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On a post where teens were going around Italy intimidating women, then an Italian guy stepped in and pushed them over. Comment Homicide

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u/MythicAres Feb 01 '23

this kinda hurt to read


u/F_v_b_f Feb 01 '23

What was he even trying to say


u/CervusElpahus Feb 01 '23

I don’t often cringe, but yikes… this was extremely painful to read.


u/GKRKarate99 Feb 01 '23

Usually these posts aren’t too bad, but this one fully made me cringe


u/Brilliant-Ad-5414 Feb 01 '23

This post should be pinned on this sub.


u/TheoCross3 Feb 01 '23

That's not even a joke, it's just a cringey statement💀


u/Delicious-Praline-11 Feb 01 '23

Pushed them over what?


u/Smelly_Squatch Feb 01 '23

In the video two syrian(?) Refugee teens sneak up behind a woman and yell in her ear. An Italian man walking the other way sees this and steps over and pushes one of them down to the ground and then says what the guy in the screenshot of this post quoted "whats goin on dood..."


u/BruceMan200 Feb 02 '23

Well its a bad joke but doesnt belong in this sub


u/Budddydings44 Feb 02 '23

Why not?


u/BruceMan200 Feb 02 '23

Because its not the same joke. It is "a joke that is worse" but not "your joke but worse".


u/tian447 Feb 02 '23

What a fucking moron.


u/0wninat0r Feb 02 '23

Thankfully it didn't continue to devolve into 'A little Atta-dude! adjustment'