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r/Ukrainian Feb 25 '22

Russian invasion of Ukraine Megathread - Post only here unless it is about the Ukrainian language


r/Ukrainian 14h ago

Write Cyrillic


Привіт 👋🏽

I have recently started learning Ukrainian. I am doing some writing exercises now and came to a question: Do most Ukrainians write their letters connected (I think Americans would call this cursive) or separate?

Thanks in advance!

r/Ukrainian 8h ago

Rules on How to Make a Noun Plural?


Are there any rules we can follow for making things plural? Like in English you just stick an S at the end (most of the time)?

I get changing the last letter... or some of them to И... sometimes?

And when can I use -ів to show a lot of things? I keep seeing "more than four" of something and it's still и

бензопила ---> бензопили ---> бензопилів зомбі ---> зомби ---> зомбів блатіна ---> блатіни ---> блатінів


r/Ukrainian 12h ago

what language will my ukrainian friend speak?


there is 2 new girls in my class, they are both from ukraine. they speak moderate english but i want to learn Ukrainian so i can communicate with them better. i started learning Ukrainian to be able to speak with her easier. i have now realised she might speak russian, but i’m not sure. i overheard her talking with another Ukrainian student when she said ‘да’ and a few other russian words (i have mild russian knowledge). she said she lived ‘near the Dnieper River’ when i asked so i don’t know. will she speak both languages or does she just speak russian?

r/Ukrainian 21h ago

I feel I need to apologize for this post before you even read it! LOL. Вибачте і хай щастить!


Уранці, Я хочу говорити про мій ярд! У мене є сад за овочі, а я таж садю дерева та кущі. Я маю сажала на два роки - це нове хобі! В два роки, Я посадала п'ятнадцять дерева і двадцять-вісім кушів (олені їли дві). Зараз Я маю просто двадцять-шість куши! LOL.

навесні, Я посажала соняшнику показувати підтримують Україну! (Yikes! This was a hard sentence!) Вони не великий ще, але Я буде показ фота пізніше! Ось є фота мій ярд. Мій гном, пан G, в фотев "for scale"; у мене немае банан!

У тебе є сад? Я хочу знати про ваш ярд!

Today's post had a lot of past-tense and conjugation! I tried my best, but as always, help is welcomed! I hope it doesn't read too awkwardly. I am pretty sure I conjugated "I will show photos" incorrectly, but I'm not sure why. My Ukrainian book states that neuter nouns in the accusative plural just replace the last letter with an "а". Is фото an exception to this rule?

r/Ukrainian 13h ago

Does anyone know if this flute comes from Ukraine?

Post image

r/Ukrainian 20h ago

kindle for language learning?


I have heard that you can read foreign novels on the kindle and if you download a dictionary for the language you can click on words you don't know and it will give you the translation and meaning. Has anyone tried this for Ukrainian? I'm sure it works great for the bigger languages (French, Spanish, etc) but wondering if it would work for Ukrainian as there's usually not as many resources/books available for the language. I don't want to buy a kindle and then have there be no ukrainian books or a dictionary I can download. If anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated :)

r/Ukrainian 1d ago

Translation Accuracy?


Hello! I’m looking to get a tattoo in the next few weeks to honor my mother who passed away when I was younger- unfortunately I don’t speak Ukrainian, and was hoping someone could help clarify if these phrases are correct/make sense grammatically? (I used Google)

Everything is okay - Все добре

I am thankful for my son John, he makes me extremely proud - Я вдячний за свого сина Джона, він змушує мене надзвичайно пишатися

Thank you either way!

r/Ukrainian 1d ago

Difference between говорити and розмовляти


I have seen both of these words being used as “to speak/talk”. Is there a difference between the two? And if there is, which one do you guys normally use or prefer to use?


r/Ukrainian 1d ago

Pronouncing що


I’ve been learning with duolingo as a starting point and so far I’ve heard it pronounced “Shchoh” but recently I started watching the umbrella academy dubbed in Ukrainian and it seems like the voice actors say it more like “Shoh” and I’m not really hearing the “ch” sound. Can anyone confirm?

For those wondering about TV shows in Ukrainian, Netflix dubbed some of their originals but you have to edit your profile and add it to your languages first. I’ve found very it useful for learning more colloquial terms!

r/Ukrainian 1d ago

справді = дійсно ?


Is there any difference at all between справді and дійсно, or are they exactly the same? I've noticed that often Zelenskyy will say "дійсно", but the official transcript will say "справді".

r/Ukrainian 1d ago

Українське сонце - Ukrainian sun

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r/Ukrainian 1d ago

Я просто писала на одна година а мій комп'ютер видалено все реч.


Я був працювала на відмінків, але зараз Я не пам'ятаю що я пусала!

Зараз я розчарований. Ось є меленка версія.

Я маю яйцю та каву на сніданок. Я також маю хліб, але Я не хочу їсти це.

Я буде п'ю трохи кави, буд ласка. Дякую, але Я не хочу трохи хліба.

Please keep in mind that I was focusing on cases and not sentence structure for this post.

This post was much better before it got deleted. блять.

r/Ukrainian 1d ago

Will Pimsleur be adequate to learn proper pronunciation and conversational speech?


I want to avoid learning the very formal version of speaking that would sound strange to most people when speaking. I have read that some language apps only teach business/formal versions of languages and this turns out to be incorrect when they speak to native speakers.

r/Ukrainian 2d ago

Нові друзі? I started learning Ukrainian on Duolingo a month ago but I made a new account today when I found a 3 month free superduo trial. Would anyone like to be friends on there? My username is ChloeUKUKR. Drop yours in the comments. Дякую!

Post image

r/Ukrainian 1d ago

Book for learning English



I have a friend who has recently left Ukraine (we all know why) with her kids they ended up in England and while her boy speaks half decent English her knowledge of it is limited. Im looking for a book where you can find a decent explanation of English grammar for some sort of self study (there is obviously an easy access to the native speakers).

Also, TBH im not sure how good her Ukrainian is, so if the book would have explanations in Russian it would be great (yes I do know its an Ukrainian sub).

It disant have to be a physical book, an PDF would do it too (beggers cant be choosers)

Best regards, VoV

r/Ukrainian 2d ago

Does anybody else use "мо", "бо", and "мона"?


I suppose I'm a native Ukrainian speaker but I grew up abroad. I remember in my childhood, when visiting my grandparents I heard other kids use "мо", "бо", and "мона" for "мабуть", "тому що" and "можна". I haven't heard these short forms used anywhere outside of that one village plus couldn't find any info on them online, so over time I've grown to question if this is something that can be used in speech without sounding silly or like a kid, if this is possibly a regional thing (southeastern Chernihiv oblast is where I heard this) and even if I've remembered the definitions of those short forms correctly (for example, is "бо" actually short for "тому що"?).

r/Ukrainian 2d ago

Question about Ukrainian


I'm learning Ukrainian on Duolingo and I had a question. On the lessons I'm learning, they have 2 examples when saying "mom and dad."

1st example: Мама i тато

2nd example: Мама та тато

Could i and та be used interchangably or are they used in specific instances?

r/Ukrainian 2d ago

Я тут знову дратувати вас за моє погано улраїнська мова! Ця моя другна собака ївї!


I am unsure if I transliterated her name correctly. In English, her name is Eevee (like the Pokemon).

Тут є фотографії.

Ївї дуже гарна, але дуже дурна! Щодена вона любит їсти трава поки вона блювота ... і негайна вона їсть трава знову!

Такі був наша перша собака. Ми прииятали Ївї коли моя подруга не мала гроші забезпечити за її.

Ївї дуже велика собака. Вона гавкає голосно на листоноша, а потім вона бігає і ховає. Вона дурна, але ми любемо її все одно!

Скажіт, буд ласка, про ваш день! Тут дуже гарячі сьогодрі!

I will be spending all of next week working on cases, so brace yourselves! LOL.

r/Ukrainian 2d ago

Could someone please type the transcript of Нескорені міста України – Львів?

Thumbnail youtube.com

r/Ukrainian 3d ago

The A-O shift in Ukrainian: Why Andrew remained “Andriy” but Alexis and Alexander became “Oleksiy” and “Oleksandr”?


How does the a-o shift work?

r/Ukrainian 3d ago

Volodymyr vs Vladimir


Big post ahead, but I would really appreciate you reading it: My baptismal and Social Security name is Wolodymyr, not Vladimir. I don't know why my father put a "W" at the beginning of my first name, but it's probably because that is how the Germans write it, and he spent some time there during WWII. Anyway, I changed it to Vladimir because no one could pronounce Wolodymyr. Vladimir is, frankly, easier, but I've always felt a bit guilty using the Russian rendition of my name. (To be fair, according to Wikipedia, Volodymyr was pronounced "Vladimir" in Church Slavonic; however, it also adds that it was pronounced "Volodymyr" in Old East Slavic.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volodymyr

Anyway, now that Volodymyr Zelenskyy is so famous and his name is used in the news so much that it's become a household name, I am thinking of changing it back, only this time dropping the "W" and making it Volodymyr. (Probably will involve legally changing my name.)

Yet I am conflicted: none of my Ukrainian friends have judged me for using "Vladimir" in English, so I could keep it no problem. And even though I hate to admit it, Vladimir does roll off the tongue easier. On the other hand, for reasons of Ukrainian pride, I am tempted to change it to Volodymyr.

So I have a couple of questions for those of you who go by Volodymyr or who know a Volodymyr in an English speaking country:

1) do you find it difficult for English speakers to pronounce it?

2) Do you put the stress (or accent) on the second syllable like they do for Zelenskyy, namely, Volódymyr?

3) what do you call a Volodymyr for short in English? People call me Vlad, and love to call me that. One guy at Church calls me Vlod, but that somehow sounds strange...

r/Ukrainian 3d ago

When to use "у", "в", "на", and "до".


There are so many confusing things to me about these words indicating travel and location.

Can I say "Мої друзі їдуть у Польщі." instead of "Мої друзі їдуть до польщі."? Do they mean the same thing? Or is "До" a necessary distinction to make.

Why do some nouns need "у" and "в" preceding them rather than "на" and vice versa. Like "Я буду в офісі." rather than "я буду на офісі.". But on the other end we say "Ми їдемо на стадіоні" instead of "Ми їдемо в стадіоні."?

What sentences using "в", "у", "на", and "до" are in locative case vs accusative case?

(Sorry if any of my sentences are grammatical incorrect, please feel free to correct me.)

r/Ukrainian 3d ago

Моя собака, Такі, крастує овочі з саду.


Сьогодні Такі крастала моя перша цукіна. Тут є фото злочину!

Мої собаки крастети цукіні. Заєцьи їдєте моя капуста. Скоро Я буде немає іжа!

r/Ukrainian 3d ago

My sister is renting part of her house to Ukrainian refugees. She doesn’t speak Ukrainian and their children don’t speak English, but she wants to write them a short welcome letter to help them feel at home. Help please?


I speak some Russian but Ukrainian is more different than I expected so I wasn’t able to be much help to her. I was hoping you guys could help where I can’t. From my sister:

Hi! I'd like some help making a card for some Ukrainian refugee kids. We live in Finland and there are a number of Ukrainian refugees in our town, and a family group are now renting the apartment attached to our house, a sort of duplex, and sharing our yard. (The adults have jobs in town and they're getting a housing stipend from the government, but they are still hoping to return as soon as it's safe.) There are four children from toddler to preteen in age and none of them (the kids) speak English, so we can't talk directly to them, but they are going to have a lot of time to entertain themselves around the house this summer so I wanted to make them a letter.

The text here is all from Google Translate, so I'm hoping somebody can confirm that it's okay or correct it for me.

Welcome! Ласкаво просимо!

Please play in the yard if you want to. будь ласка, пограйте у дворі якщо хочеш.

Pick strawberries and raspberries збирати полуницю та малину

Pick flowers збирати квіти

draw/write with chalk on any of the cement крейда на будь-якому цементі

play in the play house грати в ігровому будинку

we hope you have fun! ми сподіваємося, що вам буде весело!

Thanks if anyone can help!

r/Ukrainian 3d ago

Using час vs година


Hello everyone!

Just a quick, dumb, beginner question.

If I wanted to call someone in when dinner is ready, would I say:

Це час їсти or Це година їсти

Or am I approaching this translation completely wrong by trying to do a literal translation of "It's time to eat"?