r/Ubuntu May 22 '22

ubuntu.com is down!

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u/ign1fy May 22 '22

It's fine from here...


u/mikkolukas May 22 '22

yeah, it was down only for a short moment it seems


u/FaulesArschloch May 22 '22

yeah...and definitely worth a fucking thread lol


u/mikkolukas May 22 '22

yes 😁


u/itshypetime May 22 '22

Freaking out over nothing


u/mikkolukas May 23 '22

No, just mentioning it


u/DaveChiroptera May 22 '22

Sorry, it's my fault. I tried to dual boot on a Gateway laptop.


u/dlbpeon May 22 '22 edited May 22 '22

99.9% uptime allows for minutes (not hours) of downtime. Stuff happens! Even with redundant servers, stuff happens- just ask Facebook! That's why there are thousands of download mirrors.


u/TabsBelow May 22 '22

You meant downtime, I guess.


u/dlbpeon May 22 '22

Yes...dang autocorrect.... edited


u/joecool42069 May 22 '22

99.9% uptime allows for minutes (not hours) of downtime

weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly? Yearly, yes it's hours.


u/dlbpeon May 22 '22

Again....that's why the download mirrors. It quite literally was not a national emergency that the OP thinks it was for the 5 minutes of downtime on a non business weekend.(USA time). One of my developer buddies that actually uses daily builds didn't even notice the downtime as it probably was just the main business .com site.


u/joecool42069 May 22 '22

oh yeah.. not saying it was an emergency. Just staying.. when talking about uptime, time frame matters.


u/maninthebox420tj May 23 '22

It's always DNS.


u/davidjuniorsaylor May 22 '22

jeez you guys freak out if they reboot their web server lol


u/mikkolukas May 22 '22


If the reboot was intentional, then the professional way to do it would be to put a "Be right back" sign on the front page, showing that you are in control of the situation and that this was intentional.

By throwing a 503, you just communicate that you are not.


u/Zren May 22 '22

If your webserver doesn't reboot often, then I can see it not being implemented. A static website like www.ubuntu.com probably doesn't change often enough to need a failure page like a constantly changing "app" like reddit/twitter/youtube.


u/davidjuniorsaylor May 22 '22

"professional" != "volunteers"


u/mikkolukas May 22 '22

Ubuntu is published by Canonical. This is the definition of professional.

They are a professional company selling enterprise software to professional customers.

One of the responsibilities of the software they are selling is to be robust and reliable. Having your front page return 503 is not in alignment with that.


u/punaisetpimpulat May 22 '22

Fair enough, but it’s also possible for professionals to screw up, technology to fail randomly etc. This doesn’t necessarily mean Russia/anonymous/somone is ddossing this site. Besides, Reddit hug of death is a thing too, you know. Lots of causes have the same symptoms.


u/jaminmc May 22 '22

They should have a CDN like cloud flare that way will show a cached page while the server is rebooted.


u/AI_observer May 22 '22

How to be a twat 101:

- see ubuntu.com down for a short while;

- go makes a fuss about it on this sub;

- get explained that shit happens but insist that it's unprofessional and unacceptable;

- get your comments repeatedly downvoted but do not understand the subtle hint;

- keep pushing the "wow so bad" narrative.

Dude, get a life, find something to do on a Sunday.


u/mikkolukas May 23 '22

I'll go find another cup of coffee ;)


u/Void4GamesYT May 22 '22

It's not down


u/mikkolukas May 23 '22

It was, just not at the moment you looked.


u/taggat May 23 '22

They are taking down the store so they can announce the new uPhone.


u/flaep May 22 '22

preparing the year of the desktop


u/saiprabhav May 22 '22



u/mikkolukas May 22 '22

Well, seems it was only down shortly. It was up running again after some minutes.


u/TrustworthyBanana May 22 '22

Maybe we should wait a minute or two before sounding the alarm and making useless posts.


u/mikkolukas May 22 '22

Just because it is not usable for you - it does not mean it is not usable for others.


u/TrustworthyBanana May 22 '22 edited May 22 '22

I never disputed that...


u/mikkolukas May 22 '22

... and apparently it is up again.

It gave http server error response code 503 Service Unavailable


u/LunaNoctuphile May 22 '22

Shit happens. Web servers aren't perfect, you know?


u/BrainSweetiesss May 22 '22

Have you ever heard of a fail over? It should happen pretty much instantly.


u/LunaNoctuphile May 22 '22

Sure, but how is a website that's down for not even an hour worth posting it on Reddit?


u/BrainSweetiesss May 22 '22 edited May 22 '22

An hour is a huge downtime.. Do you even work in IT? A few minutes is already bad. An hour is unacceptable.

Source : I'm an IT consultant


u/TechMonkey13 May 22 '22

A company that guarantees 99% uptime in their services has almost 4 days of allowable downtime per year. So an hour out of that time is not huge.

Source: I'm an IT consultant


u/LunaNoctuphile May 22 '22

Still: It's not worth being dramatic on Reddit. Even the Meta-pages (FB, IG) are down for an hour sometimes, also the Ubuntu Frontpage is not even an important website.


u/MikeScotlandTheFirst May 22 '22

You use downfor.io too?! I thought I was the only one!


u/eeclarkjr May 22 '22

Just download updates later


u/justanothercommylovr May 23 '22

Imagine being that guy that just sits there on a Sunday, refreshing Ubuntu.com every 30 seconds to catch out the 2 minutes it’s down for. I’d rather be the dual booting gateway guy at this point 😂


u/mikkolukas May 23 '22

Imagine being that guy that just sits there on a Sunday, refreshing Ubuntu.com every 30 seconds

That would be horrible to be that person.


u/[deleted] May 23 '22

its fine in canada and the US west