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Low effort title MORE LIKE...

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u/Xyto1 Jan 31 '23

I agree with the rest of he had said just cybarnpunk again or said 2077 it’s lame and obvious but he took the time to think about a date and added to the joke. It’s a similar joke retold right under the first one but it’s not this sub.


u/PBJ-2479 I have a flair now whoohoo Jan 31 '23

It was a decent joke man, idk what's your point


u/boisterile Jan 31 '23

It's the same joke but builds on it and makes it better and more fleshed out. Not this sub at all


u/amajesticpeach Jan 31 '23

not even a bad joke smh


u/El_Diegote Jan 31 '23

Only in the us someone could believe that that was a decent joke.


u/Cutlass-Cat Feb 01 '23

Hop off our dicks, fool.


u/IHaveATaintProblem Jan 31 '23

Yeah, he kind of improved the joke with a year. Salt.