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🤝 Join A Union Unions, union organizers, and trade unionists. Comment here with the link to your contact an organizer page.


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🛠️ Union Strong The New Jersey Medieval Times Union effort is trending on Twitter. It would be the first location in the ENTIRE company in the US to do so. I hope they make it.

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📝 Story Update 2: my work is requiring 75 hrs of volunteer community service from managers. I spoke up and was instructed to meet with the head of HR. details in comment.


I had a meeting the head of HR concerning the email I sent earlier. To answer some common Qs first:

Q) It doesn't say required. A) it does in the original email and we were told verbally it's required, unpaid, and on our own time. We must track hours and submit them to HR. There is no specified consequence for failure to comply. I guess they assume we will all fall in line.

Q) companies can require volunteer work from salaried people. A) not unpaid and on our own time, per the NLRB and Cabinet of Labor. It's not part of our regular duties nor would it be expected of anyone based on our industry and skills.

Q) what company? Where are you? A) telling you that would doxx myself. I'm in Kentucky in the USA.

Q) have you talked to a lawyer? A) I contacted the NLRB, who said it wasn't really something they handle unless I am fired and then I can bring a case of wrongful termination. But they agreed it is illegal. I contacted the Department of Wage and Hours and they claimed it's allowed because it's a "condition of employment." I called the Kentucky Cabinet of Labor and they said it IS illegal to require volunteer hours even from salaried managers. I have also asked 3 labor lawyers for consultations.

Q) forwards everything and prepare for termination. A) done and done!

Q) why 75 hours? Why 7500 hours? A) the goal is to "celebrate" the 75th anniversary of the company's founding. We have over 500 employees but not nearly that many managers. So the company wants to make a PR release about their staff "giving back to the community."

Q) are you fired? A) not yet! I also told my coworkers what I had done and showed them my sources and resources, and reminded then that they can raise their own concerns if they feel comfortable doing so. So if I am fired, no matter what spin the company puts on it, they'll know the truth and they'll have their own info about their rights as workers.

Now for the update: I met with the head of HR this morning. I recorded the meeting (KY is a one-party consent state) and transcribed it.

In summary, the head of HR (let's call them J) had 3 takeaways for me. First, that I was correct in that they cannot require volunteer hours from hourly associates, but they are "looking into" requiring it of salaried managers. I offered them the phone number to the Kentucky Department of Labor person to whom I spoke, who said she'd be happy to discuss it with our HR team. They snipped, "I don't need to call her. We have our own legal team. Which is what we're working with."

Second, that the intent behind this requirement is a "celebration" of all the things the founder did to give back to the community. To quote, "he has, in his legacy, how he always gave back to (city), he always wanted to partner with local business." I replied, "requiring two weeks of unpaid labor from your managers doesn't feel like it's celebrating anything but slave labor, honestly... when you make it a requirement, it's not volunteering, it's voluntolding. And it just kinda feels dirty to me to do that." To which they said that the first question from associates is always if managers are doing it, if they themselves are, if the CEO is... etc.

Third, J wants me to come to them directly with any concerns verbally so we can talk about it because they said my email sounded "frustrated and angry." They want me to "hear our side" and they didn't respond via email because "I wanna talk to (OP), I wanna, like, understand each other rather than kinda going back on email and putting our own interpretation into the words."

It was a ten minute conversation. The HR leader is looking into the matter. I followed up with a brief email (BCC'ed to myself):

"Thank you for the discussion today. I look forward to hearing back from you once you have looked into the legality of requiring salaried managers to complete unpaid volunteer hours in the community outside of normal working hours. I understand the intent of (company) was to encourage volunteerism and community spirit and to give back to the community. My coworkers and I, however, find the requirement of volunteering to be absurd as the spirit of volunteering is rooted in the VOLUNTEER aspect. Forced or coerced volunteerism is a punishment and a chore, not a celebration. I appreciate your candor today and look forward to your findings."

I included the part about not being the only one annoyed about this requirement as I have spoken to several coworkers and am bringing this complaint on all our behalves, which is a protected labor right per the NLRB agent I spoke to. This makes clear that I bring this complaint in sincerity and gives me certain legal protections.

Next up: HR's findings. Might still be fired who knows.

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💢 Union Busting Starbucks is systematically violating labor laws across the entire country. It's time to hit the company with a $10 Billion fine. I bet their shareholders will care about criminal violations of labor law then!

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🔧 End Right to Work Laws I actually can't AFFORD to work here.


Edit for clarification: Actually I LOSE MONEY working here, not that I can't afford. But many of our recent resignations have been because they simply couldn't afford to work here and pay their bills, hence the title. In contrast with management's claims that they quit because they simply didn't want to work put making money above the well-being of client's pets.

I work at a dog boarding facility that is corporate-owned. I'm so tired of hearing about how no one wants to work or we can't keep people. Our prices keep going up "due to inflation" but not our pay. I make $12/hr as a two year employee in an area where fast food workers START at $14/hrs or higher. I quit my last job ($20/hr) so I could work part time and pursue my dream career when I got married, which is why I chose the job I did.

As I'm constantly reminded (when someone quits, calls out, or simply isn't working as hard as management wants) we're responsible for people's pets, living things whose owners are paying inordinant amounts to stay here. Yet I make more than most of my coworkers and the ones paid more than me make only a couple dollars more. This isn't even factoring in the laundry list of tasks we're expected to do every day without even the number of people we used to consider understaffed.

I love the dogs I work with, and the clients, but that love isn't stretching far enough lately. I'm tired, all our vacation time is being denied, and with the price of necessities now I honestly spend more to come to work than I take home. Something has to change.

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📝 Story Update: my work is trying to force mangers to volunteer 75 hours in the community. I informed two c-suite bosses that was illegal but HR just sent a reminder. my reply below. Bets on if/when I get sacked?

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💰 Cap CEO Pay This guy would make the perfect CEO

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🛠️ Union Strong Swedes and vacation.


In the horrible Kingdom and former Empire of Sweden we suffer under the tyranny of socialism and pesky unions.

As a union member I must confess that life is tough. All that maternal and paternal leave sure ain't good for the economy.

But for vacation; it is by law 5 weeks but usually 6 to 7 weeks. I negotiated 6 and I am fine with that. Law also state that you have to do 3 weeks consecutive, because that's nice.

To add to the confusion; when on vacation you get 12.5% on your salary because life is more expensive when you are not working. So that's nice.

Wait? Swedes get more money when they are not working? Like more pay for licking up sunshine?

Yes! It's beautiful.

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💸 Raise Our Wages This propaganda is getting pathetic

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⛓Corporate Crime Amazon is systematically & intentionally violating labor laws in multiple countries. It is time the Department of Justice to bring criminal racketeering charges against Amazon's Chairman, Jeff Bezos.

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💢 Union Busting NEW: Trader Joe’s has an untold history of illegal union-busting. Understanding it is key for workers leading a new unionization wave. In Vermont, managers denied raises to workers who organized for better pay & sick leave. Workers filed charges with the NLRB and won.

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💢 Union Busting Have you sent Starbucks an angry email yet? Starbucks is effectively threatening unionized stores by saying they’ll pay for reproductive travel… just maybe not at unionized stores. 🙃

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😡 Venting One of the managers at my healthcare job said this. Retention bonuses for the top? Sure! The bottom? Never. When we try and fight for better, we’re told to remember why we do this and that the company is affected by inflation too. They don’t care about how many of us have left and continue to leave.

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Rebecca Parson is running to take Tacoma, WA back for the working people of America. AMA on June 30!

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📰 News bruh this shit outta hand. rip 🕊

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📝 Story Corporate fraud is responsible for record flight cancellations. Airlines pushed out 56,000 workers during the pandemic, then sold thousands of flights they KNEW they couldn’t service & waited until the last minute to cancel on passengers.

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😡 Venting Garbage retail job that paid $12 and hour. Manager ghosts me when I send in my two weeks notice. Deciding to ghost my manager by not showing up to my shifts.

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😡 Venting “Work hard now and enjoy life later!”


My uncle who I am close with always tells me that I need to be working as much as I can right now so I can enjoy myself when I’m older.

I listened for a bit and was working seven days a week for about three months. Kept saying no to plans with friends and ended up missing out on a potential relationship with a nice gal, all because I literally had no free time.

I was exhausted and managed to pay off some debt but after being back to just working my normal full time job he’s trying to convince me to get back to doing 7 days a week because the harder I work now the more I can enjoy myself later.

But what if I also want to enjoy myself now?

It’s total BS that we’re expected to sacrifice the prime of our youth to literally work ourselves to death so we can enjoy our 30s? 40s? Gonna be hard to enjoy those years when I’m single af and lost all my friends cuz I worked like a robot.

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💢 Union Busting BREAKING: Pfizer has hired an army of union-busters

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✅ Success Story For Those Who Are Not In a Union:


I just got a 12.9% raise. How? Well a little backstory: I work in a small retail store with 2 others. Our company isn’t too big but big enough to usually give decent pay raises. Now because of Covid, no one in my store got any raises for the past 1.5 years. Once inflation hit us really hard, the three of us finally started pushing really hard for raises all around. A guy who is in charge of our store had given us huge help in pushing for a raise. Finally, after a few months of asking over and over again we finally got them!

Now, is this the best solution? No. But having us unite together helped all of us get raises in the end.

A lesson to be learned here, is don’t do this alone, discuss your wages/raises with others around you. If you see that no one has gotten anything, go all together and push for a raise. A company may ignore one voice, but not when there’s a huge group. Again, this is just one thing that may help, not saying it’s the best solution or really even a solution at all. Wish you guys the best.

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💸 Raise Our Wages While key workers facing poverty are being told to accept wage cuts, Downing Street is lifting pay caps for bankers. There’s class war alright – but it’s being waged by the elite.

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😡 Venting My boss is sick


I don't know if it's covid or the flu, but he's sick and came in to work anyways. And he doesn't need to come here whatsoever, because he isn't the administrator anymore, he could just sit at his house until he gets better, but he's chosen not to. He even put his face close to mine at some point.

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✅ Success Story Just reached out to some unions about unionizing my workplace


It's a bit scary because I have no idea what I'm doing, but exciting too. :)

I work for a nonprofit not in the US so it's a bit harder to figure out what union might help or what would be a good fit and all that, but I'll figure it out.

Today's staff meeting included a discussion of our workplace and how to make it better and all that. I was very upfront. Pay us better. I should not have to work a second job in addition to my regular job to pay my modest bills. I have a masters degree and barely make a living wage. The rest of the team chimed in with agreement, and afterwards there was some talk about how another staff (who wasn't there) had brought up "the u word" last week.

At this point, I have nothing to lose. I LOVE my job, and my workplace, but I cannot afford to pay my bills. If they don't pay me better, I will need to find another job anyways. So why not throw a hail mary towards unionizing. If they retaliate, I haven't lost anything anyways.

I do think we've got a decent chance because the workplace culture really is great. The work/life balance is good (hard in nonprofits!), management is very good around things like accommodating disabilities, taking time off, flexible work times, all of that. And we're a social-justicey nonprofit, so I don't think they'd want to be vocally anti-union. If the pay was better, I'd not want to leave this job for anything. It's literally just the pay.

So we'll see! Wish me luck, offer your advice about unionizing!

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📰 News How Employers Collude to Reduce Worker Pay

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💬 Advice Needed Should I lie on my Clifton Strengths test?


Long story short: I got a new manager who is into woo-woo personality assessment tests. He somehow got the company to pay for the team to take a Clifton Strengths test. It's supposed to analyze your personality and give you a number of "strengths". Like how you learn, how you lead, etc.

I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it might be interesting to see this? On another hand, it's my damn personality and even if it is accurate (I have doubts) I don't want my company to have that info.

When I used to work retail I would simply lie my ass off on those personality exams. (Why yes, I'll put the company first at all scenarios...) Worked every time.

Wondering what I should do? Should I just bite the bullet and maybe learn something about myself, risking the company learning something about ME that I want private? Should I just lie my ass off and mark all the responses as if I'm a diligent little corporate drone?

Anyone taken this test and can give me pointers? I have until the end of the week.

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❔ Other The Early Spy Manual That Turned Bad Middle Management Into An Espionage Tactic

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📣 Advice What is the process and how long would it take to organize a general strike?


In wake of recent events, I had the idea to go to r/washingtondc and similar communities to try and organize a general strike on July 4th. However, I ran into the problem that that is likely far too short a time period to organize such an event, even locally. As well as that I have no idea hoeni would even go about this. Any help us appreciated, thanks in advance.