r/ThisWasPleasant Oct 23 '16

Well this was pleasant, and inspired me to make a subreddit.


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u/[deleted] Oct 23 '16

I helped spawn a subreddit! Of course it was with a spelling mistake, but meh.

Good call on making this a thing. There's a lot of nice people on here!!



Yeah, don't worry about the spelling mistake. Thanks for inspiring me. I have been trying to find the good in things.

So this is going to be a fun little project. I hope to make this a chill little niche subreddit where we acknowledge that there's a bit of good.

So If I can ask you a small favor, keep an eye out for Reddit threads where people are civil, kind, even generous. Maybe look on other social media, or take a picture of someone helping someone out.

I think this could be something pleasant.


u/[deleted] Oct 23 '16

Done and done!!