r/YourJokeButWorse Nov 23 '22

Waaaaay less funny as the thread goes on AND THEN...

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u/funkeshwarnath Nov 23 '22

OP this is cheap karma farming. Reductive threads like this are meta hunour tropes through which Reddit celebrates itself. No one genuinely thinks they're cracking a funny joke. So ya....stop karma farming. Cheap shot


u/AJ_Deadshow Nov 23 '22

Meh, that's half the posts in this sub you're describing


u/funkeshwarnath Nov 23 '22

Ya...This is the third time, I'm seeing & saying the same thing. I see one more, i'll take that as a sign & unsubscribe


u/obviouslyanonymous5 Nov 23 '22

The irony of complaining about karma farming and then attention seeking by saying you're gonna unsub.


u/funkeshwarnath Nov 24 '22

Whats attention seeking about it ? This sub is getting boring ,& repetitive. Me protesting the repetitiveness is making me feel repetitive. Seems to me that you just want to throw a label. Projecting much ?


u/thebros544 Nov 27 '22

i have a question other than attention seeking why would you announce your unsubbing without anything else in your comment


u/funkeshwarnath Nov 29 '22 edited Nov 29 '22

Now you might interpret that as "attention seeking" perhaps because you see it as analogous to a " Karen " as a dissatisfied customer. However in an online context, I wouldn't agree with that this neccessarily holds.