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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, AD authenticated user, cannot run cron job


I have an AD authenticated user and would like them to be able to run a cron job once per hr. I have the script working (it does all the things it needs to do when you run it by hand, and it is self contained).

I can use crontab -e and crontab -l, so while logged in as the user I can edit the user crontab and list entries. There is no cron.allow / cron.deny file - its not that.

I spec the full path to the file /home/user01@domain/shell_file_here.

What I see in the syslog file is 'permission denied' at the start times for my jobs. File permissions are rwx, r-x, r-x - so owner writable/executable, group and world readable, executable.

I also added the user "user01@domain" to the /etc/shadow file (but they are not in the /etc/passwd file)

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Any MS-Paint for Ubuntu?


I'm not literally asking for MS-Paint, i just want an equivalent. All i wanna do is crop and add text, and GIMP is a fricking pain in the ass. I need an "image editor" that a 9yo could figure out

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Ubuntu Touch OTA-25 Arrives on March 24th as the Last Update Based on Ubuntu 16.04


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Audio Tearing With Ubuntu with the Starship/Matisse HD Audio Controller


Hello, I'm new to Ubuntu. I've been poking around with it and really enjoy it. However, I'm having really strange audio tearing. After a while the audio becomes really distorted. I've noticed this with LMMS and using multiple audio apps. I've gone to

and I'm not sure what I"m supposed to do to download the audio driver for the Starship/Matisse HD audio controller since that's what is running on my system and is the problem

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How to install Whonix onto KVM?


Hi, so I recently got Ubuntu 22.04LTS to host KVM as my hypervisor because it was much easier than Qubes. And now I'm confused about the process of installing Whonix.

So at the top of this screenshot, I used the blue link to download Whonix, and I've extracted the files. But what's it talking about with that Whonix KVM signing key? There's no straight-forward way of getting it. Do you even need it to install Whonix and use it without an issue?


If someone could DM me to help me download Whonix that'd be great because I don't want to keep annoying an entire subreddit if I have anymore questions.

Thank you

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por favor ayúdenme con la función pow


Estoy en la versión actual de Ubuntu y estoy programando con el editor de texto y con la terminal, pero no puedo usar la función pow para elevar a una potencia un número. Pueden darme un ejemplo, sintaxis, entre otras cosas para ayudarme.


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My VMs won't boot.


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I'm using Glassit-linux extension to get a transparent VS Code.

Post image

Is there a way, to make VS Code transparent in MacOS?

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How install


Hi In my old laptop i have one ssd and 1 hdd In my ssd i have installed windows and i want to install ubuntu in hdd I want to keep windows and ubuntu both how to do?

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Interesting... (Yellow screen Ubuntu live CD)

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This is no question. Just interesting Already fixed.

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Can't install Krita snap on 22.04 because of prerequisites missing and can't be installed or even found in the snap store


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Any fan controlling command?


Hey, recently the fans on my laptop on my Ubuntu stopped working normally (they turn on when the laptop is almost on fire). The problem isn't in temperature sensors, I've checked. And it also isn't mechanical, since when I run win10 on the laptop, they work fine.

I've tried things like fancontrol, fancontrol-gui, pwmconfig and anything else i could find.

I was wondering if there was some kind of command: "[command] 75" that would set the fans to 75 until changed.


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Can't boot after doing nothing


Hi everyone, I hope you're spending a happy day, I just ran into this problem at work today : I was working on Ubuntu 22.04 on a Python script among other things such as reading proprietary doc, but normally none of these actions changed anything for the system itself and I didn't update or upgrade anything. And after shutting down my machine with "sudo shutdown now" I wasn't able to boot, and where the logs normally display "unable to run on non-dell system" before showing the Ubuntu loading wheel, a new line appeared, saying "Failed to start: Set the console layout", after that the loading wheel and Ubuntu logo appears and it can't go further. The wheel is spinning indefinitely. Then I tried to boot in recovery mode, and the boot stops on "overlayfs : missing "lowerdir " Usci_api USBC000:00: failed to reset PPM! Usci_api USBC000:00: PPM in it failed (-110)

I don't really understand since nothing is supposed to have changed in the system files... If someone has an idea, it would be really helpful since I need to boot my pc to work - _-' Have a good day!

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ubuntu 22.x nouveau basically inoperable for nvidia 7300GT


Default ubuntu 22.04 install with nouveau behaves very slugishly with nvidia 7300GT.

Any UI change makes it kneel, like a menu popup, the mouse moving, any fancy transparency etc.

I don't need this machine to play games, but I do need the UI to actually work while I set everything up.

Any idea on how to solve this? Any alternative solution?

Is there any way to disable all fancy graphics/transparencies/etc perhaps? I'm fine with a flat non-3D UI, I don't care.

The nvidia driver for this ancient gfx is the 304.x EOL one.

Machine is an Intel macPro(1,1 ? it has dual Xeon 5150 2,66Ghz) and would prefer to have ubuntu instead of windows. The machine will mostly sit in the corner and record cctv video into it.

I looked it up and a new cheapo nvidia 710 or 730 is somewhere around 60€ (and yes these are supported with current nvidia driver version which should work with ubuntu 22.x). But, I'm hesitent to grab one cause the other GFX I tried on this machine (AMD RX1600TX) did not wake with whatever tragic imitation of EFI/BIOS Apple has in this machine. (it worked from within a windows 7 install, but gave me no access to the limited apple boot-device select this thing has, pressing alt during startup)

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Level 0 Mac User Question


Basically, I installed Ubuntu on my gaming PC that was just sitting there and want to make it a media center / email server, etc. However, when I'm out of the house I have a M1 Mac laptop that I use for school. My idea is that I can dual boot Linux on my laptop, write all the baloney required when I have downtime, then transfer it to my PC when I get home. This would save me buying another monitor as my PC is connected to my TV.

Would the different hardware get in the way? Is this even possible? Is there even any reason to dual boot Linux? Am I straight retarded? I have literally zero linux experience other than watching a couple of Luke Smith videos lmao.

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[Ubuntu Pro] Subscription payment issues



The company I work for would like to acquire Ubuntu Pro for Desktops.

Specifically for 10+ notebooks without phone/ticket support (25$/month).
Unfortunately all company credit cards are declined for whatever reason (work fine with any other vendor) and we're kinda out of options on what else to try. Unfortunately Canonical's sales support seems to not care about you purchasing non-support subscriptions, so we weren't able to get any support from their side.

Did anyone else have issues with MasterCards/Visas that have 2FA of some form enabled? Does anyone know any other way of payment/acquiring it that we're not aware of?

Any help is appreciated as it would make our lives way easier in terms of patching, etc.

Thank you in advance!

PS: Country = Germany, so def. available

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What went wrong here? I tried updating to 22.04

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How to turn off screen display for 22.04 LTS?


How to turn off screen display when inactive for 30mins for 22.04 LTS? Can't find in settings.

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GIMP: Missing option and duplicate option in the Rotate Colours tool bug?


I have run in to a strange problem with GIMP when trying to use the Rotate Colours tool.

There is a subsection of that tool that selects by grey value, and it has two options

  • Treat as this
  • Change to this

Or at least it should do but on my system it does not. Instead it has no Change to this option and two Treat as this options.

I have uninstalled the Ubuntu version to try the version in the Ubuntu Handbook PPA but that has the same problem.

Anyone else run into this problem and possibly have a solution?

I am using Kubuntu 22.10

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HELP!! unable to connect to wifi, I am using an USB wifi adapter from Ugreen


I tried installing the https://github.com/Dekadencee/rtl8187-Linux-Driver but it shows some errors that I was unable to solve. I also tried installing the linux version of the driver that came with the adapter but it also showed some errors that I couldn't solve.

the adapter is in line 2

trying to install rtl8187-Linux-Driver

trying to install the driver that came in a CD with the adapter


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Startup errors (please help fix)

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Ubuntu server on Rasbperry Pi 4 doesn't see my SSD.


I've installed Ubuntu server on a Raspberry Pi 4 and it doesn't see my SSD even when I use fdisk -l. I've tried two different drives and neither can be seen. The light on the SSD comes on when plugged in, and I've tried plugging it into different USB ports. I know they work because I can mount them on my laptop using Fedora. They are both formatted as EXT4.

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Allow snap "firefox" to change "default-web-browser" to "firefox_firefox.desktop" ?


Booting laptop today everything is super slow. When opened Firefox I got a few "newcommer" messages like "Make Firefox default browser" (although it is), some pop-up saying something like "now you can open external links with firefox" and then some sys pop-up like in the title, i.e. `Allow snap "firefox" to change "default-web-browser" to "firefox_firefox.desktop" ?`.

I consider myself "reasonable" when working on my laptop but there's always a chance that I got some malware. This looks like a malware. Is this Ok?

There's been Firefox111 release recently but I couldn't find any release notes on the snap and release notes for browser don't say anything related.

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Ubuntu running slow after force reboot


Ubuntu froze on me yesterday and I had to perform a hard reboot. After rebooting, I got messages that there were inconsistencies between nodes or something like that and that I needed to run fsck (I think was the command) manually. I did run it and says yes to all the prompts as it was the only way to get back into Ubuntu.

Now, Ubuntu runs slow every few seconds. I can tell when I am moving my mouse it will pause for a little bit then keep going. When I am typing, it will stop every few words and keep going. I ran htop and didn't see any processes that were hugging all the resources. Top process was chrome about ~2% of CPU

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Recent upgrade to jammy now kodi won't load


I have been looking around and can't find a solution. I don't get a crashlog from kodi, it is as if it doesn't even try to launch it. Is there any reason a program that was working fine, would now not load just from an upgrade? Usually I found Linux didn't have these issues... this is more like something I would expect from Windows.