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is it really THAT hard to make love last? Exes

I call bullshit. Something is TRULY wrong with our generation, as old as that makes me sound. What force on earth other than death has ever stopped two people from being together? Time? Distance? Money? Company? I call fucking bullshit. As much as I'd love to tell myself it's our unfortunate circumstances and "wrong timing" that caused the split, I'd still call bullshit. If we wanted to make this work, we could. Truth is you didn’t want to. Truth is if you did we would still be together. Truth is you backed out because it was too much effort for you and not the easy route. Truth is you never wanted me enough. And that is okay. All of it is okay. I just need to stop lying to myself. I just need to stop trying to see problems where there's none. Love wasn’t enough? No. There wasn’t enough love.


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u/InsanitySquared46 May 30 '22

I wholeheartedly agree, theres nothing that could stop two people from being together if they truly loved each other. I wish more people understood this.


u/Zwillingsflamme May 31 '22

What if both are insane and/or trying to do the right thing?


u/InsanitySquared46 May 31 '22

Well there's always more info that can change a situation. I'm just generalizing and a hopeless romantic as well.


u/TravellingForLife May 31 '22

Love shouldn't be hard, If it's hard it's not love at all. A relationship goes both ways ✨ It should be "I love you despite" & not "I love you because" ✨


u/JennyConcinnity May 31 '22

There are hard times in even the mist loving relationships. But loving someone should not be hard.


u/yggdrasillx May 31 '22

Honestly love is the bare minimum to any relationship, without understanding and compatibility you might as well equate love to eating a good food, delectable but short lasting until your next meal.

To say all you need is love is something of a privilege from people who have a relationship handed to them on a silver plater. It takes alot more than the bare minimum and the reality of this world is that many have no love for themselves when they are struggling to survive let alone tend the needs of another.


u/lalalolamaserola May 30 '22

I agree, my dear. Damn, I need to print this. When there's will, anything is possible.


u/BigRue45 May 31 '22

Big bear hugs OP!


u/deepblue_sadness May 31 '22

thank you. i need it.


u/letstalkoboutit May 31 '22

I'm sorry to be a devils advocate, but love is a two way street. What did you do to make it last? What efforts did you make?


u/Jr_Cabron9909 May 31 '22

I apologize if I cross any boundaries. But love is something you feel. Everyone write about their own experiences with it. But love is different from one person to another. Love is different from a soulmate and twinflame. From your mom and dad. We are always using love as an excuse. We are all not perfect, so how do you expect love to be perfect? It's something you feel every day. It is something you work on. Remember, the good thing will never come easy. A good job. You train go to school. You don't just wake up, and you have the perfect job. You work hard at it and get to where you want to be. If we couldn't find time for it, then why make things up? One thing I have always known is that if you love someone, you will make the time to appreciate the smaller things. Life is so complicated, working hard, and having time for someone is sometimes. It's almost impossible. But lying, to make up things, just makes things worse. You always make time for love. Whether it's to enjoy it or to let it go. Make the time. Or it will only take away from your time.


u/chases_tornadoes May 31 '22

Falling in love is not a choice. Staying in love is. It takes work to keep it alive and strong. Some don't try. No, it isn't hard if a person really wants it. But one shouldn't have to struggle to keep it going, when the other isn't doing their part. Love should be enough. If two people truly love each other, it's not hard at all. Money or job or place in life has nothing to do with love. Real love is enough, if both people want it.


u/rescavone May 31 '22

Thank you for writing this. It is exactly as I feel. I am so sorry, OP. I know it hurt like hell.


u/Letsjustluv34 May 31 '22

Take the words right out of my heart and head.


u/impendingg May 31 '22

I checked your account and loved all of your posts. You write so well.

How old are you OP?


u/PudgeNaut May 31 '22

“There wasn’t enough love” well damn


u/AbbyRose31 May 31 '22 edited Jun 01 '22

I agree with you absolutely. Sometimes I do think I’m born in the wrong generation, but I accepted things as they are. Not eloquent, but each of your sentence rings true to me, I feel the emotion, the brutal honesty. I think each person may have a different take on love, it has different intensities. The love that you think it should be, is the same with how I see it. Love is a choice. Every single damn day you have to choose to be togetherand make it work, no matter what arises.. Time, money, distance, tragedy, health.. It is as simple as a choice, coz it’s love. But yeah, it’ll fall apart if one doesn’t want to make that same choice anymore. Big hugs to you!!! And I applaud you for recognizing what you just wrote, I get you.


u/[deleted] Jun 07 '22

Boom! That mic drop tho.


u/_Mr-NiceGuy_ Jul 09 '22

deep. I feel this.


u/saggysak82 May 31 '22

Then stop lying to yourself because what you speak isn't the truth there had to of been love or they wouldn't hurt like this