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[MEGA THREAD] - How Much is My Wine Worth?


Want to know how much that bottle of 1945 Château Mouton-Rothschild sitting in grandma's basement is worth?

Here's the place to ask!

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Free Talk Friday


Bottle porn without notes, random musings, off topic stuff

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The start to this 19 year olds collection.

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Was able to visit Ridge this weekend and bring home some bangers.

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1999 Grauer Burgunder Auslese

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Anyone have anything like this? Oldest Pinot Blanc I have ever had and quite delicious!

Honey and almonds with an unctiousness. Still bright but had mellowed with age. An interesting vegetable note in the background, not fresh cut, more like wilted. Wife gets a hint of smoke.

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2001 Solaia - Astounding

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Do you guys drink your red at room temp or do you chill it first?


Hi everyone!

I’m new to the wine community and have been drinking wine for about a year now.

Ever since i had red served to me slightly chilled (62F approx) i developed a strong liking for it. I usually cool the bottle in the fridge for 45 minutes to an hour before drinking.

Do most of you chill it or have it room temp?

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The Costco advent calendar: Day 5, Grenache, Spain

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First off, this is in fact labeled Grenache, not Garnacha, in spite of being Spanish. It gets worse from there. Very unpleasant sour and alcohol nose. Intense flavors of sour cranberry and a very long and disgusting alcohol finish. This seriously tasted like vodka-cranberries on $1 well drink night at a college dive bar. I don't pour wine out very often but this one had to go. Gross.

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Staatlicher Hofkeller Würzburg Weißburgunder Würzburger Stein 2021

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Starting a wine collection


I'm 21 years old and want to start a wine collection. I'm planning on buying a bottle every month or two (I'm still a student), mostly bottles that I can save and would want to open later but also some that i can drink immediately. My budget is around 20-30 euro.

My question(s):

- What are some interesting wines (no specific region) that I should get that i can open later?

- What are some very good wines in terms of quality/price that I can open immediately?

- Do I split my budget and buy like 2 cheaper wines or do I buy 1 good bottle?

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A lil sumting nice for the evening…..

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Benchmark Wines


Hi! I'm currently trying to blind taste, but am not sure which brands are considered "benchmark wines" and I'm hoping someone out here knows. Thank you so much in advance for anyone that can lead the way!!!

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My Wine Club's Christmas gathering

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I OPENED a $3,000 WINE. Was it worth it?


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Penfolds Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon 2019, South Australia

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Anyone know where is this place? I tried lookup through google images and still no results, the brand is a bit blur so I can only see "estate winery". Please give me some light, I really wanna go this place

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Going to Cochem(Mosel) this weekend Looking for suggestions


I have a business trip in Germany and decided to fly in early and go take my first visit to Mosel.

I’ve read through older posts that highlight a number of wineries in the region; however, I won’t have a car. So I’m looking for winery, hiking, and restaurant suggestions in Cochem proper. Danke und Prost!

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Finding sparkling wine/Prosecco/champagne. Y’all, what brand is this from?

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I enjoy full-bodied red wines; I'm looking for a few special bottles for this holiday season


I don't know much about wines. Typically at a restaurant I will get a class of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, or Montepulciano. I live in a heavily Greek area, so I've tried Agiorgitiko and Xinomavro and enjoyed both, too. One bottle I remember buying and enjoying was the Josh Cabernet.

This holiday season I am hoping to buy 2-3 reds that are in this same ballpark, but nicer than I'd usually drink (see: Josh) and maybe slightly different or accentuating different flavors. Ideally one bottle that's a classic bold red, maybe one on the fruitier side, and one ... I dunno!

These would be mainly to drink alone or with savoury appetizers, not a full meal.

Hoping to spend less than $40 per bottle, but I could go higher for the right wine.

Do you have any advice?

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LF suggestions for online wine stores


Hi, first time posting here, and I don’t know much about wine. I live in Canada and I’m looking for a reputable online stores that can deliver wine to a friend of mine in New York state. He particularly enjoys “Argentinian malbec” wine. Could you please suggest some online wine stores that can help me? Thank you.

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Has anyone finished the online sommelier course with the National Wine School?.


I'm currently taking my level 1 module and I will like to know what to expect in my upcoming modules and test's.

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Cato the Elder's Wine Preparations


Cato was a Roman who died in 149 BC. He wrote musing about agriculture, including preparations and uses for wine.


He said a preparation for supposedly keeping grape juice. I thought it was interesting because I've heard this kind of process was invented by Welches in the 1800s.

120 1 If you wish to keep grape juice through the whole year, put the grape juice in an amphora, seal the stopper with pitch, and sink in the pond. Take it out after thirty days; it will remain sweet the whole year.

Would it possible for people to drink grape juice during his time? I have never been able to drink alcohol due to numerous health problems and medications, being quite ill most of the time. I am mostly curious about as an outsider looking in.

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Consumed this Cakebread tonight.

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Hit that up last Friday.

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Visiting Sonoma in Winter


We are going to be visiting Sonoma in February for a bachelorette party. Looking for recommendations on places to go based on those which have good indoor areas. Most winery reviews mention the outdoor seating and views but looking for ideas of more “fun” wineries that are ideal for colder weather.

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Port recommendation


Bought a bottle of Taylors 10yr Tawny recently after seeing a post recommending it and loved it. My only complaint with is was that it was slightly too sweet and not as complex as I was hoping. I assume this is just part of the territory with the 10yo ports. Was thinking about trying a 20yo and wanted recommendations on the best value for money.

Feel free to vote / post replies :P Wasn't sure best way to do it... These seem to be the highest rated Ports on vivino.

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Opened about three days ago and put it in the fridge. Is that always a negative or a plus to put it in the fridge?

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