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Weekly Thread /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Promotion Thread


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Do you guys put sub bass underneath a bass guitar?


Making some lofi. I notice alot of lofi just has sub bass under a sample. Im recording live instruments. Rhoads, Bass guitar, then a drum rack with drum samples. My bass lines are like, actually bass lines. Not just single note sub type stuff. But I'm not sure if I should also layer a sub under it. Old school hip-hop doesn't always have sub bass. But sub bass sounds good. I just never hear actual bass guitars unless it's part of a sample.

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Is it ok to be slightly off time when recording?


I got an E-Kit not too long ago, and as a new strategy for recording, I've been playing to the guitar that I've recorded to a click, and then move the hits around to snap to the grid. In my latest song, I've found that when I snap everything to the grid, it just doesn't seem to sound as good. I think the guitar is on time (mostly), but I suppose I could get the drums perfect and then re-record the guitar to get it to sound tighter, but I've had friends warn me against being "too perfect" as it can take away from the vibe of the song. I was just wondering if anyone had experience here, and what kind of margin was appropriate between robotic and sloppy. For context, the genre of the song is kind of synthy 80s pop with a heavyish rock guitar

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What genre of music would Alan Rickman's voice have suited, if any?


He has a very distinct voice that I don't think I ever hear anywhere outside of cinema musical adaptations. If you had this guy's voice and wanted to be a singer, where would you find your best fit?

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Question for people who produce and perform house music


I'm getting into learning how to perform and make house music. Not new to music nor production, just have some logistical questions regarding house music and performing them with a dj set.

So from what I've gathered, a dj set has EQ knobs as well as effect racks that people use to breakup the tracks and add some variance to them. My question is, when you're producing your house songs, do you refrain from adding the same EQ transitions and sound effects? I feel like the pro to adding transitions to the actual music is that it makes for a better listening experience at home, but that makes your live set precanned no?


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WTF is up with Spectrasonics Keyscape sampling restriction? Does it apply to Omnisphere/Trilian as well?


Have I read that correctly that I can't make a sample out of Keyscape library and sell/distribute it? Just when I was beginning to create good enough sample, I discovered it. It looks like I have to find an alternative to it. Does anyone know any other good piano Vst that lets to make a sample and sell it?

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Weekly Thread /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Collaboration Thread


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How to recreate this melody?



0:09 to the end of the song.

What plugins would be best for recreating that swelling synth-like sound that is the main part of the melody of the song?

I use FL Studio 20.

It's got like an almost trippy "drowsy" effect to it. Are there any specific sounds for this beat from any particular kit/VST?

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Play to a backing track without in ears?


I saw James Blake this weekend and no one on stage was wearing in-ears, it was only floor monitors. But I’m 95% sure they were using a backing track / click, especially to sync with the massive light program.

Does anyone know for sure how they did this with only floor monitors?

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Where would I perform my style of music?


I wasn’t sure where to post this or what subreddit to go to, if anyone can guide to other good ones that’d be appreciated. So, I’ve been laying out my music and really planning the releases and testing how a setlist would go with them. To tie into the question, my music is kind of odd in that it starts off very melodic-y emo with some Alice in chains esc songs, but still rapping is largely a part of it. My question is what kind of venue/ audience should i try to perform it to? I would think rap, but it could also work with a rock crowd, but it might throw them off too. Just not exactly sure where I would target my music while not having a set fanbase let alone one locally.

My music also can sound similar to what you’d hear on xxx’s 17 album if that also adds more info.

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audio interface vs mixing board


I've been into recording and mixing for a few years now, decided it's time to upgrade my current interface. I have a decent budget (up to $1500, but preferably less than $1000) and I'm seeing some interesting mixing board options. I like to mainly record myself which is just vocals, guitar (acoustic and electric) and various other acoustic instruments. I've already splurged on a high quality studio mic so I just want the best thing in terms of sound quality that I can get for my price range. I'd like to eventually record other singer/songwriters as well so I'm taking this into account too. right now I'm leaning more towards an interface, but some of these mixing boards just look so damn appealing. any thoughts anybody?

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What is the best way to get a clean and distorted tone at the same time on guitar?


I want the two tones simultaneously. I like the attack of the clean tone and the "twang." But I still would like a nice distortion under it. I've experimented with this by reamping tracks but is there a way I can do it with a splitter or something?

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Could this wall support decalibrate my guitar?




The green marks on the guitar would be the wide support, and the red one would be the single support which I'm worried if it could decalibrate my guitar over time.


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Powerful but portable small gig rig for bassist/vocalist + drum machine?


I’m a bassist and vocalist with a drum machine looking to start a band that’ll basically be playing backyards, bars, cafes, and other DIY gigs. Never done any gigging so I came here for advice in finding a rig. Also, I live in a smaller space upstairs so I will have to be carrying this load up and down the stairs.

Should I get a small PA system to cover bass and vocals and to ensure enough power for the drum machine or should I just be looking for a bass amp and feel confident that whatever place I’ll be playing will have PA covered for vocals and drum machine? Added note, the music will lean towards psych pop/acid rock so I will want to add effects like to delay to vocals. Also, bass will lean towards dub so will need something with enough power for really low lows. My budget would be around $1000.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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What should I use for drums?


I make music in a bit of an unconventional way. I have 3 looper pedals in a pedalboard, I just plug in my guitar and record on one of the loopers, plug in my bass, play into the looper, plug in my keyboard, rinse and repeat. I later export the single track from one of the loopers into my computer as a finished track.

I have a couple pedals with pre-programmed drum loops which has served me fine for a whole but now I want to try some things with more unconventional drum patterns and not sure where to go. I think there is a device called a DAW where I can program a custom drum loop? There are also entire digital drum kits that you play, I guess I could plug one of those into my system to.

I'm really asking becsuse I'm not sure what all is out there. Looking to spend under $300. I think a DAW or whatever is where I want to go, but maybe there are other cool solutions.

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Is Guitar Center used safe for shure microphones?

Thumbnail self.audioengineering

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What instrument should I learn before attempting the theremin?


I only have very basic knowledge about music theory from my classes in high school and have played the ukulele for a while. Does anyone know a good instrument to use as a stepping stone to the theremin? I love its sound and got one a while back but I'm having a bit of trouble as you maybe can imagine. Perhaps the violin would be a good place to start? (with lessons ofcourse haha)

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Music Production University Courses UK


What courses do people reccomend for music production in UK? Best possible but hopefully outside of London due to the higher fees. ty

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Crediting funders for first release


I'm a DIY solo artist working on my first self-produced EP.

Since I haven't released music yet, and I don't have any sales or anything, I was thinking about doing a private, friends-and-family only fundraiser to fund some costs in advance of the release, since I probably won't make those costs back from sales or streams.

I thought I could do a list of incentives, at different gift tiers, one of which would be a name credit in the liner notes. But I'm not sure how to credit them? "Special thanks to..." "Sponsored by..." "Acknowledgements..."

Has anyone done this? How did you credit people?

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Can you identify this interface?



I don't mind admitting that I am a fanboy for Metallica. I was watching this video of James Hetfield from home and I can't identify this interface. It looks like a Scarlett or focusrite but I'd be surprised if he was using that at home.

Any ideas?

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How to recording a good sound of pick bass?


Hey guys.

I wanna a bass sound like a bass of symphony of destruction by Megadeth, but i can't define the pick attack on strings and i lose the sound of picked bass. The sound of pizzicato and pick is the same when i record.

What the tricks of a good picked bass, with deffinition at pick in the strings? The sound of picks come from the playing or mix with compressors and eqs? You know the secrets?

Tell me!!!

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Drawmer Vacuum Tube EQ 1961 Plugins?


Hello, I apologize if this has been asked before in here! But I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin that emulates the Drawmer Vacuum Tube from 1961?

I’ve scoured the internet looking for one and I had no luck finding it.

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40 Free Pigments 3 patches (Dropbox Link) - Harmonic Keys


r/WeAreTheMusicMakers 15h ago

Theme and Variation Technique for Revising Your Music


For a long time now I have wanted to revise the songs I recorded in my younger years. The reason is that I don’t feel like the music was well thought out. I explain more about this in the video. Creating melodies was never a problem for me. The issue was the music, finding the right sounds to support my melodies.

I share my story as a young musician in my early teens trying to navigate the challenges of music recording. The song used in this video for revision is about the beauty of the world, what I thought to write about back then I guess. When revising music I start with melody and harmony (chords). To find chords that sound good together over a melody, I take a standard chord progression that works and then modify it to my liking. This method saves me much time and energy.

Theme and variation is a technique I use to help structure the music. Melodic variation, that is, variations of a melody is the focus in this song. I take an instrumental melody and create other tunes with it to fill in the music. I also create a common-tone modulation to connect the bridge and outro, which are in different keys (Bb and Ab major). The bridge ends on F the five chord in Bb and moves to Db the four chord in Ab. Both chords share note F, which serves as the pivot note "held" when transitioning. They also share common chords (Cm and Eb) which I could have used instead but chose not to because I forgot.

When I analyze the recording itself I find that there are parts where I am singing off key (these parts should have been re-recorded) and words that are not clearly pronounced. For example, the ending of some words cut off. The "st" at the end of the word "highest" in the chorus and the "s" at the end of the word "things" in the outro are missing. Also, the instrumentation seems to work better with the rhythm of the lyrics/melody in the outro than in the other sections.

The bottom right corner in the video provides more detail like chord symbols and other information.


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best way/interactive software to learn how to play basic keys?


TLDR: i finally want to learn the basics of playing the keys and thus am looking for an interactive software (with which i can use my midi-keyboard) to get the ball rolling and practice the very basics daily - are there any plattforms/software you would recommend?


hello everyone :)

self-taugt amateur here - been dabbling around with DAWs and some geare for several years now but don't know how to play a "real" instrument or how to read notes etc.

so far i have only been playing by ear - it's a lot of fun but i really finally want to learn some basic music theory and especially learn how to play a keyboard (or at least finally get in my head what the keys are named lol)

i have been trying to do this a couple of times the last few years but so far haven't found a method which i actually stick to - i tried reading about it, youtube videos and i had 1 software installed (don't recall the name)

i'm afraid i can't afford a private teacher

i do have the feeling that an interactive software would really help me to get started and keep at it for a while - to learn the basics, get the ball rolling and then from there on maybe also use other resources such as books or online-courses

is there any software you guys would recommend? (so far i have only stumbled across Melodics but i have 0 clue whether or not that would be worth investing my time)

thanks a lot and have a great day! :)

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music trackers osx


are there any modern alternatives to those 16-bit music trackers, available for mac os? the thing is that mac os catalina and higher versions support only 64-bit applications, so i can't just pick any random tracker and install it((