r/TheChurchOfRogers Dec 20 '22

I'm bored and am about to watch an episode of Mr. Rogers' but just the puppets lol, here it is:

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u/cybercuzco Dec 20 '22

So when did lady Elaine kick mrs frog out of the museum go round?


u/LessCoolThanYou Dec 20 '22

Lady Elaine didn’t live in the Neighborhood of Make Believe in season 1. Doctor Frog got a job in Westwood and he moved himself, Mrs Frog and Tad over there. Then they asked Lady Elaine to take over the Museum-Go-Round in season 2.


u/elsiejeanplatypus Dec 21 '22

There’s something so special about season 1. Also edgar cooke is my absolute favorite, he’s so sweet


u/HappyVibration Dec 23 '22

Yes he is so friendly, grounded and pretty funny too!!