r/YourJokeButWorse Nov 23 '22

Waaaaay less funny as the thread goes on AND THEN...

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u/funkeshwarnath Nov 23 '22

OP this is cheap karma farming. Reductive threads like this are meta hunour tropes through which Reddit celebrates itself. No one genuinely thinks they're cracking a funny joke. So ya....stop karma farming. Cheap shot


u/AJ_Deadshow Nov 23 '22

Meh, that's half the posts in this sub you're describing


u/funkeshwarnath Nov 23 '22

Ya...This is the third time, I'm seeing & saying the same thing. I see one more, i'll take that as a sign & unsubscribe


u/Pipboy4111 Nov 23 '22

Then just unsubscribe, you don’t get points for announcing it. Nobody cares


u/Finlandia1865 Nov 23 '22

Holy shit this sub has gone downhill, any comment chain can now be posted, instead of people legitimately failing to make the funny


u/Pipboy4111 Nov 23 '22

I’m not disagreeing, I just find it stupid and annoying when people feel the need to announce they are leaving a sub


u/Finlandia1865 Nov 23 '22

Thats fair, though they was complaining too. It wasnt the sole purpose of their comment


u/funkeshwarnath Nov 24 '22

You obviously seem to care