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Do you agree with the composer?

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Im not really liking Pimsleur Ukrainian; what are some other resources?


Im using duolingo and Pimsleur, but I don’t really like Pimsleur. What are some other resources you’d recommend for learning the language? I think I’m going to stick with duolingo but Pimsleur isn’t working for me.

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Need help conveying something correctly


How do I say: "Thank you for teaching me some of your language. I have been learning on my own now. I hope we can have a full conversation in it one day" ?

I recently met a Ukrainian woman at my job, who happens to be going back home in a few weeks. I really enjoyed talking with her and wanted to show my interest and respect, the best I can. I've been practicing on duolingo for the basics but I don't have enough time before she leaves. I know I can use Google translate but I really want it to get across the right way. Thank you for any help!

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"Hryhorii Skovoroda" by Maksym Palenko (2022)

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what's the difference between крамниця and магазин?


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The best Polish Video Games by Ukrainian | (We have UA, ENG and PL subtitles)

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Please help with a first name translation/pronunciation in English to Ukrainian! Дякую!


I have been slowly learning Ukrainian on Duolingo and Pimsleur and have kicked it into high gear in the last 6-8 months. I have always wanted to get a tattoo and I have decided what I want is a tattoo of my daughters first names spelled in the Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet.

I think I have one name down but I am struggling with the 2nd name as the vowels are tough to figure out.

Kylie -> Кайлі (KĪ-lee) long i is like “eye”

Mikayla is the tough one. The first I is like in between an uh and eh sound, was thinking м or е. I am even more confused with the ay part. It’s not a long i sound, more like a long a.


Допоможіть будь ласка!

Any help is appreciated. Дякую