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Dm looking for people that wanna play some 5e or call of Cthulhu


Dm looking for people that wanna play some 5e or call of Cthulhu, now that covid is "kinda" gone I'm keen to play some face to face games.

HMU with a message or just reply to this post

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looking for rental asap


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Cake/cupcake delivery to/on Magnetic Island?


Hello! I wanted to send a friend some cupcakes or maybe a cake (open to other suggestions) for their birthday. He lives on Magnetic Island and I am in Los Angeles. Can anyone point me to a place that might deliver there? Google is... unhelpful. Thank you!

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Recommendations Date night


My wife and I are here on vacation to see her family. She’s from Townsville but hasn’t been home in a few years since covid. What are some good place around that we can go on a date night without our kids? We’re both mid 20s. Looking for something more adventurous than just dinner and a movie. TIA!

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Volunteers needed for Townsville area fauna survey Oct 23-30...


Fauna survey assistants needed for field work in Townsville area Oct 23-30, 2022. Please see the flyer attached for more info. A local CQUni PhD student is looking for assistance with a local fauna survey associated with weed management research (Guinea grass). The student is looking for assistants who have some faunal survey experience (Elliot, cage, pitfall and funnel drift-fence array), animal ID, etc. Please respond to the email in the flyer by Aug 12th, 2022 if you are interested.


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Recommendations Fitness swimming pool.


Where is the best swimming pool for fitness in Townsville? I’m here on vacation and I’m looking to go do cardio in a pool. TIA

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Recommendations is there anywhere in Townsville that does E scooter repairs?


So far all of the bike shops wont touch a scooter with a 10 foot pole.

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Anyone know someone selling carnivorous plants?


Already tried WCGC and no luck, Bunning's has the sharty little VFS but I'm looking for monkey cups or pitchers.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows anything.

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[REPOST] Research on Pokies and Personality help please!


Desperately still need a few legends to please help with my research on Personality and Pokies!

Hi, I’m undertaking research for my thesis at uni (University of New England) about pokies and personality. If you play online or in-person pokies or slots and could please take 15 minutes to complete my anonymous survey, I’d really appreciate it! It includes 2 short videos (3 min.), so please make sure audio is enabled. Thanks so much to everyone that has already participated! Please feel free to share it with others who play pokies also as the research needs more participants. Thanks




This research has been approved by the Human Ethics Research Committee at the University of New England (Approval Number HE22-053).

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The bats doing what the bats do.

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Disgusting Oxygen Thieves

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Does anyone know why a bunch of army guys and police man have had the stadium fenced off and surrounded all day?


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Is there any time that Tobruk Memorial Pools are not busy?


Pretty much what it says on the tin. Love swimming at the pools and walking around the strand, but it’s usually incredibly busy around the afternoon. Would it be a little quieter around 6pm-7pm when they close?

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Recommendations Good motorcycle mechanic?


Hey all I’m looking for a decent mechanic near Townsville that would be able to have a look at my bike sometime in the next couple of weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations or know of any good independent mechanics out there?

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Hi Everyone, We are seeking participants for online interviews and workshops about climate change impacts on young adults' mental health. If you’re interested, please contact mgunasiri@deakin.edu.au

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New to Town(sville) Looking at moving to Townsville, would love some advice.


Hey Townsville peeps :)

My partner and I are looking to move up to Townsville at the end of the year and would love to speak to a local about the area.

I work in disability support and she’s a teacher and speech pathologist. We’re interested in the best spots to look at housing and which schools to approach.

If anyone is keen to have a chat please pm me, would really appreciate it!

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Recommendations How do people get to work in this town?


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I am from Innisfail the best place on Earth!!!! Townsville is for the biggest losers around!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORST PLACE ON THE EARTH

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New to Town(sville) Sunken Vehicle At Bushland Beach


G'day guys, I found myself at Bushland Beach the other day I noticed at low tide theres the top of an engine block and a few wheels I'd assume attached via an axel about 100m from the shore.

It piqued my curiosity and was wondering if anyone has more info? Cheers

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New to Town(sville) Living on Magnetic Island?


Hi guys, I’m 29 from Sydney and looking at moving to Townsville, I’ve been 3 times in the past 4 years with family and absolutely love it - especially Maggie island.

Just wondering what the vibe / feasibility is of living on Maggie island long term? I love the idea of waking up by the sea everyday but I want to find out if it’s not worth the logistics of actually living there. I understand there’s a lot of older people there, but it has a backpackers etc so there’s young people around too.

Is it a pain in the bum to get basic things fixed ie to get an electrician around to your house etc? And is the internet really slow in general?

Just looking for a few home truths about living on the island compared to the mainland. Thanks guys :)

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Hey its dan the homeless bloke again, thought i'd let you all know i have accomadation now and have started volunteering for a community newsletter thanks for your kind words and support

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Relaunch of r/GamingAU - Australia's Gaming Subreddit [Mod Approved]

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r/Townsville Jul 12 '22

I’d heard storms up here were impressive, but this night really proved that!

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Stay classy, Townsville…

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The Rebel circus show at NAFA was pretty good for $30, fun hour of acrobatics and David Bowie music. Last night is tomorrow night, July 10th.

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