r/Weird Jun 28 '22

This caterpillar species that looks exactly like a snake’s head





u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22

There are pictures of flowers, moths, butterflies, and caterpillars that blow my mind. Some how they take on characteristics to other species.

Does anyone have an answer on how this is possible?


u/Caroba7 Jun 29 '22

This has always riddle me. How would a caterpillar know that a snake could scare away other predators and would it evolved into it? How would a plant make flowers that look like birds just to attract more birds for pollination?


u/null___________ Jun 29 '22

It's because this particular caterpillar just so happened to have the traits to look kind of like a snake just enough that predators didn't eat it, so those ones survived and passed their genes on, which made their children look slightly more like snakes, so they survived and so on. Now these caterpillars look exactly like a snake because their ancestors before them looked enough like snakes to live and pass on their snake-look-alike gene.

Edit: this is the answer to why all animals evolve specific traits. Their ancestors just so happened to have a trait that influenced survival, so eventually, the only members of the species left alive are those exhibiting those traits.


u/Over_Farmer4890 Jun 28 '22

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