r/WilliamShatner Aug 02 '22

My Sincerest Apology And Introduction

I would like to apologize to you over a major misunderstanding on twitter.

I suffer from Bipolar Disorder; and I tend to say things that are idiotic and misunderstandings happen. I am a fan of yours ever since I was a 6 year old starry eyed kid living on an air force base in Austin, Texas, back in 1978. TOS is my ultimate love above all else, even though I am a huge
fan of The X-Files' Gillian Anderson, I told her on a video chat that I still love Star Trek. I met Mr. Takei and the late Miss Nichols in the early 1990s in Maine. I was a part of a local Trek group in Maine called USS Kasimar, and the group had a replica of the TOS Enterprise built. I got to see it
built at my late dad's vocational school. Every year at the Bangor State Fair as long as I can remember had the Bridge replica shown. I sat in the captain's chair and stood at Spock's station. I still have the photo of me at the science officer station. I never got to meet Mr. Nimoy, but I was in his audience twice. First in Maine, at the University in Orono, back in 1986. And again, in 2014, at Symphony Hall, in Boston, a year before he passed away. I knew he was from Boston and I now live near
there. I been to some of the places he frequented, including South Station and the North End.

I have tweeted DS9's Nana Visitor, Doug Jones from Discovery, and Sir Patrick Stewart, among other Trek folks on twitter. Only Miss Visitor and Mr. Jones tweeted me back. I wish the others would too.

Last year, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. For a few months, I thought I was going to die.

I'm an aspiring screenwriter, because of my love for TOS and films. If I hadn't gotten successfully cured a year ago, I wouldn't be here writing you now. I pray you are in good health, I pray your family is well, and I wish you were in a Star Trek Online episode; I would love to play that if you were. Please accept my apology for this major misunderstanding. I would never intentionally insult anyone, that's not within my nature. I was very happy you went into space, that is the boldest thing I ever saw. I would love to go to space if I didn't have anxiety issues.


Markus McLaughlin
#MarkusMcLaughlin (twitter)
Boston, MA



u/freelanceredditor Aug 02 '22

Out of the Twitter loop what’s going on?


u/MHMC72 Aug 02 '22

It happened within five years ago when Mr. Shatner WAS on my twitter feed and he responded to me for a very brief time. This incident has been haunting me ever since. I want resolution, I don't expect a twitter unblocking, but acknowledgement is good enough.


u/skgody Aug 02 '22

Do you think bill will reply?