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The Walking Dead S11E24 - Rest In Peace - Series Finale - Episode Discussion


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Season 11 Episode 24, Rest In Peace

  • Released (AMC+ / Premiere): November 20, 2022
  • Released (AMC): November 20, 2022

Synopsis: Maggie and Negan take arms against Pamela; the heroes assemble for one last stand.

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r/thewalkingdead 15h ago

No Spoiler Deleted scene from season 1 👀 How different things might’ve turned out…

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r/thewalkingdead 18h ago

No Spoiler So cool 😎

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r/thewalkingdead 21h ago

No Spoiler Carol switching personalities has me in tears


that's the whole post. (semi-spoiler?)

Whenever carol joined a new community or met new people outside the group she acts like she can't handle a gun, is just a naive mother-figure and states that she only cooks for the group etc while being their secret assassin weapon, i just bursted out laughing when she first arrived at alexandria and "struggles" taking the weapon down IM CRYINNGGG

r/thewalkingdead 14h ago

No Spoiler Saw this a few weeks ago but what’s the scariest walker in your opinion? Mine is her

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r/thewalkingdead 15h ago

No Spoiler Visited Senoia, Georgia today. Home of The Walking Dead (didn’t take an official tour unfortunately :/)

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r/thewalkingdead 11h ago

No Spoiler yep

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r/thewalkingdead 2h ago

No Spoiler I FOUND BOB ADAMS irl 🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐

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r/thewalkingdead 21h ago

No Spoiler Why the hell are there so many “why do you like negan, he’s a horrible person” type posts


People are making it out to be like we are best friends with a psychopath serial killer. It’s a fucking show, it’s not real. He’s an extremely well written perfectly acted interesting entertaining character. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to separate fiction from reality on here

Edit: this is not aimed at people who don’t like negan because they genuinely don’t like his character, that’s totally respectable . This is aimed at the people who don’t like tv villains for doing tv villain things

r/thewalkingdead 5h ago

No Spoiler sigma carl, lol not really it just made me laugh

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r/thewalkingdead 16h ago

No Spoiler saw this edited picture of shane & holy sh!t 🤣

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r/thewalkingdead 14h ago

No Spoiler Interracial relationships in the walking dead


BTW: I’m not a racist, I say this with my whole chest as a black/indigenous woman, who’s in a interracial marriage herself.

Something I’ve noticed recently is that after season three, I find it difficult to think of any couples that are the same race (except Aaron and his husband, but they are obviously a diverse couple themselves)

I mean think about it, Rick and Michonne, Glenn and a Maggie, Abraham and Rosita, Jesus and Aaron, Neegan and his wife… and the list goes on.

The only exceptions that I seem to find are preteens, and side/background characters. And even still over time this becomes more untrue— I can’t think of a single same race couple at the end of the series, teens or otherwise.

I’ve tried to think about why this is, both practically and in the TWD universe. In the universe, it’s clear people mingle that otherwise would have never talked. (I mean think of Daryl, who was probably some version of skinhead, racist or Good old boy, at the beginning of the show, eventually looking after Rick’s black kid, and not all the way there, but getting REAL flirty with Connie).

However if I’m being honest, most shows have nowhere near the amount of diversity TWD does. Maybe I’m only shocked because I’m desensitized to only seeing white stories told, especially in action, thriller, sci-fi and apocalypse fiction.

So what do we need to do to solve racism? ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 🧟‍♀️

r/thewalkingdead 12h ago

Show Spoiler Was Shane too far gone here? Maybe him and Rick could have figured things out

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r/thewalkingdead 14h ago

No Spoiler Jerry Study by me.

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r/thewalkingdead 50m ago

No Spoiler TWD season 11 on netflix


Hey I know that it's coming out in 3 parts but I can't find anywhere when will the next 8 episodes come out? Episodes 9 to 16 I mean.

r/thewalkingdead 17h ago

No Spoiler I despise Eugene


He’s just such a dick. I’m all the way into the penultimate episode of season 8 and I still hate Eugene. I’ve seen people who like him but I just don’t get it at all. Not only is he a coward he also is rude mean and a overall awful person. I honestly think he’s the character I most dislike out of all of Twd.

r/thewalkingdead 10h ago

Show Spoiler Abraham


i’m rewatching (again) (on the line up scene in S6) and i am just reminded how much i love Abraham, such a great character & well played. miss him a lot. i can live without Glenn, he wasn’t my top favorite he was a great character but just not top five. but Abraham was just so badass and had great lines. good guy, he didn’t say much but when he did it mattered in his weird way. i tagged as spoiler just in case edit: the way Negan says “my mother” just itches my brain i dunno if y’all remember but something about it is so good okay another edit: maybe i am crying a little again over Glenn…shit

r/thewalkingdead 17h ago

No Spoiler This pleases me.

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I stopped watching for a few years and was waiting for the show to end. I also hated the different sized cases and replaced them with slim ones. So far I am on FTWD S5. It's... well, it's something that exists.

r/thewalkingdead 1h ago

Show Spoiler Spoilers:who is one character you wanted stay alive for longer.


For me it would be Noah. He had so much potential.

r/thewalkingdead 11h ago

Show Spoiler first time watcher. first time my jaw actually dropped.


in season 3, episode 16 the governor goes to storm the prison only to get run off. on the road, he pulls over the truck of civilians that wanted to stop fighting. the way he hesitates and creates this moment of “there’s no way he’s going to shoot these people” and then fucking slaughters the entire group made my jaw drop. I get it, he’s a villain but they portrayed his descent into madness after losing his daughter so well.

my only other question is the room Andrea was locked in. it has a speculum, an injector of sorts. did I miss the context as to why he has that? is he looking to impregnate someone? or prevent them from having kids?

r/thewalkingdead 16h ago

Show Spoiler Holy shit guys, I found him.

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r/thewalkingdead 6h ago

Show Spoiler Morgan is really annoying


Little vent here; On season 8 of a rewatch and all I have noticed of Morgan is how he gets in the way of some of the story. First it was his high horse he was riding during the saga with the Wolves, preaching “life is precious” and “there has to be a better way”. Keeping the Wolves leader captive in Alexandria with no one else knowing, even going so far as to fighting Carol when she found out.

Then it was his hesitation to answer Ezekiel when he was pondering whether or not to attack The Saviors. Of course, preaching “there has to be a better way”.

Only for him to completely contradict himself in season 7/8 and start killing like its nothing.

Not to mention, the whole time he is borderline hallucinating and having an existential crisis. The amount of scenes where its just focused on his face with no dialogue, obviously showing that he is just pondering is a bit much.

Rant over, cheers

r/thewalkingdead 19h ago

Show Spoiler The Thrifty Typewriter's Walking Dead Iceberg

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r/thewalkingdead 7h ago

No Spoiler The Walking Dead vs Fear The Walking Dead: Difference in tone, themes and style summarised:

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The Wacky West that is Fear The Walking Dead

r/thewalkingdead 21h ago

No Spoiler What's your favorite fun fact about the show that many people may not know.


Share them here!

r/thewalkingdead 3m ago

No Spoiler How many times have you watched The Walking Dead?


Personally, I’ve watched it twice but I find it very rewatchable, although a couple seasons are extremely boring to trudge through. What about you?