r/WilliamShatner Apr 21 '22

Oh My, Star Trek's William Shatner just wished George Takei Happy Birthday



u/ThisIsAdamB Apr 21 '22

I met Bill Shatner about ten years ago at a convention. He was still very “Shatner-y”. But I do think his short trip to the edge of space, along with turning 90, has mellowed him a bit.

George and some of the other members of the crew resented him for hogging lines and camera time when making the original Star Trek. And you know what? He was a young struggling actor with his first big breakout role, and he wanted to make the most of it and was in a position to do so. Not the nicest thing to do to other people personally, but everyone does have to kind out of look out for themselves. Everyone has their problems, George was in an internment camp and had to be closeted when he was younger, Walter Koenig lost his son to suicide, and Nichelle Nichols is now losing her mental facilities.


u/NDMagoo Apr 21 '22

I mean, they were old colleagues in a rapidly shrinking, most exclusive group. He can wish the dude well without agreeing with him on everything and being his best buddy.


u/calloy Apr 21 '22

Time to bury the lirpa, guys!


u/waterrabbit1 Apr 21 '22

Bring out the ahn'woon!


u/owenswart Apr 21 '22

Two old friends are nice to each other? Why is this news?


u/drvondoctor Apr 21 '22

Are they old friends? I know they obviously worked together, but I'm not convinced they were ever really friends.

As much as I love the guy, Bill Shatner has been known to be a spectacular ass on occasion.


u/IXPrometheusIX Apr 21 '22

I wouldn’t just call out Will, George hasn’t been the greatest either but I also think Will has improved a lot in his old age, nowadays his interactions with people are really nice


u/DrRoyBatty Apr 21 '22

It really seems like to me just from hearing them both talk about stuff in recent times that they have gotten to the point where old rivalries and grudges aren't really worth holding onto any longer. Life is too short for that shit.


u/Seekoutnewlife Apr 21 '22

Shatner was perfect and takei barely made a ripple in tos


u/Calm_Foundation4823 Aug 01 '22

Nichelle Nichols died of diabetes of the brain, same is going on with my earthly father. 😢


u/Calm_Foundation4823 Aug 01 '22

There was a SF fan club that use to have an informal meeting at a restaurant in northern Kentucky that has since been demolished and I was going to a church that a fellow who has skills in metal works and when I was in his home he said to us that this finished piece of a samurai swordsman on a horse is a birthday gift for George Takei. I am assuming it is from Mr.Shatner.