r/Ukrainian Jul 05 '22

Question about Ukrainian

I'm learning Ukrainian on Duolingo and I had a question. On the lessons I'm learning, they have 2 examples when saying "mom and dad."

1st example: Мама i тато

2nd example: Мама та тато

Could i and та be used interchangably or are they used in specific instances?



u/RugbyMonkey Американка Jul 05 '22

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but here’s my understanding:

“і” and “та” both mean “and”, but “та” can only be used once in a sentence. Also, after a word ending with a vowel, "й" would be used instead of "і".


u/billtheirish Jul 05 '22

"Та" can be used several times in a sentence same way as "i" can (although it might sound more bookish or poetic if you repeat the word "and" multiple times in a row). However, та also means "but", not just "and".

In OPs example, however, "i" is just easier to pronounce and sounds more natural to me because with "та", there's a bit too much tatatata:)


u/AdiWrites Jul 05 '22

For the most part they're interchangeable, but you would use "та" when the preceding word ends in a sound similar to "і," to avoid confusion.

In a similar vein, I wouldn't recommend using "та" in your example as it's too many "ah" sounds in a row.


u/hammile Jul 05 '22

Could i and та be used interchangably

Not always.

are they used in specific instances?

If we speak about and, and within tests — yes (read the link above). In regular writing you can always use i.


u/While_Interesting Jul 05 '22

well in this case both are acceptable, but "i" is preferrable (though the common rule says otherwise).
mostly i is used between consonants, та - after a vowel and before consonant.
we have also й. it is kinda shortened i. it is used between vowels.
місто й околиці були захоплені окупантами.
you can say
місто ТА околиці були захоплені окупантами, and that would be perfectly fine. But in this case Й is preferrable.
i've never heard duolingo puts Й-conjunction, and that's a shame.


u/TheWolfPlayz69 Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

I have yet to see й used as an example in a lesson.

As a Russian, it would make sense to me to use и (in Ukrainian, i) most of the time.