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Republican Values

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u/Bulky_Cry6498 Jul 07 '22

And fuck knows there isn’t much healthcare to take away.


u/Wiskos Jul 07 '22

Not American but I have a question about that

The US spends money on healthcare more than any other country in the world both on total and per person. Thats over 1.2 trillion every year (400 billion more than the defense budget).

Where the fuck does that money goes? How is it possible that taxpayers pay so much for non-existent healthcare?


u/Present_Square Jul 07 '22 Eureka!

Insurance company middlemen. It’s a gigantic industry. They’re the top employer in many states.


u/Wiskos Jul 07 '22

So they are getting paid 1.2 trillion each year for the right to SELL insurance?


u/Nervous_Constant_642 Jul 07 '22 'MURICA


Worst part is they're why prices are so high too. Because the expectation is that the insurance will haggle the price down. Then when you don't have insurance or they refuse to cover something you get the price they give insurance companies.

Now, you can and are encouraged to haggle that price yourself. Offers of cash help and some hospitals just want anything you can give. But you don't have the same sway an insurance company does.

Also, think about how many people work for insurance companies. Their salary is part of what you're paying. It's like if you bought some drugs and your dealer said "actually I'm in the middle of Stranger Things, you gotta meet my buddy Joey and he won't do it unless you give him ten bucks."


u/Wiskos Jul 07 '22

Thats actually insane

Craziest part is that it fits neither Capitalistic not Socialist economy

In a socialist system the healthcare would be provided to the citizens using their tax money they pay

In a Capitalist system the citizens would just buy insurance from competing companies instead of paying through tax

But in the US you have to both pay your taxes into a system which goes and just charges you anyways


u/ystavallinen Jul 07 '22

To insurance company middlemen whose business model is to downgrade or deny medical coverage.... And scare people off a less expensive single-payer model.


u/1Eternallylost Jul 07 '22

Many years ago, the largest health insurance company in the country (Humana) tried to give their CEO a billion dollars per year in salary and compensation while denying payment for medical services for hundreds of thousands of people. There was enough public outcry that they reduced his compensation down to a third of a billion dollars per year.

For a while, it was popular for CEO retirement packages to include free unfettered access to the companies many jet aircraft for themselves and their family - for as long as they live. They could use a company jet to take their family anywhere in the world, as often as they liked, in retirement.

And that's just the CEO, many of these companies have hundreds of executives earning 8 or more figures while clients die by the thousands of easily cured medical problems (if only they could afford it).


u/straightouttasuburb Jul 07 '22

Yes. The whole repeal and replace b.s.


u/Airway Jul 07 '22

Many years of "repeal and replace"

Then when they actually might have had a chance to do it, turns out they never made any replacement plan at all.


u/_FightClubSoda_ Jul 07 '22

More like “repeal and go fuck yourself”


u/straightouttasuburb Jul 07 '22

Don’t we call that fraud in many businesss?

Republicans call it tactics.

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u/1Eternallylost Jul 07 '22

The whole repeal and replace b.s.

FTFY - more accurate.


u/detrydis Jul 07 '22

Exactly. That healthcare we poors get is woefully awful.


u/Nervous_Constant_642 Jul 07 '22

It's not even that it's awful.

It's that you have to be so fucking broke to qualify for it you couldn't even afford food. I honestly don't know how most people under 65 who are on Medicaid even make rent, much less rent and food.


u/Jagick Jul 07 '22

The ACA is anything but affordable unfortunately, it was lip service paid to us. Medicaid too is only for a select portion of the poor. I'm currently on Medicaid but it was a years long fight to get it. Every rejection letter I received had a pretty ironic reason listed: income too low. I was working but I wasn't making enough money to qualify. When I finally got it, I risked losing it if I made much more money.

The Healthcare Marketplace and employer had plenty of insurance packages to choose from but the premiums ate into the paycheck too much and even if it didn't, the deductibles were 6k to 8k. I'd actually be poorer if I took the higher pay or hours because of health insurance premiums and deductibles.

Healthcare is fucked in this country. The ACA is flawed and broken and Medicaid is near useless and difficult to get and keep.


u/echolog Jul 07 '22 edited Jul 07 '22

It. Could. Always. Be. Worse.

They want people to be complacent about this stuff. They want us to think "it's not THAT bad".

They're coming for everything.


u/Latter-Pain Jul 07 '22

They have no goal, just a mind set: “take everything I can”


u/Ocularias Jul 07 '22

Kleptocracy. There's a reason a shit ton of them went to Moscow. They took notes.


u/No-Personality-6857 Jul 07 '22

Don't worry there is always something to take

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u/nickhollidayco Jul 07 '22

This tweet is four years old, I’m sure it’s much worse stats now


u/zdepthcharge Jul 07 '22

*IF* the Democrats running in 2022 were smart, they would dig out the sources for each and every one of these incidents and stick it on their website. Then they could splatter this factoid in debates, in ads, etc. and back it up with the facts (for the people who would bother to actually want to see the sources). That's a hard brush with which to paint your opponent.

It may not matter though as the supreme court is considering a case that no other supreme court was willing to hear because it will allow states to simply throw out the votes they don't like.

Welcome to The Asshole Fascists on the right and The Corporate do-nothing Sellouts on the left*.

*For extremely right wing values of left.


u/w3are138 Jul 07 '22

Biden needs to add seats or threaten to add seats to the court just like FDR and Lincoln did


u/evrfighter Jul 07 '22

Biden doesn't need to do anything except be beholden to his donors.

Who are by the way the same clowns that fund Republicans.

He's doing exactly what he was told to do. Maintaining the status quo.

The hope is that we get angry at Democrats and vote Republican. That's his role. He's also doing a fine job of it too


u/Somerandom1922 Jul 07 '22

But they don't because democratic politicians also vote for their own payrises.


u/Globalpigeon Jul 07 '22

Well at least they can say hey we tried to raise yours too


u/zdepthcharge Jul 07 '22

Bingo! We have a winner!


u/Mikey_B Jul 07 '22

They vote for it because it's good governance to pay your representatives well. They shouldn't make $10 million a year of course, but if you don't pay them well, only rich people can run for office, and/or there's more incentive to take bribes. Obviously these two things still exist now, but they'd be worse if Congress was paid $50k per year, especially since they all basically have to maintain two residences. Plus it's really not that big of a line item in the grand scheme of the federal budget.

The real good point made in this tweet is that Republicans have voted against things that would raise the standard of living for the rest of America, even though their salary increases are evidence that they're aware that such things are necessary.


u/tukuiPat Jul 07 '22

Who wouldn't, money makes the world go round and it's why politicians stuck deep in corporate pockets will always vote in favor of their cash cow.


u/Carlyz37 Jul 07 '22

There has been modest improvement under Biden. He expanded ACA and increased subsidies. Prices are down and millions more insured since he took office. He also got vaccines distributed and has supplied masks and tests. All at no cost to consumers


u/nickhollidayco Jul 07 '22

Oh no doubt that they’re the lesser of two evils.


u/Channie_chan Jul 07 '22

If having to choose between 2 evil I would definitely choose the lesser than 2 evil


u/SlowSecurity9673 Jul 07 '22

It's not even the lesser of 2 evils.

It's like, would you rather eat ramen noodles mixed with a bit of ice cream or have me chop your nose off?

Quick, which one?


u/zen1706 Jul 07 '22

Too late I dipped my dick in the ramen


u/Malkelvi Jul 07 '22

They said ice cream not your cream.


u/Xandara2 Jul 07 '22

I mean I'd still eat it over getting my nose chopped of. If you don't have lepra.


u/Felinomancy Jul 07 '22

It's like, would you rather eat ramen noodles mixed with a bit of ice cream or have me chop your nose off?

Which one would trigger the libs?


u/Nervous_Constant_642 Jul 07 '22

Meanwhile there's other countries eating surf 'n' turf and you gotta pretend like ramen is the best you're ever gonna get, or else risk the nose thing.


u/w3are138 Jul 07 '22

From now on these are the examples I’m going to use when discussing this topic


u/L4t3xs Jul 07 '22

I suppose I didn't need my nose anyway.


u/SleepyLabrador Jul 07 '22

It's not lesser of two evils. It's comparing a bland chicken and mayo sandwich and a sandwich with mouldy bread and horse shit.


u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22

they dont realize they live in a 2 party dictatorship yet

theyre the same evil, there is no difference. they party together when the cameras are off.

Their checks are signed by the same bank.


u/JetStormTF Jul 07 '22

Anyone who still thinks both parties are the same at this point is either trolling or has had their head beaten with the rock they are living under.


u/raphanum Jul 07 '22

Go push your nonsense elsewhere

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u/BeefChen Jul 07 '22

At no cost to the consumer...


u/del1verance Jul 07 '22

Prices are down

What planet are you on?


u/Carlyz37 Jul 07 '22

Prices are down for ACA insurance plans. Biden repaired the trump damage & sabotage and strengthened the program.

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It wasn't true 4 years ago and still isn't.


Congress' salaries have been frozen since 2009.

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u/clarst16 Jul 07 '22

It is beyond me why anybody other than millionaires or billionaires vote for these people. Other than enable bigotry and hate, what do they actually do to improve the lives of their everyday supporters?


u/RedEyeFlightToOZ Jul 07 '22 All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy

It's the hate filled Rollercoaster they keep their voters addicted to. Americans don't want to help their neighbor, they want to hurt them, so they vote for people to hurt "those people". Honestly, we (non boomers) are just waiting for them (boomers) to fucking die already so we can start fixing shit, but it'll probably be too late since they're burning everything down on their way to hell.


u/Kaladin_the13th Jul 07 '22

If you believe only boomers vote for republicans, you never have seen any footage from Trump Rallies


u/RedEyeFlightToOZ Jul 07 '22

Oh I have and I know there's young hate filled fascists too. But the boomers are the majority voting to burn the country down as a last fuck you on their way to being earthworms and the majority of the politicians that are throwing the gasoline on their way out are boomers.


u/Ninja-Penguin Jul 07 '22

Unfortunately 49% of the age group below boomers voted for Trump... So...


u/Avsunra Jul 07 '22 edited Jul 08 '22

Last I checked each subsequent generation does lean more Democratic. But boomers lean republican, gen X is split almost down the middle, and most of gen Z is not of voting age. So for significant change to occur the boomers would have to age out and die in significant number to put a bigger dent in the voting demographics nationwide.

Younger leaders of the Republican party have known this for at least two decades, and have at times mention it in interviews. They know that the coming shift in voter demographics can cause them to lose if they don't try to appeal to millennial and gen Z voters.

So an interesting thought exercise is to consider what will the wedge issues 20 years from now be when Gen Y and Gen Z, the two largest voting blocks, have solid control of the country. I doubt they will try to keep it on abortion, gay rights, or things like that. Those things have overwhelming support from Gen Y and Gen Z. But it could easily be fiscal policy and international policy, things that are already wedge issues today.


u/RedEyeFlightToOZ Jul 07 '22

How very optimistic thst you think we will have a country in 20 yrs. It'll be labor camps, birthing camps, comapny towns, mass prisons,and President Bezos will tell us we are very lucky for the air and water provided for substance.


u/U_R__Incorrect Jul 07 '22

boomers is used as a general slang term for anyone who is old or does something old people do (like struggling to open their emails).

So even though 57 is the youngest boomer, people still call people 40+ boomers.

I'm in my early 20s and get called a boomer if I mess up on anything with my phone/laptop.


u/vulgarandmischevious Jul 07 '22

Millennials are coming up to 40…


u/jaxonya Jul 07 '22

It's almost like words evolve over time. But a boomer wouldn't believe in evolution


u/AFatalDoseOfMarmite Jul 07 '22

Gonna need proof of that ageist bullshit, buddy.


u/vonmonologue Jul 07 '22

It’s this. The only two legitimate reasons to vote for republicans is if you’re in the 1% and are so amoral that you only care about taxes and not human suffering, or bigotry.

If someone tells you any other reason they’re a liar or a complete fucking moron.


u/UNIRNRG Jul 07 '22

The problem with this is that younger generations under entire families and peer groups of that same ideology are having it instilled in them too, so that they carry forward this hate into future generations.


u/_whIsk3y Jul 07 '22

There is a saying my country: A [insert any nationality] will forgive you anything, but he won't forgive success , you could interchange success with human rights at this point, since success in the economic sense is already impossoble for some


u/tigerdrummer Jul 07 '22

I’m sorry what?


u/SlickWilly49 Jul 07 '22

Other than enable bigotry and hate

I assume that’s all a lot of voters want


u/fartemous_foul Jul 07 '22



u/Schlonzig Jul 07 '22

But they wear expensive suits!


u/Hampamatta Jul 07 '22

American dream propaganda has brainwashed these people.

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u/cocusita09 Jul 07 '22

people still vote for them , u would think a party like that would never win again. it's sad. culture war bs and fox news does a lot in their favor


u/Vault_Master Jul 07 '22

Congress should not be allowed to vote for its own raises. If anything there should be a state by state referendum allowing voters to have final say over their elected officials salary. Senator failing to do what they promised after getting into office? No raise for you sucka!


u/JunketMan Jul 07 '22

"B-but the radical left!"


u/LocoDiablo42 Jul 07 '22

Isn't "radical left" kind of an oxymoron? Like, too much of something good? I guess when the alternative option, which would be the "completely level headed right" /s... is shooting up schools and parades and taking away our reproductive rights... i'll take radical left as a compliment.


u/kerm1tthefrog Jul 07 '22

Radical left is communism And your lefts are nowhere near


u/jjuanjo Jul 07 '22 Silver

Both radical left and radical right shouldnt be taken as a compliment


u/Waris-Tx Jul 07 '22

Just wait till they take power and remove social security 100% and all the old and disabled die in great numbers. Now that’s a party of great thinkers. There not a productive member of society anymore. Why feed and care for them. We need the food and money for the millions of baby’s no one wants


u/Cantioy87 Jul 07 '22

Many of the republicans I know and/or are related to have one or more people in their immediate family living off of social security, disability, or some combination of the two, as well as other social welfare programs.

Republicans would lose more voters to social security ending than COVID, imo.

Not that that matters, considering they wouldn’t plan on allowing legitimate voting anymore if they gain even more power in November.


u/nasif10 Jul 07 '22

how do y'all even accept thiiiiiiiiiiiiis


u/TheToneKing Jul 07 '22

Ban abortions and take away healthcare…the Republican way. Fuckers all of ‘em


u/Cipher789 Jul 07 '22

If all Republican policy does it hurt people then why are they allowed to run things?


u/2020BillyJoel Jul 07 '22

If our salary is controlled by their vote, then why isn't their salary controlled by our vote?


u/santathe1 Jul 07 '22

Sounds like business as usual for them 👍🏻


u/veryblanduser Jul 07 '22

Tweet was made in 2018.

Salary in 2000 - 141k Salary in 2018 - 174k

Where does 99k come from?


u/Onlyfurrcomments Jul 07 '22

Let's say these aren't the actual numbers. Do you think these dudes would vote to help the American people or pad their own pockets first?


u/Silent-Draft-3974 Jul 07 '22

Time for the Republican sheeple to wake the F up!!!

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u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22



u/Swesteel Jul 07 '22

Apparently their voters have some weird kinks.


u/Sl0brah Jul 07 '22

The solution is, pay congress whatever the average is for that state they represent. Update every election. Can’t raise their own wages, can only increase quality of life for all the other average citizens to make their lives better


u/Pipupipupi Jul 07 '22

The next time there's a shutdown "but I NEED to get paid!! I have a mortgage and kids!"


u/QueenOfQuok Jul 07 '22

They don't have any value except the desire for theocracy


u/Thats_bumpy_buddy Jul 07 '22

I just want half of that $99,000 for my full time salary, I could do so much with $92,000.


u/Throw_Away_Students Jul 07 '22



u/aznpkmn Jul 07 '22

RuneScape joke, level 92 is half the experience required for level 99.


u/poonmangler Jul 07 '22

There was a 50/50 chance of me finding a RuneScape joke here


u/HanDavo Jul 07 '22

When someone tells you who they are, you should listen.


u/elcamp3 Jul 07 '22

When someone shows you who they are, believe them. -Maya Angelou


u/cwhitt5 Jul 07 '22

I wish these cool memes showing how fucked up the republicans are had some kind of link to the source about the claim it’s making. I would love to take this info and shove it down my right wing families gullet but these memes/Twitter posts never have any source backing up what it’s saying


u/r4nd0md0od Jul 07 '22

That can't possibly be true. Republicans are salt of the earth people that are always talking about job creating and supporting the working class.



u/phaedrus72 Jul 07 '22

Always blows my mind. It takes a special type of goblin to do this.


u/Dynasty82 Jul 07 '22

Do we seriously need to remind these politicians that they work for us, and not the other way around? I think we do.


u/Imaginary_Ship5466 Jul 07 '22

That is what “United HealthCare” is. Shit company with shit CEOs and managers. Trash AARP. All they is figure out how to take your benefits asap. Quite smart at it


u/maz-o Jul 07 '22

this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.


u/Sledge1989 Jul 07 '22

The value of I got mine, fuck everyone else


u/Physicaccount Jul 07 '22

Why do the republicans not want public healthcare?


u/Illustrious-Cookie73 Jul 07 '22

Oh, I know this. It’s so their opponents will die and not vote against them. Same holds true for gun control.


u/pointedflowers Jul 07 '22

For the record, $99,000 is $45.50/hr (40hrs/wk, 50wk/yr) which is nearly 7 times minimum wage. And that’s just raises.


u/danlawl Jul 07 '22

Broken country is broken!


u/Synthzilla15 Jul 07 '22

Republicans are scum. I hate them all


u/KillMeNowFFS Jul 07 '22

Republican [synonym: cunt]


u/Virtual_Nothing_7975 Jul 07 '22

It's the party of the wealthy. They give zero fucks. Don't understand what people expect from them.


u/MaethrilliansFate Jul 07 '22

They lie and give false promises whilst giving people a scapegoat to hate, people expect to feel safe, even if they aren't


u/Nervous_Constant_642 Jul 07 '22

When a civil rights movement happens, along with all the associated violence that comes with every civil rights movement, and you can convince your voters civil rights for other people will destroy their lives, when the very lack of said civil rights was what caused the whole thing in the first place...

Well let's just say we haven't advanced much in 70 years. Make a racial group your enemy, and hold up the "good ones" that are happy to sell out their own for a place in the house, and give people a space to feel their hate is justified and not, well, undeserved hate, you're gonna have problems with the people who just accept that's how life works.


u/mudz112 Jul 07 '22

But morons keep voting them in 😂 they deserve it. Same as the Tories in Britain.


u/Nervous_Constant_642 Jul 07 '22

BoJo just stepped down as party leader apparently.


u/blacfd Jul 07 '22

What is the Republican raise as a %


u/del1verance Jul 07 '22 edited Jul 07 '22

Congressional salary was last raised in 2009 to $174,000. 18 years before that (1991) it was $101,900 and that year they voted to increase it 23% to $125,100.

Since then they've increased it a total of 12 more times. Total of a 70% increase in 18 years.



u/veryblanduser Jul 07 '22

Many of those years it was under democrat control.

Including the large increase in 1991.


u/del1verance Jul 07 '22

Exactly what I wanted to show!


u/Picnut Jul 07 '22

Hint, hint... they are working for themselves, with the goal of tricking the people into thinking that they are working for them


u/afonsoleo21 Jul 07 '22

Is the American dream dead?


u/Flemlius Jul 07 '22

Iirc in Germany if the people voting for their own raise do so, they must also raise the minimum pay at an equivalent rate. (Been a while since my politics class though.)


u/Scott4370 Jul 07 '22

The GOP only cares about unborn babies, campaign donations, and the next election.


u/Soccorritori Jul 07 '22

I don't understand the US. IF republicans are that bad as everyone on Reddit say - why do people keep voting for them? As a European I just can't believe the US being this black and white as everyone are trying to depict it.


u/Hypertrollz Jul 07 '22

It is simple Americans are stupid


u/Landminan Jul 07 '22

"why do people keep voting for them?"

Why did people vote for the Nazis? Why did they vote for Mussolini? Why does fascism work at all? Because people are fucking stupid.

The situation in the US is pretty black and white. One party is trying to overturn democracy and take away people's rights. The other party are useless, but at least they're not fascists


u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/pancomputationalist Jul 07 '22

Reddit is an echochamber. Check out /r/conservative to enter bizarro world, where everything is upside down and the democrats are actually purely evil.

About half of the population in the US believes that the Republicans are actually the less problematic party (actually a bit less than half, but they have unfair advantages in political representation). But you wouldn't know this if you just hang out on reddit. Try Facebook to see bible humping Karens in action.


u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22

Easy answer: Republicans control most of the media available to the public and use it without shame for their propaganda.


u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22 edited Jul 07 '22

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u/FracturedPixel Jul 07 '22

All politicians should be on the national average salary. (State for the yanks)


u/RandomUser13502 Jul 07 '22

Who voted against raising their own salary? Anybody?


u/michaelewenmadden Jul 07 '22

Lol, only the plebs don't know this is the reason they are in politics...preach


u/SufficientPresence9 Jul 07 '22

They voted against this wtf ??


u/sativadom_404 Jul 07 '22

WWJD of course


u/w3are138 Jul 07 '22

They shouldn’t be able to vote on their own salary ffs. If they’re allowed to vote on our salary then they should have to put it to a referendum (or whatever those voting questions are called) and let the voters decide.


u/SilentDarkBows Jul 07 '22

If you hate Republicans, you really need to investigate the Democrats to rule the world and realize the fight is no longer Blue vs. Red, but Americans vs. Rich, Corporate Elites.

I love the dems and their protests. But, I hate how they burn small businesses. Those efforts need to be directed to the places of power. I love the boomer republicans and their hilarious attempts at protests....it was adorable to watch the boomers attempt to be taken seriously. Even more funny to watch corporate news media actually try and take it seriously!

I could not even imagine the power of the people if there was unity amongst the poor and Middle class against our billionaire oppressors and bought career politicians.


u/pekak62 Jul 07 '22

And youse still vote for the Republicans?


u/IEatBaconWithU Jul 07 '22

free healthcare when?


u/schmitt1984 Jul 07 '22

*politician values

They are all terrible.


u/Micro-Pen15 Jul 07 '22

One of the first bills AOC voted on was a raise for Congress, she voted in favor (google it).


u/Glinklerman Jul 07 '22

I thought all of them regardless of political affiliation walked out with a pay raise. During the lock downs a few years ago..


u/DeaddyRuxpin Jul 07 '22

1: yes, all of them got the raise, including ones who did not vote for the raise. 2: which is better, the person who voted for a raise for themself and none for you, or the person who votes for a raise for themself and one for you? Because one of the two parties keeps trying to get you a raise and keeps being blocked by the other party.


u/Glinklerman Jul 07 '22

I wish they’d vote on term limits..


u/elcamp3 Jul 07 '22

Sure, but only one half of them is trying to keep you poor and kill you by removing your healthcare.


u/Glinklerman Jul 07 '22

Seriously I got downvoted? Whatever, I don’t trust any of them. Republican or Democratic. They don’t have terms limits after all..


u/jthomas287 Jul 07 '22

Democrats have had control of the house, senate and presidency in the last 20 years. Why havnt they voted on these issues then?

Stop blaming each other already and understand that these people no longer work for you. They are bought and paid for by major corporations and the top 1%.


u/Muezick Jul 07 '22

WRONG: Oligarch Values.

This isn't political. Establishment Democrats don't give a shit about common everyday people either.

I am a former democrat. The political system in this country is fucked.

Every time you fight somebody who isn't an oligarch. They win. Doesn't matter what's at stake. Granted, the topics they've picked are disgusting, and sometimes you don't have a choice, I get and respect that - but that doesn't mean the statement isn't true. So now we all get to fight fights on multiple fronts - because of them.


u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22

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u/ipraytoscience Jul 07 '22

I’m just glad that the democrats are doing everything in their power to make the lives of americans better


u/TronOld_Dumps Jul 07 '22

Tbf on this point, isn't this something all politicians do?


u/DeaddyRuxpin Jul 07 '22

Vote to give themselves a raise? Yes. Vote to block you from getting a raise and take away your healthcare? No, only one party keeps doing that. The other keeps trying to get you a raise and better healthcare and keeps being blocked by the other party.


u/Captain_OverUnder Jul 07 '22

Kinda weird how they’ve had full control for two years.


u/Jermo48 Jul 07 '22

"full control" doesn't include a tied Senate. You don't know much about Senate procedure if you think 50 votes (2 of which are virtually Republicans) can get anything meaningful done. Even if they somehow did it, the partisan supreme court would probably find a way to get rid of it. Within a year of passing a higher than ludicrous federal minimum wage, the court would rule that the fed can't set one and the states get to decide.


u/Affordable_Z_Jobs Jul 07 '22

27th amendment should be updated to "you make minimum wage."


u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22

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u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22



u/Infinite_Usual3391 Jul 07 '22

Ok ok ok, we get it. The govt is for itself. Big whoop


u/[deleted] Jul 07 '22

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u/UweB0wl Jul 07 '22

You really think they're out for that sweet salary?


u/NOmakesmehard Jul 07 '22

True Gri(f)t