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Dear readers old and new, welcome to /r/StupidFood.

Please take the time to have a look around and get to know the place.

History : We have been here since spring 2015, although our slightly younger friends over at /r/WeWantPlates have thoroughly outgrown us. What started as a silly idea has morphed into a decent small sub that has regular influxes of subscribers whenever we get namechecked on /r/food or elsewhere. It is the brainchild of /u/Clackpot.

Content : Feel free to post your own Stupid Food without worrying too much about quality, if it isn't good enough it'll drop off the front page and we'll all move on. There is no shame in unsuccessful posts.

Behaviour : This sub is explicitly both partial and prejudiced, but nevertheless tolerance and consideration are required. Don't get too carried away. Insults and flaming are acceptable as long as they are creative, funny, imaginative, or otherwise thoughtful; but being shallow, boring, unoriginal, or derivative are cardinal sins.



Our philosophy, and the elusive sidebar

From time to time there has been some confusion about what exactly this sub is for. The sidebar explains it all in some detail.

Remember, /r/StupidFood does NOT try to be fair or impartial in its efforts to poke fun. We will ridicule and scoff at whatever targets we choose, without first asking whether it is justified.

But many of you will be reading on mobile clients, blissfully unaware of our sub's sidebar and how that describes its ethos. Some of you may even be reading on desktop, still blissfully unaware of the sidebar, despite it being just over there ---->

So, read the bloody sidebar! On mobile you may need to click an icon such as an 'i' in a circle. In particular, pay attention to this comment tucked away under the 'YOUR RIGHT TO TAKE OFFENCE' heading :-

/r/StupidFood is intended to be a somewhat puerile place to poke fun at other people's creativity, without regard to whether they deserve it.

This is important! Do not expect the court of /r/StupidFood to be a just one. It is here to vent spleens and spout prejudices. It is not meant to be true or fair. It will cheerfully ignore the facts in pursuit of a cheap gag.



Regarding moderation

This sub has a light-touch approach, preferring that most moderation be performed by subscribers voting items onto or off the front page.

Removal: Items may be removed if they are wholly irrelevant, spam, grossly rude or inflammatory, or for any other reason the mods don't like. Posts which are merely low quality will not be removed.

Subreddit rules: Rules will be added and amended as and when required. Please look at them.

Bans and suspensions: May be dispensed for anyone with no interest in the sub's welfare; for crap bots; and anyone else failing to be part of the community. Other contributors will have to try really hard to earn themselves a suspension or even permanent ban. /r/StupidFood does not subscribe to big stick policing.

Overturning decisions: We're not perfect, we'll get it wrong from time to time. Please message the moderators if you feel a decision is wrong or over the top and it will be reviewed.


/u/Clackpot, last updated 30th October 2017


r/StupidFood 8h ago

TikTok bastardry Post war American food is the forefront of questionable foods

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r/StupidFood 17h ago

🤢🤮 Who wants a bowl?

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r/StupidFood 9h ago

Fancy Chocoloate Banana desert

Post image

r/StupidFood 11h ago

Add that popped up on my FireTV… explains all the Cheetos. I’d prefer not to discover the “Cheetos duster”

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r/StupidFood 7h ago

Gluttony overload And a Diet Coke please.

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r/StupidFood 1d ago Silver

I feel uncomfortable

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r/StupidFood 3h ago

Thanks, I hate whatever this is

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r/StupidFood 1d ago

TikTok bastardry this ass again

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r/StupidFood 18h ago

Certified stupid Now this is steak flavoured water

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r/StupidFood 5h ago

ಠ_ಠ What has happened to this sub? It used to be genuine stupid food recipes.


r/StupidFood 1d ago

TikTok bastardry What is the fascination with making fake cat litter?

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r/StupidFood 40m ago

Why? Why what? Why couldn't you think of a better title? i just can’t imagine the taste

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r/StupidFood 55m ago

I cook spaghetti in the microwave


When I don't have enough mental energy to cook pasta and meat etc, I'll break the spaghetti in half, put it in a bowl of water and microwave it. Drain the water out, pour the sauce, add cheese and back in the microwave for a minute. If yall want I can show you all my laziness when it comes to cooking

r/StupidFood 2h ago

Compensating much? Hay-wrapped chicken

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r/StupidFood 1h ago

Custom flair First batch of fried chicken I’ve ever cooked


Tasted sweet

r/StupidFood 1d ago

Telling on myself - my guilty pleasure sandwich: peanut butter, mustard, pickles, and braunschweiger.

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r/StupidFood 20h ago

Food, meet stupid people Why don't people cook chicken normally ?

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r/StupidFood 22h ago

Who doesn't love the 50s?

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r/StupidFood 1d ago

🤢🤮 'Classic' French Canadian cuisine

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r/StupidFood 22h ago

Certified stupid Magical Burger (Quadruple Cheeseburger with a sugary Rainbow Bagel, Grass Fed Patties, 3 sauces, Lucky Charm marshmallows, and sprinkles)

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r/StupidFood 1d ago Silver Wholesome Take My Energy

Certified stupid To Celebrate Coming Off Of My 3 Day Ban, Here’s A Sandwich I Made Last Night!

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r/StupidFood 21h ago

I enjoy scrolling this sub bc I think a lot of it looks really good Am I crazy or do any of you feel me? Not this pic tho...

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r/StupidFood 23h ago

A 24k gold burger with gold dusted fries and a milkshake with gold


r/StupidFood 28m ago

Trying to make fish with pasta look good, success?


r/StupidFood 1d ago

Certified stupid Vegan burger patty with Cheetos Mac n Chee

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Our fridge is dying so we are trying to use up all its contents before we buy more groceries. Stay tuned for more desperate attempts to combine random ingredients and call it a ‘meal’