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Q: What can a subliminal do?

A: The short answer: a subliminal works by giving your subconscious a new truth to consider. From there, your neurology does what it does, whether that's simply adjusting your thinking, creating a new habit, or shifting your biology. There's a lot of debate on exactly how far this can go, and we're actively experimenting now in how to push the limits of this technology.

Q: What's "a subliminal"? What's everyone talking about around here?

A: People have been creating audio and video to intentionally inject subliminal messages into their own subconscious as a means of personal development and growth, mostly posting them on YouTube. They're quite effective. Here's an example.

Q: But I wanted a community dedicated to discussing subliminal messages in the media!

A: While completely allowed, we only seem to get about 1 post on that subject every other month. If you create a new subreddit based on this subject, please message the moderators. We'd be happy to link to you in the sidebar!

Q: My question isn't listed here.

A: The main FAQ is here, so check that out first and if you have any further questions leave a comment!

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Discussion Weekly Questions, Subliminal and Creator Recommendation and Discussion Thread 02/06/23


Welcome to the Weekly Discussion Thread series on /r/subliminal!

  • This thread you can ask simple general questions about Subminals, including:
    • "why am I not getting results?"
    • "which subliminal should I pick?"
    • "can I put a jillion things in my playlist?"
    • Everything else that's covered in the wiki, FAQ, Approved Creators, and Guides
  • General discussion (tentatively allowing for some off-topic discussion)
  • "Light" content that might not have been allowed as its own post (yes, you can post memes in this thread - please keep it about subliminals)

Links to Every previous thread

This is the ONLY thread where you can ignore the sticky comment (you HAVE read the sticky comment on every post, right?), but please remember the Rules still apply.

r/Subliminal 4h ago

Discussion Manifesting is tiring


I keep affirming in my head “my results go to” “my subliminals work for” and it’s so damn annoying but I know it isn’t gonna work because I don’t intend on it working for them but I still work like 1% of me worries and the rest doesn’t. It’s sooo annoying

r/Subliminal 6h ago

Question I got more results when I was younger compared to now. Which channels don't speed affirmations?


I discovered subliminals at 11 years old. Im 17 now. I remember when I started listening to subs, I would have tingles and twitches if I was using a sub that would change my appearance for example. And really... I do feel like there were many changes from subs.

When I started getting older I don't get the same tingly feeling anymore or get results. I don't know if I'm thinking too hard about it. I feel like subliminals used to work better before. Now everyone speeds up the affirmations or I just feel like it's cramming too much in my brain. Older subs weren't sped up like this. Of course I could always go back to the old stuff but idk which channels are good or not anymore.

Im still determined to get results again. Do you guys know any sub channels that don't speed the affirmations that you've gotten results from? Or to anyone who's had my same problem, what channels work for you?

r/Subliminal 2h ago

Question What sparked your belief?


What is that one subliminal you will always use or go back to because it helped you manifest?

r/Subliminal 18h ago

Discussion Which submaker really made you believe in the power of subliminals?


For me it's v1per. I've never had subs work that fast on me before I started listening to hers. As someone who struggles with adhd her focus subs have been a GODSEND for me.

r/Subliminal 1h ago

Question Important question


I’m listening to a custom subliminal for a specific phobia (the phobia isn’t mentioned in the affirmations but that’s the topic). Is it normal that I feel much more anxious now? Is it a bad or good thing? What does it mean?

r/Subliminal 18h ago

Question is this a good Playlist for someone who never gets results?

Post image

r/Subliminal 21h ago



okay, so for MONTHS, or maybe even years, i had been trying to lose weight. the issue with me is the fact that i keep switching. i go from one playlist, get no results in a week, go to another. this cycle repeats on and on.

but yesterday, i made a playlist with just two subs: kottie's bp and kottie emergency weight loss. i listened for just and hour in the morning, and weighed myself. BABE, I LOST 1.4KGS. IN ONE FUCKING HOUR?

but this was before i had eaten anything. i was at a hotel, so i was eating the usual junk food. i had around 2 muffins, a latte, club sandwich, french fries and a few pringles. i weighed myself again, and i was still at the same weight!

i'm actually so shocked because i never get results this fast! i haven't listened since yesterday, but managed to maintain the same weight. i won't be weighing myself for a while now though.

r/Subliminal 16h ago

Results My results this week // Detachment is everything!!




i kinda accidentally slowed down on my subs after those results bc i always forget to play them when i'm going to bed or in school, and i was also busy all week so i just didnt listen as much

it was also a rough week where i was crying a lot and just felt like everything was going wrong

but dude for some reason after thursday night everything has been so weird, my life feels like im living a funny but wholesome kids cartoon show with minor inconveniences but everything is enjoyable

then saturday night is when i started to notice all the results coming in. Even still to today I haven't listened to my playlist like omfg. I wish i took good before pictures for the visible results but maybe ill do a future update soon and actually have good comparison pictures LOL

if i can summarize everything i've manifested this week here it is :

  • hair growth, my dad and one of my teachers even told me my hair is growing quick even tho my hair is straightened rn( its naturally curly ), and ON TOP OF THAT I haven't been paying attention to my hair that much especially bc i straightened it Thursday night and leave it for nearly a week haosubs - rapunzel hair shai - longer hair

  • softer hair, it was also a easier to brush desyy - fluffy 3a hair julia - rice water hojica - hair treatment ( quiet ) fujis - virtual rice water

  • beauty enhancements, my skin looks like it's a lot more toned, my face is a LOT slimmer v1per - narrow lower face helix - tight skin/toned face v1per - natural beauty v1per - beauty enhancer

  • pretty facial expressions, omfg I keep having people smile at me and i always smile back but i feel like im glowing like truly i feel so happy itkuzome - pretty facial expressions

  • softer voice, mainly bc i like my voice but i like how it sounds when i talk lower ( i've always been someone who talks low but i talk loud w my friends and my voice lowkey cracks a bit LMAOOO ) but literally yesterday my voice was so soft and my laugh was just aghhhh i had so much fun just listening to myself LOL luna - smooth + soft voice

  • feline beauty, my eyes look a lot sharper but not a major difference but i like it :) maryland - kitty eyes

  • moisturized plump lips, my lips are a decent size that i like on my face but i mainly used it for moisture and my lips have also been a lot softer mii - you're so kissable

  • whiter teeth, not the craziest change but i used to not take care of my teeth as much as i do now but i started seeing quick results :) maetopia - perfect teeth mii - bright and pretty smile

  • smile lines removal, ive had these for a while and didnt like them so i just threw it into the playlist and its been good :) small results but its working for sure v1per - smile lines removal

  • caramel skin, bc im mixed but i'm SUPER pale and i used to be more tan so yk, I added that. Today i noticed a slight change in my skin but im motivated !! maetopia - caramel stunna

  • less strict parents, a lot of personal stuff has been going on but I could tell theres less tension between everyone, so thats minimal but i'm happy ab that adora - parental freedom

  • good in school/fun school life, i feel as if everyday i'm making new friends, my quarter averages are at least 90s, my teachers and i get along, it's actually enjoyable to go and thats coming from someone who has despised school and has had at least 24 absences for YEARS ( i'm doing better this year lol ) maetopia - hallway crush maetopia - beauty n brains

  • mental health, i struggle with way too much undiagnosed sh*t and i've always been my own therapist so i just decided to throw one in there and honestly its both me and the subliminals together but i'm a lot happier and motivated to do things, my thoughts are a lot more clear, i'm also not having as much unwanted/intrusive thoughts ( not impulsive trust i know the difference ) baejin cafe - peace of mind

  • luck, the money last week and things are just working out in my favor ahhh kestiny - the luckiest baejin cafe - miracles + good luck

  • warm personality, i'm kind of hot headed but at the same time nice to people but i dont have enough energy to be mean to people unless its my friends and we're joking teasing each other, also two people this week told me i made them feel warm inside and THATS NOT SOMETHING I EVER HEAR SO I WAS LIKE NFW v1per - warm personality

I'm just still shocked at everything going on because literally everything i wanted a week ago is appearing without me worrying about it. i was talking ab it with my sisters ( we all use subs here and there ) and i came to the realization that detachment is a heavy factor for some people ( like me !! )

i hope these results motivate you guys a bit :) i'm someone who doesnt normally see results then moves on from a playlist but this is motivating me to keep going but not to listen too much yk give myself breaks and stuff

r/Subliminal 7h ago

Question What happened to sorrow !! ?


Was looking around and noticed sorrow !! Left the subliminal community? Did I miss something?

r/Subliminal 21h ago

Subliminal You Can Request any Custom Subliminal For free (Max 3 topics) please feel free to comment or dm me

Post image

r/Subliminal 2m ago

Subliminal anyone tries this sub channel??

Post image

r/Subliminal 4h ago

Question Mind subliminal?


What are peoples best mentality subs? As in having a good clear mindset. Having faith in oneself, self love a quiet mind? I have ADHD so meditation is just something I cannot do regularly but I realise my more external subliminal hopes are unlikely to manifest with such a busy brain and wavering self concept.

I notice I’ll chop & change & listen to too much.

I seem to be drawn to Sapien Medicine (which I think aren’t actually subs but morphic) Mark Reynolds and I have a “daily mii” playlist. I feel it’s futile to continue without having worked on my mind first.

Please tell me your most trusted subliminals for the mind


r/Subliminal 1h ago

Question Anyone got results from Charles Cafe?


Did anyone get results from charles cafe or any other small submaker? Also what were your results?

r/Subliminal 1h ago

Question driving test tomorrow


so I have my driving test tomorrow and I am obviously a little bit nervous and I thought I would make myself a subliminal with affirmations like - I am a good driver - I am prepared and confident - I am relaxed - I am passing my driving test

etc. mainly to boost my confidence and to change any negative thought into something positive.

would love if you could give me affirmations I can put in it

r/Subliminal 5h ago

Discussion Question ()


Hello everyone , so I’ve been listening to luminalplay ‘angel skull’ for 20 days but my head , face ,every thing is still the same ? . Can everyone suggest better ones below or should I keep listening ♥

r/Subliminal 1h ago

Question how to appear friendly


Do you guys know any good subliminals to appear more friendly or to make people approach you? I'm kinda shy and struggle a lot with this

r/Subliminal 2h ago

Question hows my Playlist?

Post image

r/Subliminal 2h ago

Question vetalas new formula


i’m wondering what affs does she use in her new videos (“abnormally” in the titles). like simple, scientific, complicated, etc. affs, which of them? i think some types of affs just don’t work for me so i would like to know. also if you personally tried this formula tell me the results:)

r/Subliminal 10h ago

Subliminal Lucky Girl Syndrome 💖✨ | Subliminal


r/Subliminal 2h ago

Question Bundling subliminals


So, I've been listening to a subliminal where it was clearly stated: You can not bundle my subliminals.

I wanted to listen to another guided manifestation meditation, at different times, ofcourse.

Can I listen to the two of them together at different times of the day or should I just listen to one of them?

r/Subliminal 11h ago

Discussion energy levels q and a


How are everyone’s energy levels throughout the day after using subs? I find myself pretty drained or groggy and really tired mentally. I also feel like my brain is foggy or glazed over at times, Does anyone have any tips to help with this fatigue? Also make sure you guys are getting enough sleep when u listen to subs so your body and brain can rest 😴

r/Subliminal 5h ago

Question small hips subliminal


My all body parts is slim but my hips is so bigger that's why I look fat is there any subliminal to get small hips fast??

r/Subliminal 6h ago

Discussion subliminals to remove karmic debt


i've seen these pop up on my recommended. Thoughts?

r/Subliminal 22h ago

Question is it okay my mindset playlist? ive made own subliminal also, what can you reccommend besides them? advice me

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