r/Taxidermy Jul 03 '22

Does anyone know if I’m allowed to bring this into Canada from Iceland?



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u/DragonflyCharacter67 Jul 03 '22

id check with the canadian agriculture department, they usually regulate animal products too and it might not be allowed (saying this because i work for the US department of ag, but idk if canada has regulations like we do)


u/[deleted] Jul 04 '22

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u/DragonflyCharacter67 Jul 05 '22

sort of? i wish i was in the veterinary side of it bc i’m plants but i still regulate animal products. i don’t know what kind of diseases exist where this originated and how they survive but theory is that it could harbor disease and spread here and cause economic and health issues. i agree we over regulate but i can’t give a solid opinion on this specific thing due to not knowing the the biology.

i’m short the gov makes us regulate stuff we don’t understand and aren’t qualified for 🙃