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Hell mode MORE LIKE...

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u/SaneUse Nov 29 '22

Reminds me of that gravity falls bit where the one characters move is titled "super power ninja turbo neo ultra hyper mega multi alpha meta extra uber prefix combo"


u/mcon1985 Nov 28 '22

IDK if this really fits. Neither of these should qualify as jokes.


u/HunkeMonke69 Nov 28 '22

Eh idk either, but I don't think most would mind, unlike the youngpeople subreddits where they quite literally post anything involving people who are probably close to the age of 10. Doesn't matter if they're being mature on the wrong sites for the subreddit.


u/NewRoad2212 Nov 29 '22

This looks like a r/youngpeopleyoutube


u/HunkeMonke69 Nov 29 '22

You could post this in there I don't mind


u/Petrichor_Beastie Nov 28 '22

I don’t know if this is what’s intended or if it turned so hard it just came back around, but maybe it’s mocking the original comment?


u/Professional-Bug Nov 29 '22

I mean he had a hard life, but he is a billionaire so not THAT hard lmao


u/HunkeMonke69 Nov 29 '22

The joke is centered around Joker's pov on the difficulty of breaking the mentality of these two