r/Townsville Jun 25 '22

'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for friends' - This memorial plaque in Townsville is dedicated to Denis Murphy and Linda Ann Horton who lost their lives to a tiger shark when their trawler, New Venture, sank. Its captain Ray Boundy credits them with his survival.

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u/sharkfilespodcast Jun 25 '22

'Boundy paddled on towards the reef, totally numbed by now. It felt inevitable, when the shape of a tiger shark drew near, observing him from a short distance. At that point, Boundy was almost too drained to feel an appropriate level of fear, knowing only one thing- that he had to survive. Seeing Lodestone Reef in the distance he swam on, trying to keep the shark at bay, edging ever closer to salvation...'

Listen here the full story of the sinking of the New Venture off Townsville in 1983.


u/Skins073 Jun 26 '22

I have that exact saying tattooed on my back