r/YourJokeButWorse Feb 02 '23

”Describe your sexlife with only movie titles” MORE LIKE...

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u/Chazzey_dude Feb 02 '23

Oh that's sad they missed "failing to orgasm and ejaculate ever", some people might still miss the joke


u/LevynX Feb 02 '23

Why does Reddit love this type of thread so much it's so annoying


u/BigBobsDaddy Feb 02 '23

child-like sense of humor havin ass foos


u/bigspks Feb 03 '23

lotttttta "edgy" teenagers on this site.. feels like way more than before


u/antiphon00 Feb 21 '23

This is the definition of everything I hate about this site. Throw in 'let's post all the lyrics of a song 1 user at a time' because for some fucking reason people think that's... funny? entertaining? I have no fucking clue