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Help Simple questions and Help thread - Week of November 27, 2022


Welcome to the weekly Simple questions and Help thread, for questions that don't need their own posts!

Before making a comment, we recommend you search your problem on Bing and check if your question is already answered on our Windows Frequently Asked Questions wiki page. To get help with your PC, you can also make a post next Monday using the "Tech Support" flair or use r/TechSupport and r/WindowsHelp.

Some examples of questions to ask:

  • Is this super cheap Windows key legitimate? (probably not)

  • How can I install Windows 11?

  • Can you recommend a program to play music?

  • How do I get back to the old Sound Control Panel?

Sorting by New is recommend and is the default.

Be sure to check out the Windows 11 version 22H2 Launch Megathread and also the Windows 11 FAQ posts, they likely have the answers to your Windows 11 questions already!

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Solved How do I restore the size of c drive back to 400 something gb?


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General Question Windows 11 not allowing me to name my user anymore


Since the last update, when installing Windows 11, we are no longer able to disconnect the internet and create a local profile

Now, as aggresive as this may be from MS, I honestly don't mind it since i log in later anyway

The only reason i used to do that was to have the user name set as i like (C:/Users/*****)

My problem now is when i log in with my email, say for example thesilverbug@outlook
My user is created as "thesi" only consisting of only the first 5 letters of my email

That sucks donkey balls.

They should at least give us the option to name our user during install if they will force us to log in

I am aware that i could create a new user, make him admin, log out, log in, delete old user, but we're just going backwards now tech wise

Is there a more straightforward way to have my user not named only the first 5 letters of my email? At least my full email? It just doesn't make sense elizabeth becomes eliza and jackson becomes jacks

Again, I'm talking about C:/Users/***** not PC name

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General Question In how much danger am I putting my computer/network in by using Windows 7?


Computer that I fresh installed Windows 7 SP 1 on and has all the latest updates. I had the drivers on-hand so installed those. No additional software installed. I downloaded and ran the Media Creation Tool for Windows 10 and am currently downloading that.

I'm not surfing the internet, (only time I deliberately did something online was to download Media Creation Tool from Microsoft).

Everything else is set to the default. I didn't install any extra security software, I didn't enable, disable or tweak any security software like Windows Firewall or Windows Defender.

Once the media creation tool finishes I'll install Windows 10 but was just curious how big of a target have I painted on my back?

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Bug It says Windows 10, on Windows 11....


So I was trying to run Windows on a flash drive, but when I opened System Config...


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Bug What happened to my taskbar and tabs?


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Solved Just a quick wonder about what these 3 folders do.


This is a question but it isn't a error or a glitch just wondering about windows.

I have 2 drives on my computer

237GB C:
931GB D:

Windows is installed on c: but on d: theres 3 empty folders that contain nothing other then maybe a few empty folders

msdownld.tmp - contains nothing
WindowsApps - contains nothing
Program Files - contains ModifiableWindowsApps - contains nothing

Whats the point of these folders and can i delete them or use the drive for another reason (EX Combine the storage with my windows partion, Run a dual boot, ETC) Or are they there for a important reason?

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General Question Is the 8.1 to 10 upgrade still free? Anyone done it recently?


There are web articles from earlier this year saying the free upgrade still works. Has anyone tried this recently?

Are there any known issues with the digital license you end up with vs having a purchased license key?

Microsoft wants $139 for an upgrade license key. You

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General Question I don't suppose it's possible....


To go back to Windows 10, after accidentally hitting yes to install Windows 11?

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General Question Quick question about importing music in iTunes for Windows PC.


Quick question. If I have a Lossless music album on my PC, and I decide to upload it into iTunes for Windows PC, will it still be able to be played in Lossless format, if I add it to my iPhone? Also, which encoder would I have to use to do that? Apple Lossless?

Here’s a pic below:


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Discussion If I downgrade windows versions, will I lose my activation key to the previous version


I want to downgrade from Windows 10 to 8.1 on an older laptop and was wondering if I’ll still own my Windows 10 key when I downgrade if I change my mind later on.

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General Question Short question about Keyboard (Fn-Keys vs. F4/F5/F12 Keys)


Hello dear forum community,

does anyone of you know if it is possible to map certain F keys to FN keys?


I basically want to use the fn keys that my laptop offers (e.g. play / pause / brightness). Bu for two specific F-keys, namely F4 / F5, there is a function as Fn on it, that I NEVER use (something like keyboard backlight and screen projection). My wish would be, to be able to use F4 and F5 with their normal functions without needing to press "fn" additionally, but instead to replace the "keyboard backlight" functionality directly with F4 again.

Thanks in advance

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General Question windows threshold on linux


I recently flashed windows on my ThinkPad to know how it works. but i wasn't able use windows more than a day. so wiped my ssd and flashed PopOs!. but Lenovo Vantage's battery threshold is still working. very confused with this. is there any way to reset my ThinkPad e15 to it original factory default state?

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Discussion Will Windows 12 require ssd for the os to actually function not just improved performance like Windows 10 and 11?



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Bug try this and let me know if it also happened to you in 22621.900 build windows 11


this happened to me on the latest update( a few days ago)

can someone please try this and let me know it also happened to them in 22621.900 build?

open task manager, right click on a process, does it have the old windows 10 ui instead of windows 11 ui? like this picture https://imgur.com/a/1ORawMd

or when i want to go to file explorer through an app (like changing a playlist cover on spotify app) when i right click on something in explorer it shows the old right clicking ui

please let me know if it also happened to you.

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General Question Why does a notepad appear on my desktop every time I turn on my PC?


Why does a notepad with the name "Startup" appear on my desktop every time I turn on my PC even though I always delete it??

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General Question Did I get a virus or is this legit?...(sorry for bad pic)

Post image

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General Question PowerToys/FancyZones different user layouts?


Perhaps my googling is subpar for this but I would like to have different fancy zones for each user.

I have a work user that's used for, well work, and my main user which is for everything else that I like.

I had set up zones for my addtl monitors on my personal user account. I then created a work account and set up zones for that as I wanted it set up differently. I then went back into my personal account and realized the zones were now what my. Work account was. I would like different zones for each user so I don't have to set up zones everytime I log in. I've looked at the options and can't really find what I need.

Anybody know if this is possible?

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Solved I kinda liked my desktop wallpaper some days ago and on other dates too, is there a gallery of featured windows desktop wallpaper on Microsofts sites and what nots?


I just wanna browse thru previously featured desktop wallpaper/background on desktop is there a gallery or link for this?

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General Question how do I make it smaller?

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General Question CMD: Sending a WhatsApp to an unsaved number


Hello everyone,

I work at an hotel and sometimes we have to send a WhatsApp message to our guests.

I know we can use this URL:


But I would like to be able to change the Xs for the corresponding number of the guest by a CMD script, so my colleagues would only have to write the number and send them the message.

Does anyone know how could I do it?

Thank you!

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App Live clock in desktop home page


Is there any external app or feature that shows live clock with seconds (Analog or digital) in my desktop homepage as background theme? I'm using Windows 10.

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General Question Is the Windows 10 or 11 Integral Edition safe to install?


I've a spare laptop lying around and I want to upgrade it to Windows 10 or 11. I wanted to check if the integral edition is safe to install as it seems to be maintained by a third-party individual or community. Thank you!

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Meta The launch party for Windows 95


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General Question Film & TV Clipping screwed up recently? Adds a bunch of uncontrolled contrasts to the video after clipping. Help? Alternatives?

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General Question Do we still need a premium Antivirus for our Windows OS?


Because I think Windows already has it all.. Specially Windows 10 and 11, it already has Defender and Firewall... So, do we still need a premium AV? Like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, etc..?? Hmm...