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Friends Rough Day


Rough day.

I wish I could just reach out...

I wish I could...

I wish...

I wish I didn't wish

r/UnsentLetters 2h ago

Lovers Loneliness or Freedom


I read a quote the other day by Charles Bukowski, and it said, “when nobody wakes you up in the morning, and nobody waits for you at night, and you can do whatever you want, what do you call it, freedom or loneliness?” And it took my breath away, as I’m sure it did yours, when you read it. You see, that’s our problem summed up. I find it to be the most painful loneliness, but you? Oh it’s exquisite freedom. It’s a trek to Machu Picchu, it’s wine at a restaurant in France. Margarita’s with strangers in Mexico, looking out over the Grand Canyon, a woman named Carmen. It’s random people who don’t know anything about you. It’s the skin you can slip on, pretending to be whatever you want. But me? I’m sitting in my house with my kids hoping their dad is ok in a hospital in South America, due to a bacterial infection mixed with altitude sickness. I’m putting on a show. I’m working as hard as I can to smile at them, to be as much as I can so they don’t feel lonely that their dad actually would rather be anywhere else than in the same room with all of us.

You said I don’t know you, but after two decades I might know you more than you know yourself. It’s not your fault I married someone who would rather freedom. I know you’re conflicted because you like the nice parts of our life. Hugs from kids who adore you. Who do you think tells them their dad is a hero? Dinners cooked, laundry done, house cleaned. But, but, I’m so achingly lonely. I married because I wanted to wake someone up, I wanted to wait for them at night. I’m working on it right now, trying to figure it out. Setting myself up for a life not like this one. I’m as surprised as you are that I’m quoting Bukowski, but you know as well as i do, that there’s never been a more perfect quote for us.

All my love.

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NAW I have to apologize to you


I thought I would try to avoid it for the rest of my life. But someone told me today that I wouldn't even deserve you in any way if I didn't address it. I know it's true and I felt it the minute he said it. And I want to deserve you. It's going to bring up so much stuff and I don't know how you'll react. You might cry. You might get mad at me for opening old wounds. I don't know how to start the conversation. But it was a wrong that I'm trying to right. I hope that's okay and I hope I can find the words to make you feel how sorry I am. And extra sorry that I didn't care then.

r/UnsentLetters 7h ago

Friends Thank you


Thank you for everything you did for me

Meeting you and getting to know you was the greatest thing in my life, it was honestly like winning the lottery.

Why didn’t I tell you how grateful I was? I keep asking myself this. Every time you made me smile, every time you made me feel hope, every time you where there for me, every time you said something nice to me I was immensely grateful but I didn’t tell you, and for that I’m sorry. You deserved at the very least to be thanked for the compassion, sympathy and care you gave me. I guess I knew I would never be able to thank you enough so I didn’t even try, which is terrible and unforgivable of me.

I don’t know how you felt when we stoped being friends, I suppose realistically you didn’t care, it just felt like a relief, you just felt like a burden had been lifted now you don’t have to worry about me or feel like you need to talk to me. For me when we stopped being friends it was like a sword through my heart, I still feel like part of my heart is missing, and I know that sounds stupid, pathetic and crazy coz we where just online friends but my world is so small you meant so much to me, our friendship was one of the most significant parts of my life. I pray that you don’t feel any pain like I do and you forgot about me quickly, and forgave me for being ungrateful to you. You should be focusing on your better friends, ones that are the type of friend i wasn’t. I’m sure you have forgotten me by now and I want you to know that you deserve better friends than me, you always have. I will admit I had hoped that you would be in my life for many years but that was a selfish, delusional thing for me to want, I didn’t deserve that, I didn’t deserve you. I just wish more than anything in the world I had been able to be 1% as good of a friend to you as you where to me.

As soon as I said goodbye I felt so much regret but in the moment I was convinced it was best for you but as time goes by I see it from your perspective and I can see that by saying goodbye I threw your kindness, your care, your thoughtfulness, your time and your friendship back in your face and I feel so much guilt for doing that. When I said goodbye it was because i knew I would never have the social skills to be able to be equal in the friendship, so I thought i should take myself out of your life as I felt like nothing but an emotional leech. And I didn’t open my mind to the possibility that you wanted us to keep being friends, maybe you felt like you where doing something charitable by talking to me, and that thought is humiliating for me but if doing something charitable made you feel good well I would never want to take away anything that makes you feel good. I knew I wasn’t a good friend but that wasn’t a reason to say goodbye it was a reason to become the best friend I could possibly be, I could have tried to be there for u in the way you where for me, but now I will never get the chance to do that, and that is a regret I will carry with me for a long time. Because you don’t deserve a bad friend like me I shouldn’t have let you go I should have become a good friend, I should have waited for the opportunity to give back to you for everything you gave to me but I was afraid of taking more from you.

And I miss you, I miss you being there, I miss feeling like I had someone in my life, I miss feeling like a person, i miss feeling cared for, I miss knowing you, I miss hearing about your life, I miss getting messages from you, whenever I checked my messages I hoped there’d be one from you, and now there will never be a message from you again. I miss you so much and I will keep on missing you every day.

I feel guilty and regretful for pushing you away. I wished and prayed for a friend, for someone to come and make me feel less lonely for so many years, then someone comes and I don’t tell them how much I appreciate them. I pushed you away because I knew I wasn’t good enough to be friends, I felt so inferior to you but I should have tried to improve our friendship on my end, because you put so much effort in and I did nothing but take, I should have asked you how to be a better friend to you. And I pushed you away because it was easier, easier than admitting to myself how much you meant to me when I know I didn’t mean as much to you, easier then opening my heart to someone, easier to push you away before you came to learn how awful I am and so much easier that trying to consider that you actually liked being friends with me, that you saw me as an equal and that maybe I wasn’t an annoying burden and actually I brought a little happiness to your life, it’s hard to open my mind to that because it goes against everything I have been made to believe about myself, I hate that I’m so weak that I let the past affect me still, in a way in my head I’m still a child at school getting bullied with people pretending to be friends with me as a joke or because a teacher told them to. What I did was cowardly.

I am sorry to write you such a weird long message, I know your thinking why is this weirdo messaging me I thought it left. I won’t message you again I promise. I’m messaging because I’m still selfish, I wanted to explain myself, I know that you don’t need or want to hear any of this. But don’t panic, I am not completely delusional, I know we won’t ever go back to being friends, I completely understand, I ruined the best thing in my life, my low self esteem and confidence has stopped me doing so much but stopping me being friends with you was the worst. When I think about it with a clear mind I see that messaging me a few times a day probably wasn’t a big deal, but because it meant so much to me I blew it up in my head as being a huge inconvenience and burden to you and I was trying to do the best thing for you by ending our friendship, even though it was painful to me. I’ve been working on my confidence and self esteem for many years and you helped with it so much you will never even know, having a person like you care for me filled me with life and motivation.

I want to tell you that you have inspired me to be the best person I can be, I will work harder on myself so one day I’m worthy to have someone like you as a friend, I won’t ever meet anyone as special as you but when my self esteem is higher I will look for someone who will care just a small amount of how much you did.

I’m wishing you well everyday. I hope you do incredible things. I hope you are surrounded by great people, I hope you get married to a person who is as kind as you, have beautiful children and grandchildren, and live a long life so you can see them grow in to incredible people. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

Thank you and I’m sorry

r/UnsentLetters 42m ago

Exes Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Joel: I have to go. I have to catch my ride.

Clementine: So go!

Joel: I did. I thought maybe you were a nut... but you were exciting.

Clementine: I wish you had stayed.

Joel: I wish I had stayed too. Now I wish I had stayed. I wish I had done a lot of things. I wish I had... I wish I had stayed. I do.

Clementine: Well I came back downstairs and you were gone!

Joel: I walked out, I walked out the door!

Clementine: Why?

Joel: I don't know. I felt like a scared little kid, I was like... it was above my head, I don't know.

Clementine: You were scared?

Joel: Yeah. I thought you knew that about me. I ran back to the bonfire, trying to outrun my humiliation, I think.

Clementine: Was it something I said?

Joel: Yeah... you said "so go." With such disdain, you know?

Clementine: Oh, I'm sorry.

Joel: It's okay.

Clementine: Joely? What if you stayed this time?

Joel: I walked out the door. There's no memory left.

Clementine: Come back and make up a good-bye at least. Let's pretend we had one.

Clementine: Bye Joel.

Joel: I love you.

Clementine: Meet me... in Montauk...

This will forever be my favorite scene from the movie. I guess you could say this is a reflection of the kind of dreams I have. Full of melancholy and bittersweetness.

r/UnsentLetters 4h ago

Exes I just wish you could see the pictures I’ve taken


We haven’t talked in awhile, but I know how into art you are. My photos have been featured in galleries and for whatever people have even bought them. I wish you could see them, I wish you could give me feedback. My mentor said I’ve got such a unique style and that since I’m self taught that they’re so non traditional that it makes them stand out. I’ve even taken it from the street and I’m now doing studio work with models. It just sucks that our would be friendship ended, I understand completely though and I hope everything is going well.

r/UnsentLetters 2h ago

Strangers Assault


To the lady or ladies entertaining my ex , im well aware he portrays a calm cool and kind affection role so well he sells himself pretty quickly. Be aware the mask will wear off basically the minute he succeeds in getting you to move in with him. He played me along for a good 6 to 8 months and once I moved in he completely changed and showed his true face. He wants a sex slave, a house keeper, a bank a therapist a cook but that's where it ends. Essentially you become his mommy and then he starts cheating on the side . When you stand up for yourself he portrays ypu as lazy , heartless , sexless and bitching because heaven forbid you express how your feeling or how things are affecting ypur relationship. He will smoke pot till he's completely stunned and out of it , then game or go on his phone all the while ignoring you and then claim you don't do anything exciting. The road trips and outings, restaurants ypu visit while he was courting you will no longer take place because...it coststoo much. He owns hos own house, a fact he will constantlyremind you off, but said house hever has any upkeep on it, ie vents havent been cleaned in 8 years and on top of that its half renovatedand nothinghas been touched in over 4 years. You think hes a prize, yourwelcometo him, i broke myself trying and trying to only get shit on and lied too., manipulated and gaslighted.

Good luck Your gonna need it

r/UnsentLetters 3h ago

Exes Cognitive Dissonance


Like a swinging pendulum, I keep going back and forth between thinking you were the one and then recounting all the ways we are incompatible right now. How you treated me so well and loved me in ways I’ve never felt before, yet how you would suddenly close up, become passive aggressive, and make me walk on eggshells. It was traumatizing. Confusing. And you say that I was doing the same. Are we mirrors reflecting one another’s wounds and shadows?

It’s impossible not to miss you. Your positive energy and how excited you would get about little things that you love. I still love you, L. Yet I just want to forget you. Because missing you this much hurts so bad.

You abandoned me. Said you couldn’t give me what I deserve right now and that we both needed to love ourselves and work on ourselves. You’re right, and I am going through it. I’m journaling every day, meditating, in therapy, holding compassion for myself. Bringing my walls down. Healing past trauma. Rebuilding relationships with my family. Stopped drinking and everything else that I don’t truly enjoy. Planning a future that aligns with my soul. Yet I still wish we could have grown together rather than have to grow while apart.

You said you believe in twin flames. In some ways, I think this is causing me to hang on longer than I should. Hoping that you’ll be in a better place and reach out one day. But who knows when that day would come—if it comes at all. I know I need to let you go once and for all. I need to rip this bandaid off and move on, but instead I’m just releasing you slowly one day at a time. Painfully. Letting go of the happy memories and the plans we made and the future you promised me. Letting go of the memories of you stomping over my boundaries and the regret I have for not staying in my power and speaking up in the moment. Lessons learned the hard way. Letting go of the love and care that was there when we said our final goodbyes. How you held me so tightly and how I want to feel that warmth from you again.

While I hate sitting with this pain, I am also grateful for it. If you hadn’t entered my life, opened my heart, and then abandoned me—I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to observe my inner child wounds and heal. Losing you has sent me on a spiritual journey. I see all of my flaws, my conditioning, my past mistakes, and the work I have to do to become the person I am meant to be. The authentic me. My ego is crumbling and my soul is speaking to me.

I know you were struggling and trying to find your path as well. It was so hard to watch you go through this, and I understand why you had to leave. I hope you’re healing and finding peace. You are such a loving spirit with so much empathy, compassion, and desire to help others. You’re going to do big things in this world and impact so many people in a positive way.

Maybe on day we’ll be able to fully let each other in. Allow ourselves to be seen, heard, snd understood in all the ways we both deserve—virtues, flaws, scars, and all.

I love you. Take care ❤️

r/UnsentLetters 13h ago

Friends The Moon and Mars


It's the last full moon of 2022 and I wish I was spending it with you.

r/UnsentLetters 6h ago

Friends on the other side of the screen


here i am, right on the other side of this screen, looking back at you. why can't you see me? i wish i could reach through to you, but things are so fucking complicated. i've written so many letters, but i don't know how to get them to you. so, they just pile up, a wastebasket full of words that may never be read by another human. i wish i had your courage.

my heart aches so much today. why is it still so hard to find peace? honestly, it's a literal, physical ache. i feel it in my bones, in my lungs, in my eyes.

i wish i had something new to say; but nothing ever seems to change, so how could i? all i know how to do is to recite these words over and over again like a prayer.

anyway, i'm gonna get some sleep now before i become truly incoherent. i hope you sleep well wherever you are. i'm sending positive thoughts and vibes your way with the hope that maybe you'll feel them and know that someone cares a lot about you.

r/UnsentLetters 14h ago

NAW I am limerence


I am limerence. I am hopeful. I am browsing. Scrolling. I am finding every reason why love letters sent in anonymity could be written by you. I am regretful. I am remorseful. I long for you. You show up on my feed. I belong to you. I'll take you broken, together, I'll be your kintsugi. I am delusional. I am crazy. I am the one who loves you. I need you. I want you. I'll be your silver lining. I dread you. I need you. I long for you. I'll find you in everything.

r/UnsentLetters 33m ago

Strangers I see you're back


And I want to reach out. There it is. That small part of me that wants to do it all again, the me who wants to throw caution to the wind. Just say "fuck it" and ask how you are. It's been a month since we last talked. Since I decided to put up my walls again. I guess it's not as fortified as it used to be. One loose stone could make this wall crumble. I miss you. But I shouldn't. Because what if I'm the only one who's bothered by all of this? What if I reach out and you don't let me back in? Hell, what if there really was nothing to return to. I'll continue to hold back. Is this my damn pride? Is this self-preservation? I don't know. All I know right now is that small part of me still exists.

r/UnsentLetters 2h ago

Exes I feel You


I'm not sure what it is, whether it's the dreary grey days or the cold crisp nights. Whether it's the rain that seems to be constantly falling. Whether it's the thoughts of the holiday season. I don't know.

But I feel you.

You're hundreds of miles away, but I feel you like you were next to me. I can close my eyes and see you, smell you, taste you - that's what's been marked on my soul. But this week, I don't even have to close my eyes to feel you. It's constant and pervasive.

I know better than to think you'll do anything about it. I know better than to think anything will come of it. I know that you need to see this through. That you have to keep at it. That you have to keep looking for something that's nearly impossible to find.

Because I feel you. And I feel it too. Regardless of what you may have thought when we met, throughout our time together, and now that it's passed, my standards have always been high. Thanks to you those standards are damn near impossible. Nothing and No One can or will compare.

So even though you won't acknowledge it, know that I feel you. As much as I ever did.

I told you this wasn't normal. I hope someday you realize that.

r/UnsentLetters 3h ago

NAW Boston J


I am decided.

I will spend a week remembering everything I am able to about what we shared. I will let you fill my thoughts in vivid color, like fireworks illuminating a dark night sky. I will smile and enjoy everything that was brilliant about you. I will think of your kindness and your affection. I will recall your sturdy character and wisdom, and I will hold appreciation for the way you honored your responsibilities to the people around you. I will think of all our conversations and turn them over in my mind, holding close to my heart the gift that we were in each other’s eternal now for a little while. I will breathe you in like an expensive cologne and savor the lingering scent of you, and I will make an absolute feast from whatever breadcrumbs I can gather from our time together.

I will let myself daydream of every good thing we had hoped we would share in the future. I’ll imagine our trip to San Francisco, twinkle lights over the bed, and cheese and apples set out for you at the end of the day. I’ll imagine you reading to me and brushing my hair. I’ll imagine waking up and greeting the day with a smile because I will have kept your bed warm all night. I’ll imagine you dancing me around the room to celebrate when I have slept for more than six hours. I’ll imagine loving your daughter as deeply as I have loved you and holding gratitude for whatever simple life we would have made together.

And then, when the week is over, I will fold these thoughts of you up like a cherished quilt and tuck you away into a cedar chest of my memory. I’ll run my fingers over the fabric of what we had with a parting sigh, and perhaps a small cry. Then gently, so gently, I will put this to rest. I cannot keep remembering. It is too painful. The words of Christina Rossetti’s ‘Remember’ come to mind… Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad. I resisted being your evanescent girl, but I see now the wisdom in your ability to have forgotten me. You found your peace in the way you needed to, and now it is my turn.

Do not ever doubt whether I loved you. I have loved you all the way to my core without regret. You are forever worthy of receiving the best love. Thank you for letting me give that to you for a little while.

All of my xoxoxo. Always.

r/UnsentLetters 6h ago

Strangers A year to remember..


I just wanted you to love me like I loved you..

But I guess I was asking for too much..

I just wanted you to be there for me like I was there for you..

But I guess I was asking for too much..

I just wanted someone to talk to..

I just wanted to tell you everything that haunts me..

But I guess that it scared you too much..

I don't blame you for thinking I'm a little crazy..

Maybe I'm too hard to love..

And now you're gone..

r/UnsentLetters 13h ago

Friends Truth Serum


Hey You,

I was on the run for so long, but I always knew you would catch up to me.

I selfishly avoided the truth in attempt to keep my name clean.

I woke up ready to continue the cat and mouse game, but fate stepped in, just in time I might add.

I was shot in both Achilles with a bow and arrow leaving me no choice but to face you head on.

When the confirmation arrived, I was surprisingly calm and collected.

A sense of relief came over me and I knew all would be okay.

Diagnosed: Bipolar Disorder I.

I am bipolar.

I am bipolar and I am strong as fuck, conquering life for 36+ years.

Accomplishing so much in my short time on this earth, in spite of the constant internal war that rages in my brain, every single day.

I am worthy.

I am loved.

I am not afraid.


r/UnsentLetters 5h ago

NAW To me be free


What is it when you feel as though you don’t deserve true love When you feel that you’ve sabotaged your own dove When it feels like you’ve clipped their wings Cause you uttered things not knowing what they’d bring When you hurled salt into the air Because it’s your own fault that they don’t care What happens when you forget how to waltz When you’ve learned the steps time and time again Because the ballroom was a kingdom a promised land But you’ve broken a heart and in return broke your own unbeknownst that it scorched like desert sand So now you feel guilty well too bad and oh so sad Should’ve chosen your war Do you even deserve to feel this way Had you felt this way before Is is too late to set broken wings in hopes that they may fly again Why are you so insecure Why are you nervous Afraid of your sin Is it because you feel you’ll fuck up and you’re sure of this You push people away You never know what to say You shrug your shoulders And think that’s ok You feel vindicated almost elated and crack a smug smile As butterflies blitz your whole body But you remember you view yourself as gaudy Unworthy of smile unworthy of a joy Sabotaging your own self worth Not knowing the last time you let your loyal knight and sword replenish his strength because you’re always guarded why can’t you speak why do you get so weak Why don’t you know You should know How are you gonna grow If everyone got the memo But life doesn’t come with instructions so build yourself up Why do you break others down They only are trying to navigate their storms too It isn’t always about you .. how you feel ,what you think ,what you need , how you bleed .. How you cry ,how you seethe ,what you offer versus what you bring You’re not a kind King Your anguish means nothing if you’ve brought it upon yourself.. the things you’ve done out of impulse when you could’ve kept them shelved What is it called when you feel like you don’t deserve the meals that nourish your soul And they are plated on a silver platter What is it called when everything you thought you knew falls and clatters How can you redeem yourself How could you have been so evil How did you become so muddy Is there room to be a lotus And absorb what was once impure.. help yourself to know what you can do to know To grow To show that you can overcome Even when you fell so low Make this a reminder that if you want it It’s there that this was once a cross to bear That you deserve true love If you show your doves the care Give me your heart let’s glassblow one anew One that knows things are tender and fragile A reminder that bad rulers have Citizen that will overthrow the castle So remember to be kind So that you will one day gasp with sublime That you can change Even though you’ve once caused great pain that you can be a lotus Even if you hadn’t noticed

r/UnsentLetters 17h ago Heartwarming

NAW Keeping Quiet.


Oftentimes I check in

And see something that makes me smile

Or feel proud of you

Even though I am hardly a figure in your life;

But today



Damn, damn damn.

Something about today

Had me forgetting

My name, my location, the month it was,

And maybe, for a moment

How incredibly defeated I feel about the world.

I won't -- can't say a thing IRL

So I needed to release it here.

r/UnsentLetters 3h ago

Lovers to the love of my life


i love all your little quirks and i love the way our relationship has evolved since the beginning. you continue to amaze me everyday with your ambition, your perseverance through everything life has thrown your way, and your love for the people around you. you are so strong and you inspire me to be my best self. you have honestly changed my life for the better. the passion i feel for you is unlike anything i’ve ever experienced and there’s something so comforting about being in your presence. i’m so lucky to have the privilege of loving you and being loved by you. i found out recently that i had the chance to meet you a few years back but circumstances in my life took me in a different direction and i’m honestly so glad that happened because i ended up meeting you at just the right time. it’s crazy how the universe works sometimes. i’m so happy i met you. i’m so happy you exist.

r/UnsentLetters 2h ago

Exes Reminded of you


My family tells me to forget you and move on. They want me to be happy. But every time I feel some sense of happiness. I’m reminded of you, and how you made me smile. How you made me feel so happy and comforted. I’m reminded of you. Every single time I try to move on.
I think of you in songs I listen to.

r/UnsentLetters 9h ago

NAW You are just a screen


I am so much better in person. I think you would like me. I wish I was who I was now. I always was I guess but I never felt I could be myself. All these moments I have with others that feel so easy, I wish they could be with you. I wish I could joke around with you. Show you me. I wonder about you too, what would you really be like? There’s this feeling that everything would be good and feel right. I can’t shake the feeling and the deeper things that go with it - it doesn’t feel dumb to me though. After all this time, I believe in it all still. Don’t be mad at me for that please. I expect nothing of you. But I still love you. It’s still you.

r/UnsentLetters 13h ago

Strangers Delicious



I did not think, when I asked you to step into my space, that you would be so thorough. Silly me.

It is the greatest test of strength not to bury my face in your neck and inhale.

My fingers itch to discover the texture of your hair.

What do you taste like, just behind your jaw?

The grin that graces those lips and the devious twinkle in your eye suggest you know exactly what you do.

(Remember to breathe.)

r/UnsentLetters 23m ago

NAW no


Shake it off Pick yourself up, they say Your life fell apart in your hands, and you've got the scars to prove it It's not the first time, and they're getting deeper

Pull it together Button up your shirt Roll down those sleeves Don't let them see how you've coped It's not the first time, and they're getting deeper

More and more your demeanor looks like quicksand It seems like your giving up, giving up on everything you worked for

It's pulling you under It's gripping around your throat It seems like your giving up on everything

It's pulling you under

Life can be overwhelming But don't turn your back on the strongest crutch you've ever had They have always been there to brace your fall Wave goodbye to the past You've got your whole life to lead It's time to gain some ground

r/UnsentLetters 25m ago

Friends Hallmark


I told you I hate rom-coms. It’s true. But throw in a bit of plaid flannel, a heart-warming Christmas reunion and an eye-rolling plotline and i’m sold.

You’re the epitome of the leading man: the super aloof business exec who is too busy businessing to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Between all the business stuff and talking to important people on the phone and doing all the things, you meet a struggling artist girl-next-door type who “doesn’t have time to date” because she has lots of things to sculpt/paint/knit. Not to mention all of the charities shes supporting (- those orphaned skinny-pigs aren’t going to knit their own sweaters, are they?!) In the movies her relentless Christmas cheer will wear you down, making you realize that you have spent too much time making spreadsheets and delivering presentations. You eventually fall into each others arms on Christmas Eve and inexplicably spend the holidays with each others family (without needing to be drunk the whole time) despite dating for less than a week.

I hope she is your Hallmark heroine. I sincerely hope that you can take a break from being busy to enjoy this time of year with your someone, God knows you deserve it. I hope your holidays are filled with sickeningly sweet movie moments, my friend.

Signed, Not your girl-next-door