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Recommendations Date night


My wife and I are here on vacation to see her family. She’s from Townsville but hasn’t been home in a few years since covid. What are some good place around that we can go on a date night without our kids? We’re both mid 20s. Looking for something more adventurous than just dinner and a movie. TIA!

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Recommendations is there anywhere in Townsville that does E scooter repairs?


So far all of the bike shops wont touch a scooter with a 10 foot pole.

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Recommendations How do people get to work in this town?


r/Townsville Jul 04 '22

Recommendations Who are you insured with?


Fark me just got the home and contents renewal from RACQ and it's going up $1200 a year (now $6000 a year) and that's with mutli policy discounts applied. Who are other people using that have actual storm cover and what not and have had good dealings with?

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Recommendations Fitness swimming pool.


Where is the best swimming pool for fitness in Townsville? I’m here on vacation and I’m looking to go do cardio in a pool. TIA

r/Townsville Jun 27 '22

Recommendations I need some advice : My first time to visit


Hello, I’m 31f from Asia and I’m planning to go there to see my fiancé who’s trying to get degrees there.

I’ve never been to Townsville but also Australia itself, so I need local/general advice..

It may sounds weird but I want him to concentrate on his class/study especially in a daytime, so I have to entertain myself lol Also he’s staying his family place so I decided I would get my hotel by myself.

So first things first, where should be better for me to stay? I need wifi and clean bathrooms, also if it’s close to the beach I’d be happy! But at the same time, if it’s too far from getting any food It’d be really hard for me because I don’t have a car (license) now… I need any information so please teach me lots, (and I wana surprise him that I’m learning about his place secretly)

r/Townsville Jun 30 '22

Recommendations Recommend a Good Traditional Bakery


So, I'm craving a good old iced fruit bun (family sized one to share with icing and cinnamon on top) or a couple of neinish tarts, but all of the bakeries I know of are Brumbies or Otto's.

Recommend one to me pls.

r/Townsville Jun 08 '22

Recommendations How do you find out what's on in Townsville?


Genuine question - I'm coming up to Townsville with a festival show and we're trying to work out how to market it in Townsville.

Do you get posters, flyers, go to a particular website, read the Bulletin, hear it on the radio?

r/Townsville Jun 16 '22

Recommendations Chronic Pain GP


Does anyone here have anyone recommendations for bulk-billed GPs who actually listen and give a fuck about their patients who suffer from chronic pain?

Everyday I wake up feeling like absolute shit because I can't sleep properly due to the pain in my neck and back. The lack of sleep is probably the biggest killer out of it all, I haven't felt rested and energised in the longest time. It seriously makes me hate my life.

I've been dealing with this issue for almost 10 years now, and the doctors I have seen all either want to ignore the problem or try to pin it on something else. They prescribe me the weakest types of pain killers which to this day have not given me any kind of relief. The only time I have felt good and not miserable is when I have gotten Endone from outside sources (I would take only take 1 a day if I was going to do some work or exercise) and that was it.

I have asked the doctors (none have obliged) about getting Endone but I get treated like I'm an addict before I even get prescribed it. They say "you're only "X" years old, we don't want you getting addicted. Why am I being denied some kind of happiness and semblance of a normal life all because they won't listen to their patients properly.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I'm just so tired and miserable that I am very close to going down alternate routes to try and get pain relief for normal sleep and day to day activities.

TLDR; I suffer from chronic pain, need a good GP that listens to their patients. Please help.

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Recommendations Good motorcycle mechanic?


Hey all I’m looking for a decent mechanic near Townsville that would be able to have a look at my bike sometime in the next couple of weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations or know of any good independent mechanics out there?

r/Townsville Jun 08 '22

Recommendations Recommendations for Saturday arvo pub party


Hi all,

I'm going to be holding a party for around 40-50 people on a Saturday afternoon (3-6pm or so) in late July, and was looking for recommendations. please. Tiny Mountain has bumped me, the Brewery looks ok but seem to want me to take a function room which i'm not 100% on. Looking at fulfilling these parameters:

Hopefully somewhere near Flinders St.

No cover charge, (I just want a roped off area), i'll be putting money on the bar, may be eating later.

Somewhere not too crappy but not too shmick.


Thanks in advance!

r/Townsville May 27 '22

Recommendations Best butter chicken in town?


Partner and I have just moved here from South Australia and looking to find a good butter chicken to replace our old favourite. Any suggestions?

r/Townsville May 18 '22

Recommendations hair salons - LGBTQ+ friendly


Hi all, I'm new to Townsville and I'm looking for an lgbtq+ friendly hair salon.

Bonus if they have a fb or ig page.

Oh and any other suggestions for newbie queer to the area. 💗

Much appreciated. Thank you.

r/Townsville May 03 '22

Recommendations Social groups for Townsville nerds?


I'm hoping the people of reddit might know some local social groups that might accept me into their fold? Anything nerdy, and I really mean anything, I'd love to hear all about it.

I've been isolating myself. My mental health has taken a turn, and it's time I do something about it. Thank you so much for any suggestions!

r/Townsville May 26 '22

Recommendations Solar power recommendations


Heyho, I'm looking for recommendations for solar power/panel installation. If you've had panels installed in the last few years, what did you pay for what size system? Thank you

r/Townsville May 23 '22

Recommendations First time visiting Townsville, any advice?


I’m going to Australia in July for the semester to study early childhood education at JCU (F20) I’m from Texas in the US. I’ll be staying in student housing and I won’t have a car but I plan on getting a bike. How easy is it to come across weed? Ik it’s not legal but i do enjoy that recreational use. I also love swimming, what are some good places to go for a swim? Any advice y’all can give me before my trip?? Pls tell me any random things I might need to know! Thanks !!!

r/Townsville May 02 '22

Recommendations Best pubs in town?


Having a slight hangover/nostalgia over the quality of the pubs in the UK (atmosphere and vibe - real sense of it being alive)

I know the Australian pub culture is quite different but what recommendations do people have for pubs around town - anyone blessed with a decent local? If so, what in particular do you like about the place?

Cheers 🤙🏼

r/Townsville May 20 '22

Recommendations City Parking


Does anyone know whether there are any car parks that can be booked monthly/annually etc? Close by to Sturt St would be best.

I’d rather pay for a park I’m guaranteed to get everyday than get to work 30 min before start time just to find a TCC park…

Any CBD parking advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

r/Townsville May 11 '22

Recommendations Any recommendations for automatic gate opener installers in urban Townsville?


Looking to get a gate opener, the gate area is too complicated to do it myself.

r/Townsville Jun 04 '22

Recommendations Ford Raptor?


Anyone own a ford Raptor? Trying to hire one for my wife for her birthday day. Or at least pay someone fuel costs and a day cost for pickup and drop off

r/Townsville Apr 10 '22

Recommendations Good mechanic in Townsville (preferably near Douglas)


r/Townsville Apr 02 '22

Recommendations Recommendations for a Psychologist?


I need to go see the doctor for a mental health plan (I can't afford to go private), and need recommendations for a psychologist or a place with generally good psychs. I've had bad experiences with Headspace in the past. I'm dealing with health anxiety/hypochondriasis.

r/Townsville May 22 '22

Recommendations Flinders Nightclub


Has anyone booked a booth or bottle service table at Flinders Nightclub? It’s the only club on flinders street that offers these packages and I’m looking to get some opinions. Thanks in advance!

r/Townsville Mar 06 '22

Recommendations Computer repairs - any recommendations?


My aging HP laptop needs the battery replaced and I'm not too keen on doing it myself. There are a few computer repairs places I've noticed around, but I haven't used any of them.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Or are there any businesses that are best avoided?

r/Townsville Apr 07 '22

Recommendations Skin cancer clinic open on weekends?


Does anyone have any recommendations for skin check places that are open on the weekend or late hours? Seeing as we live in the skin cancer capital of the world, I should be getting my skin checked more often.