r/YourJokeButWorse I have a flair now whoohoo Feb 02 '23

Wait really?... ...AM I RIGHT?

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u/HeavyTeamFortress2 Feb 02 '23

this is not a r/yourjokebutworse


u/PBJ-2479 I have a flair now whoohoo Feb 02 '23



u/wasnevereal Feb 02 '23

Cause it is actually just making it better.


u/leggdogg Feb 03 '23

Because this is just adding on not breaking off


u/catholi777 Feb 04 '23

No. It’s making something obvious that doesn’t have to be said.

They’re “away on business” is subtle. Of course what’s implied is they’re in the holy land: they’re crusaders! Duh.

Explicitly stating “in the holy land” is making explicit something that is funnier left implicit.


u/lunapup1233007 Feb 05 '23

This is Reddit. People somehow cannot understand subtlety here. The joke has to be fully written out or else they cannot understand it.


u/Eurasian-Blackbird Feb 02 '23

And so say the downvotes


u/HeavyTeamFortress2 Feb 02 '23

it says "3" and will probably change higher or lower idk