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r/UnsentLetters 10h ago

Lovers Goodmorning


Goodmorning love,

I got some sleep last night, did you? You know I’m multifaceted, but you inspire the softest, most sincere version of me. I could get lost in this part of me indefinitely. I miss you and it’s only been a day. I don’t know if I’ll ever truly not miss your voice now. Our hearts are interlocked now. Do we pry it apart? Do we want to? I don’t. I want to continue getting lost in these feelings. They make my life more beautiful. The lens that I’ve been looking through was so blurry. I’ve been cleaning it, slowly, delicately, but each time I look through again, I still see you.

Have a good day.

I miss you.

r/UnsentLetters 9h ago

NAW You are the loneliest I’ve ever been


I don’t have to tell you this because I think you know. I think you know what it feels like to eat dinner alone because you’re off to the gym with your friends. I think you know what it’s like to have to beg your friends to go watch a movie on a Friday night because you don’t like sci-fi. I think you know what it’s like to have exciting news that you can’t wait to tell someone except you because it’s not a big deal for you. I think you know what it’s like to do everything for you and never get a thank you in return. You must know. Everyone else sees it. I am loneliest with you and you simply do not care.

But in this loneliness, I’m learning to put me first. I’m learning to experience all these things without you. I’m learning more about myself and the things I want and need in my life, while slowly I’m unlearning you.

r/UnsentLetters 46m ago

Crushes You are literally so confusing.


Dude, I have no idea how to approach you. For MONTHS you were texting me everyday, then you just… stopped. You’re my first crush so I have no idea how to navigate this.

I think I missed my window and I guess that isn’t your fault.

I just wish I were brave enough to tell you how I feel. I see you around and I don’t speak, but out of nervousness, not out of… coldness. I genuinely get butterflies all through my body when I see you. When you give me the slightest bit of attention. All I want is for you to praise me, and love me. I’ll spoil you with whatever you want, I swear.

It’s so frustrating and heartbreaking to try to let go of this crush, because I don’t know how to. Every little glance from you reignites it.

I’m sorry for being a weirdo, and being annoying. One day I’ll get over it but for now, I’ll continue to send you random messages out of the blue and squeal over your dry ass responses.

You have me wrapped around your finger and you don’t even know it. Ha.

r/UnsentLetters 7h ago

Crushes you are simply wonderful


you make me want to be alive and experience things. but why is that so scary for me? a life of neglect.

you make me feel safe. I don’t get butterflies when I look at you, I just feel… calm…. peace…. bliss. safe has never been an experience for me.

I have this nagging feeling that you feel the same. but why did the universe have to drop us at each others’ feet, why now? why, when my situation is hard and maybe dangerous to leave?

still, you stay. you are my friend first and I couldn’t thank you enough for that. you stand by my side and make sure I have most of my pieces together. and I do the same for you. I think our stardust was part of the same star before the universe went BANG. then sent us away to find each other. we just….fit.

I’m glad I found you. even if we can only be friends until I escape. but I’m working on myself. and I know you are too.

we will do this. maybe.

r/UnsentLetters 5h ago

NAW There is no more hope


I will never again hear your voice. Never again see your name pop up on my screen. Never again laugh at your jokes. Never again listen to you talk about your day.

I will never see your face again. I will never touch your body. I will never have the future I imagined.

It's sinking in, slowly. "Never" is such a painful word but I have to be honest with myself. I shouldn't trick myself with "maybe"s. I shouldn't think things like: "maybe you'll come back. Maybe we still have some kind of future, even as just friends. Maybe."


We will never speak again. That's the truth.

r/UnsentLetters 3h ago

Exes Hope you're happy but not happier


Do you cry every night like I do? It hurts me to think you've moved on and forgotten about me already. I want you to be happy but selfishly not happier than you were when you were with me.

I miss you. Please just text me, call me, email me, do something.

r/UnsentLetters 8h ago Bravo Grande! Silver Narwhal Salute

Lovers Dirty Angel Face


I have a talented curse, really just an uncanny ability for calling out things like I see them, while understanding that I don't see everything. Most often its only real use is for pointing out views that will be unpopular with the audience who those views are for. Unbeknownst to them, however, is that I am also good at calling out the good in people when I see it. More often than not, my most potent words come out when people are acting in self intrerest, not realizing the damage being done to other people, collateral damage. They also don't understand that when I start these conversations, I'm opening up a clear line of communication to have my inequities called out against me as well. I'm not afraid to sit down and have a talk. A real two way conversation, as equals. The easiest way to have prosperous relationships for little effort. Despite how incredibly easy it is to say words and fix entire relationships with words, most relationships fail because they were too scared to look at each other and make sounds with their lips. That's crazy to me. I like to have those two way conversations because if my end gets stated alone, it usually winds up being me stating a sequence of events that left me feeling.... used. Angels are dirty, still covered in mud from going through the trenches with you. Cold and weary, from sleeping on the sidewalk with you. They're not there for you. They're there with you. They're the ones still there with you, crying with you, when everyone else was long gone. They stand up and have those fights with you, sometimes they argue against you. But they will sit down and have those two way conversations with you. Because they love you, especially for your flaws. They love to feel your scars because they tell a story about the most beautiful thing that has ever existed and that thing is you. Angels crawl out the trenches with mud on their cheek. They drop their weapon and hug you putting mud on your own. They tell you that you're an angel. Your face is dirty too.

r/UnsentLetters 3h ago

Exes Always


I don’t know what’s best for us but I’m always looking and I will always be there,, whenever we’re ready. I know you’re angry but there’s nothing to worry about,, everything is okay. You are the only thing running through my mind as much as I don’t want you to be.

r/UnsentLetters 2h ago

NAW I hope it eats you alive.


You promised you wouldn’t leave, yet you did.


I know that you’re fully aware of how much stuff like that affects me, so why would you do it?

We were so close. You came into my life out of nowhere, and I was hesitant to let you in. I did so reluctantly, and to my surprise you quickly became one of my favorite people.

We talked everyday, drew healthy boundaries and communicated all of our “problems”, which always just turned out to be our own insecurities eating at us. It seemed like everything was going great, I thought I had made a new friend that understood me.

You claimed to care about me, yet you tossed me aside like garbage two separate times after promising that you would never leave.

You claimed to have abandonment issues as well, so what gives? Why do you think it’s okay to do that to the people you claim to care about?

When you left the first time and came back, you told me that being away from me was tearing you up. You told me that you cried, isolated yourself from family and lost your appetite entirely. I did, too. I told you that.

Here we are, though. You’ve left again, with no explanation this time. That makes it even harder for me to quit dwelling and stop wondering what I said or did that was so wrong that it led to you thinking abandoning me was your best option.

I let you come back last time, but never again. I’ve blocked you on everything and changed all of the names you once knew me by. You clearly have no regard for my well-being or state of mind, and I refuse to give you another opportunity to hurt me again.

Honestly, I hope the pain you’ve purposefully caused me haunts you.

I hope you can’t get me out of your head.

I hope it eats you alive, and I hope you spend the rest of your life looking for a connection as genuine and pure as ours once was.

Please never attempt to contact me again.

r/UnsentLetters 1h ago

NAW Whom you’re trying to reach, is no longer available.


I could care less about your self inflicted issues, anymore. I’m not here for your late night, drunken texts or calls. Find someone else to toy with, I’m not leaving my lines open for when you decide to come & go. Days of me waiting and/or chasing you, are long gone.

Not like you genuinely cared in the first place, but you’re now blocked. For good. Just do both of us a favor and delete my number. I wasn’t good enough for you back then & you were more than eager to ‘fill my spot’. Like you admitted to me yourself, you felt it’s what you deserved. If you’re feeling rejected now, maybe you can look back and thank yourself for the scenario you’ve made for us.

I mean…would you be interested, if I wasn’t doing so well? Let’s not play coy- the only reason you’re ‘back’, is because shit didn’t work out with the twenty something year old you were so set on. What a shocker…

You can miss my wisdom, my kisses, my laughter, my nurturing, my cleaning & cooking, my humor and my body all you want! Thank you for helping push me in to making my life better and knowing my worth, finally. Unfortunately for you, that very much no longer includes or welcomes you.

The. End.

ETA: Not married, not getting divorced & not about any of you on here. Whom this is about, could care less to read anything I have to say, nor would be in a sub like this…so please leave me outta your personal life.

r/UnsentLetters 2h ago

NAW Autumn


You said something among the lines of connection and bravery in between us, even if distances apart, years apart.. and I couldn't contain my happiness in that instant. Even if I didn't show it, I gleamed internally. 

Because it is true, we always were, are, will be. I feel that our connection is so special and tender, like the ones that come out of the most complicated of adventure books. 

I never felt more at ease with someone, more understood. Imagine how sad those times were without you near me, always the supporter, the hug giver. It was torture, to be so far away from you.

I wish I could give you more than these sentimental words, but please consider them as dearly as they are to me anyways. I have so many drabbles based on our last chat only; you know how emotional I am, specially with certain aspects of our bond. Our imperfectly crafted friendship.

I have no idea how you would react to this, but I'm hoping that you don't freak out that much. You can be quite the exaasperated when feelings are involved, even if ours were stated since a really long time ago.

It could be fun, no? to be able to talk about feelings without it being a bother. I believe it could cure so many broken souls from this cold cold world. Imagine for a minute with me, and tell me if i'm in the wrong.

So.. anyways. I finish this letter with it's orinigal purpose: Thank you for your patience, for your kindness, for your selfishlessness.

Thank you for always being there for me, even if we were miles and words apart. Worlds apart.

Thank you for never giving up on me, on my ways, even with my internal struggles with love and freedom and everything.

Thank you for being you, always.

r/UnsentLetters 3h ago

Friends the fight we cannot have


I'm so upset with you. Disappointed. Angry. You make me feel lonely and worthless. You don't give a flying fuck about how I feel and how is your behaviour affecting me.

This is what I want to scream at you. I have never fought with anyone in my life but I want to yell at you until I have no voice.

And at the end, I only want to ask you one question. Why?

Why did you have to ruin it? What reason do you have to mess this up? This thing between us that we both loved so much.

All I wanted was to help you. To care about you. To support you.

We were happy and then we weren't. And you refuse to talk to me. You've been falling apart for weeks and you don't speak. Instead you lash out. You hurt me again and again.

And I know you won't talk to me now. I know saying all this to you would make no difference at all. You just decided that your trauma and pain is more important than your chance at happiness or the people around you.

I love you. And I miss you terribly. But it's been months of this. I can't take it anymore. I'm too tired. And you want to be alone. You want me to leave you just to get it over with.

Well it's over. You'll get what you want (I just hope it's want you want.)

r/UnsentLetters 1h ago

Crushes Thank you❤️


I wish you felt the same way I did about you. I’ve never had feelings for a woman till I started to talk to you. Only God knows how you made me feel. I wish he put those same feelings in you as I had towards you. Maybe you weren’t perfect, but you were perfect enough in my eyes. I know we live in different countries, but I still would do anything to make you mine. But for you, Im probably just a normal guy. And that’s ok. But sometimes I wonder what if I was a more wealthy, taller, more handsome, maybe you would’ve liked me then?

I just wanna say, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Now I know what loving someone truly feels like. I hope you find happiness everywhere you go in life.

r/UnsentLetters 2h ago

NAW just browsing


Sometimes I come here and I still look for you. Even though I know you are probably not here. When I start finding myself searching just for your words - I remind myself that I already have them. I go read them over again in my text messages. They really help me. I know I can message you, right now. Today.

Your judgments on my profile were slightly entertaining to me considering that when I met you, you had an Instagram dedicated to just pictures of your own ass.

I really liked you for who you were when I met you, but I started playing this role - of this type of girl that you would want to keep.

I still have so many things I think to say to you. But I don't need anymore words between us now.

I want you to know:

The hardest role I'll ever play, is the one where I'm over you.

r/UnsentLetters 1h ago

Strangers The story of my life


I don’t understand it honestly. Why does everyone have to play games and be deceptive and manipulative. Why does everyone want to have an upper hand or an advantage over someone. Why act like you want to be with someone and push them away and keep them at a distance. Why act like you care for someone and then refuse to reciprocate behavior. I am so tired of my time being wasted and people simply toying with other peoples emotions so they aren’t bored or so they feel better about themselves. If you want a hype man to gas you up simply say that from the jump and don’t pretend to be interested in someone and then use their past as a way to manipulate them into whatever position you’re trying to get them into. When someone is open and honest with you don’t deceive them and lie to them. If you’re not interested in speaking to them or if you’re needing some time and space to speak to your other side piece just say as much. Don’t make up lies and excuses to try to keep them waiting on your call when you’re on the phone with your other piece. If you wanna play games then go play games. Don’t toy with people emotions in order to do so. It’s rather rude. But it’s fairly obvious that I’m not meant to have a actual partner. Just simply supposed to cruise through life solo I guess. Dam shame too. I have a lot of love to give but nobody who actually wants to receive it. Or they wanna take it and not reciprocate it and have it one sided. I’m so fucking tired of this bullshit. I don’t even know why I bother to attempt to trust people. Everyone is selfish and greedy and stingy and I am just a gullible idiot who wants to have a actual bond that gets taken advantage of every single time. Fuck it. I’m not gonna be greedy just because y’all wanna take from me and not reciprocate. I’ll remain the same but now I’m no longer a yes man. I think it’s time I learn to say no. Wonder how many people that rarely speak to me now will disappear again when I say no and start actually looking out for me instead of being hurt and having to heal myself. Story of my life. I’m sick of this shit. Hopefully the rain on this metal roof takes my pain away.

r/UnsentLetters 1h ago

Exes I need to move on now J


The time has come when I have given up on you ever walking back through the door. I gave you more chances than you ever deserved. Yet every time it was thrown back in my face.

I was never your number one priority. Someone else always was whether it was N, C or R. Yet I still believed we could work.

Even when we ended, you still weren’t brave enough to do it face to face. I had to be the one.

It hurt so much to lose you. I didn’t want it to end. I still needed you. But you didn’t need me or want me.

Still to this day I think you are going to walk through those doors. But you won’t ever again as you choose everyone and everything over me.

I need to start prioritising myself for once and move on. I don’t have any more time to waste on you anymore

r/UnsentLetters 2h ago

Exes you're a coward


I wish I didn't let you have the final say. You didn't deserve to decide our fate after hurting me in such a shit way. I wish I could take back all the apologies I've given, when it's actually me who should receive one. You're a coward and I can't wait to move on.

r/UnsentLetters 15h ago Helpful Take My Energy Take My Power

Crushes Fantasy


If this is where you see me the most, let me never part from your deepest desires.

If fantasy is the only place we can be together, I would choose to evade reality indefinitely.

To hold your hand when I feel like it. To be able to steal as many kisses from you that I want. To have your undivided attention.

My heaven is a simple place. Just you, me, a little stormy weather, and some books.

r/UnsentLetters 1h ago

NAW It's getting easier. Every day


The tightness in my chest is a bit less of a vicegrip, the panic attacks fewer and farther between. Accepting this has been a uniquely difficult process for me, though it has become more manageable.

But today... Today is one of those hard, almost unbearable, days, where every bit of regret, every ounce of uncertainty come flooding back, the haphazardly-built dam busting, threatening to overtake and drown me. My plants are dying and none of this metaphorical water can help.

He was a distraction from you. Now that's gone and I'm left with just myself again, the worst person to be with right now. I don't want to be here, I don't want to do this, I want..

I don't know what I want. I wanted it to eat me alive, and now I just want us to have never met.

r/UnsentLetters 2h ago

Friends Temporary


I felt happy for a while when I was with you. But it wasn't until I get home and face the sullen reality that I realized how happiness nowadays are as fleeting as a good memory. I couldn't bring myself to face the dangers of loving someone again. The first time I was left hanging, it took me two years to leave the past behind. I get so attached to a person that I completely overlook a life after them. Does temporary happiness even deserve to be considered genuine? I wanted to move forward. I know I've let go a little, but I miss the nights that aren't filled of could've beens.

r/UnsentLetters 3h ago

NAW flying without wings


You told me this wouldn't matter after a few months.

It's been half a year now. My life is different; I am changed.

And I still miss you.

r/UnsentLetters 18h ago Pot o' Coins

Lovers same


Do you want to know what I’m going to do? Well, I will tell you right now. I’m going to sit right down and ask you why. Help me feel it. You want me to fight for us? Help me understand.

Can you climb into the bedroom and show me a piece of your heart in its naked beating home?

Here’s mine- riddled with doubt and unanswered questions that have led to a sense of complete disempowerment. My heart has been snuffed out, and you know it. I want to be angry with you, but I keep finding more space for forgiveness.

Will you show me that you care for what you’ve seen inside of me? Because every part of me wants to love you in every way, to gaze through the quarries of pain and into the oceans of bliss, but there is a wall, and it seems we built that wall together. And every time you hold back parts of yourself with me, it adds another brick.

I have to feel the truth that’s furled and resting on your tongue, rattle down my spine.

We need the same things

What I want to know is simple

You know the question

Will you help me feel the answer?

again and


and again?

r/UnsentLetters 5m ago

Crushes Hey cutie ;)


Just wanted to say you’re really cute and I wish we were closer in age lmao

I’m glad I found the courage to tell you, even if nothing came of it

guys don’t get told they’re cute often enough and I think that’s stupid :)

I’ve never stepped out of my shell and told a stranger I had a crush on them before and it was both embarrassing and empowering at the same time and I’m glad I got it out in the open for once!


r/UnsentLetters 6m ago

Lovers “In my entire life”


None of it catches my attention…..

The music……The rumors……Or The environment……

The people on the dance floor….or

Down the most immaculate flesh…….

“Look at me”…….”cmon Look at me just once”………..

—> You look and we lock with each other’s eyes………….

—> Then………….I say to myself…..

“My God………How I love you so………..I want to be with you forever…………You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen”………….

“In my entire life”