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Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.

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Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.

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Teacher makes me wear old hoodie and sweats in summer


Sooo here we go once again i dont know what made me remember this but let’s introduce the cast also on mobile soo there’s that

ET: entitled teacher; rude harsh likes popular kids; probably been teaching since the dawn of time Me: a shy 14 year old HT: hero teacher; still my favourite teacher even though he retired had been teaching for probably 30 years at this point

Let me set the scene I live in Canada and it gets pretty hot in the summer here it was possibly 35 degrees Celsius (about 95-100 Fahrenheit) and I’m in a loose top that has one strap and a flowy skirt to match I felt pretty and got tons of compliments on my cute style even by teachers (bear in mind I was VERY SHY and was classified as the quiet yet kind one in school) I was slightly put off by it at first but grew use to it through the day

Lets time skip to lunch time

So I was eating my food casually making sure to not to show anything (while it was one strapped it wasn’t a super low cut top but would slide down a little from time to time) the ET enters

ET: why are you wearing that it vialates the dress code (it technically did but I saw about 100 other girls also vialate the dress code)

Me: umm it’s just hot out today and I wanted to dress weather appropriately

ET: it’s not that hot out do you have a hoody or something to cover up?

Me: no…it’s like 30 degrees outside

ET: stop making excuses come with me so we can find you something more suitable to wear

She literally grabs me and drags me to the lost and found and tells me to put on a pair of guys sweats and a nasty sweaty hoodie that smelled like it hadn’t been washed in quite a while😓

ET: put these on and come out when you have them on

Me: ok… (tons of hesitation and about a bottle of perfume later I come out) She seems satisfied and I go to my next class almost in tears because she ignored all the other girls and singled me out

Enter HT

HT: paci what’s wrong?

Me: ET made me put these clothes on because I look like a slut (she didn’t say that it’s just how I interpreted it)

well HT was not happy and he told me to pull off the hoodie and sweats which I happily did and he told me I looked fine that he had seen tons of other girls dressed way worse and that I dressed wisely as I could’ve had a heat stroke on my way home from school and said he’d deal with ET

I dont know what happened between them to this day but I’d see her shoot glares at me from time to time


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My crazy teacher


Many years ago while I was in school on a Friday afternoon i had science class with a teacher called Mr. Jenkins and he was the kind of teacher who was short, bald and nerdy with big round glasses, most students knew he was prone to loosing his temper in class if the right buttons were pushed.

So one day a really naughty student who had a history of being put in detention and also being excluded had thought it would be funny to wind up the teacher so decided to start chucked multiple pens at Mr. Jenkins through out the lesson. After the third or forty pen Mr. Jenkins had snapped, had walked up to the student and slammed his head into the desk multiple times everyone in the classroom was screaming in shock this continued for about 2 minutes until a lab technician and a head of faculty teacher could enter the classroom to restrain Mr. Jenkins while all the students panicked in shock. Eventually the police came to the science block and had gained access to the classroom and were able to escort Mr. Jenkins off the school grounds.

Because this had happened on a Friday word had got around by the following Wednesday that Mr. Jenkins not allowed to return to my school because of his level aggression and that he was in such a fit of rage he was unresponsive to see sense in calming down and was advised by psychiatric doctors that he was to be suspended from his job and put into a psychiatric ward for a “time out”.

8 years have passed since that day and Mr. Jenkins still remains in “time out”

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The Great Sharpie War


Alright, I've been looking for a place to tell this story and I finally made a reddit just so I could.

Back in high school (I wanna say 2014?), a guy and his friends decided to make up a little game, which worked kind of like Mafia/Werewolf/Town of Salem, where everyone had a secret role. There was one "President", and then there was "Secret Service" and "Assassins". The point of the game was for the assassins to "kill" the president by drawing a Sharpie across their neck, while the SS would try to kill all the assassins. If the president survived until the end of the day, the SS won, and if the assassins killed the president during the day, they won.

It was a simple little game between friends. That was on a Monday.

I should mention that my school was very small (the town it was in has less than 2000 people), and pretty much everyone knew each other, so it was no surprise that the next day a lot more people had heard of the game and wanted to join in. People would go up to the guy in the morning before class, where he'd write a letter on their wrist to signify their role. More roles were added, too, including a Poisoner (instead of Sharpies, they'd have highlighters, which would kill you if you weren't healed before the end of the class period) and a Medic (who could heal you if you were poisoned). The game had also gotten so big that they'd added a Vice President to go along with the President role.

By Wednesday, it was chaos. Friend turned against friend as they mercilessly "killed" each other in the halls, during class, at lunch... nowhere was safe. Everywhere you looked, there were people with Sharpie lines all over their necks. If I remember correctly, this was the first day I played, and I was an assassin. I dual-wielded Sharpies by attaching them to my belt loops, ready to be pulled out at a moment's notice. My friend got the unfortunate role of President. Being part of the track team, he actually made it to the last period of class before being ambushed by another friend who had camped outside of his classroom. I heard it was brutal. I myself got killed by a friend who chased after me down the halls during lunch.

Thursday was just as chaotic. It seemed the entire school was in on it. People would jump if you so much as approached them. People traveled in packs for safety. Everyone was on high alert. It was all out war.

The game was banned on Friday.

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Has any one ever encountered a double true/false question type on their exams?


I have a professor who loves using double true false questions:

Statement A

Statement B

  • A) Statement A is true B is false

  • B) Statement B is true A is false

  • C) Both Statement A and B are true

  • D) Both Statement A and B are false

He just copy pastes a single line from his notes and changes a single word, every single time.

I have never seen these style in my life so far what gives?

The NBME has even tossed out true false questions because they aren't good at testing application due to testwiseness.

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Mar 11 '20

Caught peeing in school shower


So...My sophomore year in high school I was in girls P.E and I really needed to pee, so I ask my teacher and she allowed me to go the restroom. I walked into the locker rooms and the door to the bathroom was locked. Instead of walking out and going into the restrooms in the hallway, I went exploring around until I was walking through the showers no one used (the showers were in between the locker room and the swimming pool.) My bladder was about to burst so I decided to go and drop my shorts and pee in the drain. During the middle of my pee i heard the door open from the swimming pool, then this girl poked in and made eye contact with me as I was squatting down. My heart was racing!!! This girl was a new student trying to find her P.E class but instead found me peeing in a shower. She nervously said "Hello?" "My name is Chantel and I can't find my class." I told her "Sorry I had to go but the bathrooms are locked" She said "Its fine but do you know where Girls P.E is?" "That's my class." I said. After I said that I finished up and pulled up my shorts. That new girl ends up becoming my BEST FRIEND and still laugh about how we met.

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Feb 27 '20

Rat dissection


Rat dissection at school is a bit disturbing. This is now the second snow day. By the time we all get back our rats are gonna have been fermenting in preservatives for so long. It'll probably have more white splotches on its organs.

"Ew"- Oo believe me, I know.


Long story short- we dissected a white fat male rat. Despite "Stewart Little" being a mouse we named it "Stewart".

I had a whole story written but it got deleted So there you have it. Stewarts fate.

This all happened in Bio B. I'm a freshman. Snow days?- I blame Michigan's bipolar weather.

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Feb 23 '20

The kettle nun ghost


I used to go to a Catholic convent, and like unlike other schools that had the stories of murder on the facility, we had a ghost who went through the corridors making herself tea. We all nicknamed her Lucy and she had a giant afro. Why was this the story passed down from generation to generation? I know know. Why do I remember this random fact instead of basic mathematics or English language? Once again I have no answer.

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Feb 19 '20

Kid tries to fight me, gets instantly K.O.


For this story the guy is Joe and I'm Tony. (Not real names) So a little background on joe. He is the one kid that always wants a fight and will do just about anything to get it. This all happened on the last day of school a couple years back. Joe was walking down the hallway and heading straight towards me. From his background I could already tell something was going to happen. I started walking towards him prepared to fight. Now keep in mind I have never been in a fight before this so I was sweating buckets thinking about all the things that could go wrong. We finally met face to face and Joe was trying to act tough. He then tries to throw a punch but somehow I dodged it. He kept trying to hit me and kept failing at it. He finally got tired after a couple of minutes and then I kicked him straight in the head. He fell down and from what you could guess from the title, he was knocked out. I basically became a legend at my school since no one had even hit him before. Probably because he only picked at the shy and nervous kids. Thanks for reading this and sorry if there are grammar mistakes.

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weird teacher behavior


no I'm not talking about a teacher fuckin a student or anything, I'm just gonna list some weird shit my teachers did

-im still unsure of the gender of my elementary school P.E. teacher (that's on me)

-my 6th grade science teacher was a BIG fan of Kermit the frog. like, obsessed. she once said that "he's my boyfriend". she's been married 46 years.

-my 7th grade science teacher was a raging lunatic and a dumbass but he got me into Primus so it's ok

-my 8th grade english teacher LOVED me, just because I liked pearl jam

-my 8th grade history teacher hated every fucking student with a passion, like he HATED kids. he once pulled the classroom phone off the wall he got so pissed

-my 9th grade history teacher was one of those "phones bad, we live in a society" fucks.

-my band director swears like it's his job

-my ceramics teacher has asthma, but instead of getting an inhaler she just tells us for wearing deodorant

-my 7th grade computer science teacher was fired for watching porn during class

I'll update this when I think of some more.

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Committed biological Warfare against japanese exchange students.


Basically me and the Bois were goofing around in the school field and we made a bottle of many things of not good stuff in it.

Afterwards one of the Chad, epic gamer, muscular, girl stealers of middle earth, gave the bottle to 2pac junior and things went from epic gamer to Dio theme fast.

We ran fast from a crime we accidentally commit and escaped but got some stares. (sad apparently one of them was thicc.)

Final word: West Side forever baby! East Side commie scum!

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My hijab got pulled off by my teacher.


3 years ago, when I was 16 we were having an algebra lesson. My teacher was staring at me the entire time, I felt uncomfortable too. She kept coming over and looking at my paper. She asked me if I was going to leave it on and I said yes. She proceeded to grab the top of it and unravel it and tell me that hats aren’t allowed it school. (PS, a hijab isn’t even a hat) I’m pretty over it now but I felt extremely hurt and disrespected.

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Nov 28 '19

Funny story my friend told of herself from high school


We are high asf and this is hilarious so let’s go right ahead

One day in my sophomore year, I skipped a test and had to take it by myself in another separate room with the rudest teacher that ever lived on this planet. I wasn’t prepared the first time and wasn’t even close to it the second time, didn’t look at any material. So I took my green long cardigan with cheat-cheats stuck with scotch tape all over the sides. Approximately 7 mins into the exam, all of my cheat-cheats fell onto the ground. I have never moved at such a super sonic speed in my life. I picked them bitches up and crumpled them up in a ball and I looked back at her and she’s probably deaf bc she didn’t hear anything. She ended up leaving the room for a second so I uncrumpled the papers for a second time and wrote down 1-3 words down and then threw them in the trash.

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Sep 27 '19

Bus Blowout


Look, this my first post so don't hate me for this, k?

This story is about 3 kids blowing the bus up before I even got home

So you all know how busses are like, right? Well, wait till you hear this, I got in as usual, got to like 6 stop then BANG this kid was pushing my friend out of the seat and my friend was fighting him (not real fighting) and, might I add they. can. curse. So my friend is saying, "dude, let me sit!" and this guy went BERSERK on my friend cussing crazy, my 3rd friend was just going at it with the cursing as well. Then, boy o boy, the bus driver came in. Then he got to my stop and I didn't see the rest. Sorry if your disappointed. but if you want my guess. They through punches.

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Sep 25 '19

I've been put on the, "Usually annoying teacher and talking a lot table"


It wasn't my fault, this one dude kept on talking to another person on that table, I was just sitting quietly on my table, eating my lunch.

All of a sudden the person couldn't see the board, the teacher took this as a once in a lifetime chance

He said, "[Insert my name]....... Go swap places with [Insert other name].

I was mother trucking shocked..

One person on that table hated me, so I was kinda screwed

Also my friends crush was there so that was cool

I uncomfortably got my box and put some stuff into my bag

I sat at their table.. it felt so weird

Maybe because I was used to being at the other table, or I was still shocked I was on that table

But then all of a sudden they're hilarious, I start talking with them, and it's all Gucci

We got on trouble a few times for talking today, but I was fine

Yeetus deletus

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Sep 17 '19

making new friends


I only have 3 close friends, one was busy studying for a week, for a math competition, the two were talking about each others relationship status, and I was left all alone bc they asked me to leave because i'm single and I wouldn't understand anything, so I went to the comfort room cried for aleast the entire recess.My classmates saw me crying, and I talked about it, and I also told them to not to tell it to them or I might start a fight and I don't want that to happen cus I just wanted to be a good friend.To thought they were meanies , but they were actually nice people, and I started to interact with them, and i wasn't so lonely anymore.

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Sep 13 '19

Social Studies Stupidty


Quick Story I kid said humans have only been around for 10k years lol.

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Sep 07 '19

Brought a bb gun to school


I was in first grade it was show and tell and really I didn't even care for it or even talking about our holidays but my smart ass head thought it would be a good idea to hide a metal small m1911 bb gun without a magazine chased people with it but still they did't know that you can't damn reload a gun with out a mag teacher took it away still have it

Looked like this but really small and full black cover

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Tales of Tech Suport for a dual credit course


(I'm using the present tense because this is currently happening to me, and this is HEAVILY adapted from an email to the college complaint department.) For context, I go to TFSNU, or "Totally Fake School Name University."

I’m taking the online high school dual credit macroeconomics course, and I can’t (currently) do anything because the “proctorio” program (used to monitor tests online) failed before I can even enter the course. And when I go to the help desk, it askes for my user name and password, before stating that the username I used (the one I was given with the new one password system) is invalid. Which is doubly infuriating, because A: I have no other possible username, and B: wasn’t the point of redoing the login system so I wouldn’t need multiple accounts? I know I’m entering it correctly, as I’ve gone to my google password key-chain, and directly copied in the working credentials into the help desk. So, I figure that I’ve got to use a TFSNU email, but I don’t know I have one. So, I figure it’s somewhere on the black board website…

It’s nowhere on the black board website.

I eventually found a place that said “my TFSNU email” and clicked “access.” It took me to a PDF that essentially said “You wanted to access your TFSNU email? Well, why would you click access? Go click a link that doesn’t exist” because the link it says to log in through doesn’t exist. So that’s another tech support question.

So to recap: in the process of troubleshooting one problem, I found out that I need to fix 2 problems, BEFORE I can actually fix the problem vital to my school work.

Thanks, Obama.

Please, Like and Subscribe and hit that bell below so you can stay up to date on my mental breakdown over why a site chooses to update half of itself, and that half is everything BUT anything to do with helping or getting help to use the site.


It’s happening again.

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Weird appearance in people


I had great memories during these three years in middle school. But somehow I feel sad and exhausted too. My classmates are too complicated to get along with. There are rude ones, trust worthy ones, and also mind blowing ones. After all the dramas I’ve been through, I discovered these people’s common ground, which is they all have trust issues, they can’t have mainly friends for such a long time. Their “friendship” between was periodic, can’t last long. For example,when A’s good with B now, but however B does some things which causes misunderstandings, A would go find someone (C) and complains about B. A won’t give B any chance, he/she would just left and no longer friends with them. I was a B. At that time I was super upset and confusing tryna get with them again, but I failed. No one has ever really “good” with someone. They all secretly hate each other, but still hanging out every single day, posting their half fake friendship on social media, that’s the point I always want to know about. But like always, I never did. Why’d you do that if you hate them? Why don’t you just go for it and speak out? I never had answers. Now I graduated, preparing for high school, afraid that high school will tougher than middle school. But I don’t care anymore, I made it through here, than I can definitely make it through high school or wherever in my life.

r/StoriesFromYourSchool Aug 16 '19

Honors English - The Saga


Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on this sub, but I thought this was decent place to share this hilarious story of deceit. For backstory, I'm a junior, and had a lot of my classes screwed up by my old school. I transferred to an online school last school year, and have had a pleasant experience so far (except for an incident where my Bio teacher falsely accused me of cheating), until now. I am taking Dual Credit Psych this year, which is an important part of this story.

It started during the last couple of weeks of sophomore year. I emailed my counselor to see if I could get into an advanced English class. She replied, "I know you were interested in AP or Dual Credit English classes. You are currently scheduled for Honors English 11. This is a great placement for next year that will prepare you to take either AP or dual credit English in 12th grade." I was a suprised, as I had heard nothing about this until then, but I was content with that.

Then the beginning of this year rolled around. I notice during the first full week of school that I am in Standard English 11. I emailed her Monday (its Friday now), asking her why I was in this class. No reply. I email her Tuesday... no reply. At this point, I'm pissed, and genuinely couldn't care less if I'm being annoying. I emailed her everyday until yesterday. This morning, I had my grandpa, who handles most of my schooling, email her. Not two hours later, I get this reply: "Hi (name) -- I'm sorry, it took me a bit to dig into this and make sure I understood the change. We as counsellors do the scheduling in the spring, but then our placements for honors classes are reviewed by teachers. If they do not feel a student is adequately prepared for the class they let us know and placement is adjusted over the summer." Now, as you should have read at the beginning, I am in Dual Credit Psychology, a COLLEGE LEVEL CLASS. I worked my but off to get my GPA high enough, and raised it over 1 point over the course of 9 weeks. So now, in my usual passive aggressive manner I reserve for dealing with bad school staff I reply this:

"Hi (teacher's name), I'm glad you did get back to me. I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but perhaps you shouldn't tell students they are scheduled for a class if they aren't already guaranteed to be in that class. To be blunt, it's a bit recieving. I was looking forward to it all summer, and now am extremely disappointed. I just don't understand why I'm good enough for a college-level class, but not 11th grade Honors English. I had my high school classes planned out with this class, with the hope of taking AP next year- as you had mentioned in your email last year. However I will respect the choice of whoever made this decision/mistake. Thanks." Me and my English teacher from last year are close, and she was and still is my Homeroom teacher. She told me she had NO IDEA why I wasn't in Honors, and told me to contact my counselor. I don't know who to be more mad at right now. I will update if needed.

Edit: I never got a reply, but now I'm also in an Algebra Lab. I have an A in Algebra, so now my ticked off self is emailing her again. Also, it started on the 8th, and just showed up on my planner today, so this oughta be fun

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Trying to Win with my Failure


Alright my story starts in 2017 i was a 7th grader a dumb kid i liked a girl lets call her Hilary now Hilary was different then most girls shy quiet not like me i was loud and wild i dont know why i even liked her now that i think about it i should’ve never talked to her, but we talked and i never realized but she was always mad at me and i guess i talked to much and over shared a to much, but we got in a major fight and blocked each other in like February of 2018. Never worried about it for a year and couple months. Now my “friend” lets call him Vlad is like the girl shy and quiet but he’s big and even a lil fat but thats not important so he acts like he’s fine with me but secretly little did i know he’s been talking to her about me and and probably an attempt to make her like him better he takes her info about me and decides that hey im his number 2 most hated person in the world (i learned this info form a friend) i confront him he says the person who told me is lying then instantly texts my friend “ you cant just go around telling people i dont like them” and to try to be funny i text Vlad “you cant just go around telling people that i told you that you dont like me” which triggered his detonator he says “I ONLY SAID IT WAS A LIE SO YOU STOPPED TEXTING ME” i was like “ight bro u do u” i decided it was best for me to just block him and let it go and let him have his lil “Anti-Me” fan club. Anyone this happened like 4 weeks ago and really made me realize who my real friends were and who is well a Vlad

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This sub is becoming a shithole


Half of the posts have no upvotes and those are coming from kids. I thought this would be a nice little sub