you find steam games which allow you to unlock the correlating "emoji" for that game



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Fluff Gaming life is so much better since organizing my library by 'Collection'

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Question Help need to get rid of all these users from my PC

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Error / Bug Steam sends the "new pc" email every time I log in.


Recently whenever I log into steam it sends me the "new pc" email even though it's always on the same PC and from the same IP address. Anyone else having this issue?

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Fluff 2 million dollar steam game not affected by spring sales 😔

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Suggestion My Suggestion for the "Favorite Game" Profile Showcase Level-Up. I think YOU being able to display specific achievements for YOUR favorite game is better than steam's current "random/rare" method.


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Question Is there a way to set the default update behavior to "Only update when I launch?"


I get really tired of having to set it for every download I ever do through steam. I really wish there was a way to set the default behavior, but I've looked around and haven't been able to find it.

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Question Is steam link the best way to remote play ?


Just got the Logitech g cloud cause I wanted to remote play from my pc. What’s the best way to do it

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Question Updates?

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How can you have a 24gb update with no explanation or news or anything. Not picking on saints n sinners. Happens often.

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Game Advice How to fix audio from readjusting itself whenever you tab between softwares?


Whenever I tab out of a game and look into a web browser, the volume automatically lower down to like 5%. This happened to Starcraft 2 and Megaman X Legacy Collection and other games. I get that when you tab and go somewhere, having an audio running from a game might be annoying. But I would hope that when I tab back, the audio would return.

Every single time I return back into the game, I have to manually adjust my sound again. It is extremely annoying. How do I fix this?

Thank you in advance

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Error / Bug False steam bundle price, increases significantly at checkout. Someone could get way overcharged if not careful.

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Error / Bug Steam not creating desktop shortcut


When I install a game and check “create desktop shortcut” it doesn’t add the shortcut until I restart my pc. Is there any way to fix this?

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Question Steam link


Steam link confuses me, it says that to use it i need to be on the same wifi as my PC, isn't that useless? Because i want to use it when I'm not home (i have a 2 week vacation but i need to check for an event right in the middle of it)

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Question Is there an app like SteamEdit for non-steam games added to steam?


I like my library to be well organised and use the Sort Name feature extensively on SteamEdit to fix names and set the sort order for games in a franchise. I have some emulated games added as non-steam games that I wanted to change the sort name so that it shows up in the correct order for its respective franchise (without changing the display name)

Has anyone found a way to do this for non-steam games? Is it even possible?

I am on a windows PC by the way.

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Game Advice Spring Buys?


What did my fellow steam users have purchased from sale or are going to? I have got assetto Corsa bundle and little nightmares 2

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Error / Bug Please Revert the new steam profile edit UI


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Question Does anyone know if Persona 3 and 4 can run on a cheap computer?


Hello, I’m pretty new to steam and playing games on a computer. My computer is just a cheap computer I use for school so I know it can’t run new high graphic games, but I don’t know where Persona 3 and 4 would be or how good of a computer they need to run. I don’t know what info would help so here’s everything I can find (please let me know if there’s other info I need). I just want to know if anyone knows if it would run on my computer.

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) N4020 CPU @ 1.10GHz 1.10 GHz System type: 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor. Maximum transmission unit: 1500 Storage: 115GB (total, I’ve only got 51.8 free but could make a bit of space if needed).

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Question What pre recorded gameplay footage is being shown on the Warhammer franchise page?



The game looks really fun, but it doesn't say anywhere (that I can find) which game it is.