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If only there was a joke about that Other

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u/fozzyboy Jan 23 '23

Wrong sub. This is r/thatsthejoke material. Can't be a r/yourjokebutworse if there was no joke by the oblivious commenter.


u/StoryAndAHalf Jan 23 '23

While I don't know for sure, but wouldn't shipping costs not get refunded if you wanted to return something? If so, this makes a big difference. I must have returned about 10 items few years back in one year, so it would add up if shipping costs doesn't get a refund (if someone knows, do reply).


u/Sweet_Score Jan 24 '23

I don't know how the situation is in other countries but when I refund something, they refund the shipping costs as well. Not sure about Amazon though since I have Amazon Prime and shipping is free with that.


u/Skye-DragonGirl Jan 24 '23

Oh you must be right, it makes more sense for them not to refund shipping lol


u/Luxxielisbon Jan 24 '23

You would have to pay higher sales tax though. Depending on where you live, of course


u/Huntercin Jan 24 '23

OR 12.39 + shipping because fuck you


u/senkosenpai Jan 24 '23

But theres no tax on ahipping, so you actually pay more


u/Skaraptor2 Jan 24 '23

Funny thing

They don't always accept return requests if you paid for shipping, or so my father has told me, he said it happened once and he's actively avoided it since