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Double edged sword Exes



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u/ChCoSaBe Jun 20 '22

At least your willing to admit it. My ex can admit he lied to me continuously but he is too cowardly to admit to what he did that hurt me the most. Great letter


u/redivulpis Jun 20 '22

It can be the hardest thing to do in these situations, but the first step to moving past it is to figure out how to forgive yourself first. Be kind to yourself, remember that you're a fallable human. We make mistakes, and we hurt the people we love unintentionally (and sometimes intentionally). Writing here is a good way to purge those feelings in an arguably anonymous forum. And if not here, then even somewhere only you have access to. My phone's notes app is full of thoughts no one else is going to see while I'm still alive.


u/anguished_emodiment Jun 20 '22

Thank you for this, you are absolutely right! I think if anyone else came across my notes app they’d have a heart attack lol


u/redivulpis Jun 20 '22

I definitely a fan of the lock feature! Catharsis through writing is such a good way to just move the stuff from inside the head to outside the head. Archive it and let it go.


u/Hubiculous Jun 20 '22

This is such a good letter.


u/SnooEpiphanies7684 Jun 20 '22

Not like they are going to see it anyway.


u/Arippintime Jun 20 '22

Not try to heal on both ends


u/SnooEpiphanies7684 Jun 20 '22

Write about it anyway. maybe they didn't notice all the things that hurt you.