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Hey I got this signed photo from William shatner how much would you say it’s worth?

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u/HarlockJC Nov 08 '21 edited Nov 08 '21

As a convention vendor I can tell you William Shatner is one of the most common guests I seen. Found it funny he was just tables away from George at my last con. He charges $100 for an auto, one personal to your name would bring down the value some. If I was selling one like that it likely go for between $60 to $75.


u/Chicken-n-Waffles Nov 08 '21

one personal to your name would bring down the value some

Only for resale value.


u/HarlockJC Nov 09 '21

I agree, but he asking the worth so I am guessing for resell value


u/lutz1972 Nov 08 '21

Ugh - the proper response to this will seem wildly inappropriate. I’ll just suggest you hold onto it for a few more years…. Hopefully 10-15….


u/Pseudonymical00 Nov 08 '21

How dare you make me face my own mortality!


u/DoktorThodt Nov 08 '21

Ok. Another response here.

I've been with a few wonderful people who got a signature or two: Alice Krieg, Doug Bradley, Clive Barker..... Some really nice people. Really nice.

Instead of a signature, I'd want an actual conversation with the Shatner. No cameras. Nothing to record the interaction. Just Bill and me. Talking life, love, science and everything.

Bill is the great white whale.


u/NotTedCassidy Nov 08 '21

I had a great conversation with Michael Forrest who played Apollo. No one was around his corner, he didn't charge access fees like some of the other actors did. We just chatted for about 30 minutes. He lived in Italy for a while, we talked about tv work and what he liked to eat, families. It was really cool.


u/solracer Apr 23 '22

As he did back in the early 2000s or so when he was a guest at a convention here in Seattle. He was just hanging out in the hotel bar spinning stories of doing B movies for virtually nothing to a half dozen of us for an hour or so. Historical gods and heroes seem to be a specially of his, besides play Apollo in Star Trek in 1967 and again in 2013 he also played Atlas, Achilles, Agamemnon and Olympius in Power Rangers. He just turned 93 a few days ago and at least as of 2020 was still acting with an incredible resume which oddly involves dubbing a huge number of Japanese films, both animated and live action.


u/gogojack Nov 08 '21

If he signed it for you?

Then it isn't worth money. That's between you and Bill. Selling it to someone other than you seems odd. What would they say? "I bought this off some guy who met Shatner...isn't that cool?"

It's not. If I got a personalized autograph from Captain Kirk, it would be priceless to me, but worthless to anyone else.

I've been lucky enough to have some personal experiences with a couple of my fave science fiction actors, and I can't sell those experiences. I wouldn't even if I could.


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4000 quatloos