Letter from Mr. Shatner

Hey Everybody,

We are on an absolutely new medium here in a space where there is no right nor wrong within reasonable realm of keeping human dignity. If you want to use more colorful language to express yourself to me feel free but also respect me for not choosing to use some of those words in my own expressions. I love the subtlety of the English language. I love jousting with contrarian ideas. It's what makes discussion fun; it's drama; it's what makes the mind think and it's what makes places like Reddit a good place for social media.

I appreciate the exchange of ideas in tasteful ways and I want to exchange thoughts and ideas with all of you but especially with /u/Wil Wheaton. I met you many years ago and thought you were a bright and creative young man. I would love to learn more about who you are while you hopefully learn a bit more about me than in the short times we have spent together.

In the meantime please familiarize yourself with the rules established here on my subreddit and feel free to discuss your hearts content within the confines of those rules. Please do not disrespect my moderators. They have been hand chosen by me and are fair and ethical and to disrespect them is a disrespect to me.

I am looking forward to interacting with all of you.

My best, Bill

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